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  1. Come on guys post as i need a number count and you always turn up ;)
  2. The Reading Jap car owners’ club static meet will be on Tuesday the 20th of April 2004 @ the Comet car park near the Madejski stadium J11 M4 Reading from 6PM The meet will not move on to pc world Look out for over 100 jap beasts and we may see some girls modelling on cars this time. Def Please remember to drive safely and slowly into and out of the car park and on your journey home!!!
  3. Hello guys the next Reading jap car owners club meet will be on the 16th March @ the comet car park near the Madejski stadium J11 M4 Reading 6PM… The meet last month was huge with 120 Jap machines parked at 1 point. The police were great and it was 1 of the best I have done Richie and his 610+bhp s13 Nissan 200sx is coming and there may be a top skyline to. See you all on the 16th march any problems call 07747656427 Def
  4. I didnt see any lexus tonight but there was 120 cars parked up at 1 piont whats going on??? it rained till5.39pm and it wasnt that cold The next 1 will be big and the 200mph+ 200sx will be there all the way from ipswitch :) rupert might be bringing a 710bhp skyline for the 2nd time which is the sister car to ronnie rockets totb 1 and 2 winning skyline!! See you all there def
  5. I couldnt find my posts about the reading meet and must of posted it 4 times because i couldnt find it(probs because of the new meet section). I also Pmed fidgets who i think i met at the mot opening day ;) Cheers Maria for sorting it out for me :) Whos coming on tuesday then????? Its getting warmer now and i will also be doing a jap car and exotica thing in the summer in a big field with some 1 else(sundays). See you all soon and hope to see some lexus @ tsc4 def
  6. That would look the doggs racing riches 613bhp s13 200sx down the strip So what engine has this monster lex got (as in from what car????). As the peeps who come to my Reading meets know i love all jap cars and like to be clued up!! This event is pulling in some top cars from supras to Norris designs evo7 with 800bhp. Def
  7. how many horses?????? Is your engine the same as asupras????? Come on guys ive met some people with monster altezzas and such(300bhp hks 1 +a ccouple of supercharged 1ns.) It should have a dvd made of all the runners like the other 3.
  8. Tsc4 Sunday 21st March 2004 @ RAF Woodbridge A convoy will leave Copdock tescos Ipswich @ 0830hrs and all drivers should be @ the brief @0930hrs by the latest @ RAF Woodbridge. If you would like to run in this TICKET ONLY event let me know by pm or post on hear. You MUST have paid to run in the event by the 28th Feb 2004. (Details to follow) £30 to run. £10 to spectate. This event is run by Richie the owner of the 600bhp+nd 200Sx S13 The event is TOP SPEED and QTR MILE only event down a twin drag strip with the best timing gear. Phil Royale from JAP PERFORMANCE and A Member of REDLINE will be covering the event. Def
  9. Meets on a wednesday to loose the unwanted guests Comet near the madejski stadium J11 M4 6pm moving to pc world @8-9pm
  10. i was in the local paper dissing them 2 weeks ago. 1 quote is "why do people in white cavaliers with 2 fast 2 furous turn up to a jap car meet". This was all because I left earley and the meet was overrun at the end by euro trash. White cavs with ff on the side nova,s anything french bmws escorts Hate them all :tsktsk:
  11. Thats me that guy with the sick 200sx got home tryed to start it and did first time arrived @ pc world just after the rest did lol
  12. 10/10 mate :D Are you going to come?
  13. The next meet will be at comet near the madejski stadium j11 m4 6pm moving to pc world @9pm. 9TH DEC