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  1. Hello Colin,thank you for replying. Will take a look at the ACIS system (when stops raining..lol),check pipes ext..please educate me further..VSV? It accelerates to 4000 revs,but no further,losing power untill below 4000 recs. Thanks for taking time to answer..;)
  2. Have 1999 is 200,vgc, 70,000 genuine miles..when I hit 4000 recs (overtaking ext) when vvti usually comes in,it acts as if rev limiter (6000 recs) is cutting in?! Have cleaned vvti filter,and solenoid,and carb..still doing. Thought also maf sensor but told dosnt have one..only map sensor..any ideas?
  3. hiyah, and thank you Steve..been having prob with sat nav, telling me need to update cd rom, and stopping music comming from front speaker..it an original T reg and only reached 60,000 miles from new (1999)..dont have original disc for any numbers..any suggestions?..thanks

    1. fliles23


      I also have probs with sat nav not working in IS 200 sport year 2000. It beeps and appears to work but doesn't. CD looks ok but is original surely this can't

      be the prob?

  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums Will Wilton :)