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  1. I did 5 sprint type track days and 4 laps of the ring in my Is-f, and never had a hint of understeer. It was pretty impressive I thought given its weight, just wished I d managed to get to Donnington in it.
  2. I was an IS-f owner, and love them. I'm only interested in the IS-F so very rarely post outside the IS-F section. Why is my opinion less valid? Anyway I'm out if this is the way it is.
  3. There's a guy on here with a modified IS-F, lets not get judgmental!!!
  4. The original finish is very smart, its has a very glossy, mirror like finish to it, none of the refurbished wheels I have seen come close which is a real shame. The colour is close but this mirror like effect seems to get lost.
  5. I purchased the policy from Lexus Cardiff, it was a Sytner one, as Lexus Cardiff was owned by them at the time.
  6. I've purchased the dealer versions a few times and have always been happy. When I did have to claim for the IS-F :-( the process of claiming was easy, and in fact I was in receipt of funds before my the insurance pay out cash landed.
  7. I noticed he had a couple of A45s, one was a facelift which are pretty scarce even at MB dealers.
  8. Which was my point. I haven't ever seen one for hire either.
  9. Your Imola Red M3 sounds like a nice car too. Good colour for that car.
  10. 2010 is the pivotal moment for the ISF as the LSD was added, there were other small changes each model year from then on till the end. DRLs were a year later I think. It depends what's important to you.