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  1. Familiar Clutch Squeal

    I have the same problem as many people I have read about. There is a squealing noise when my IS200 is idling or when the clutch pedal is not pressed down. It seems to be getting more frequent. I have made an appointment with Lexus but didn't know if there were some things I needed to know before I went. I about had a heart attack when I read the pricing from people and seeing as I haven't had this car for long, hate the thought of having to spend a fortune. Has anybody taken their IS to the dealership and actually had this problem fixed? If so, how much did it cost and is there anything I need to know before I go? I don't have the facilities to fix the problem and even if I did, am not confident enough to actually attempt it. Thanks for any help!
  2. I have an IS200 and was on the motorway today. There were major queues and as I was braking heavily, there was major shaking in the steering wheel and a pull to the right. Took it into the local Kwik Fit and said the front disks were warped and the driver side caliper was seized. Got the discs and pads replaced, and they were able to unseize the caliper. Fixed the problem completely, but now hearing noise coming from the far side rear disk. Not a major problem but will have to eventually replace the pads and disks on them. :-( Otherwise, the car is amazing!
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums Britishtex :)