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  1. Hard To Choose From

    Both carts are going for £1500
  2. Hard To Choose From

    How's it all going I've 2 cars one I'm hoping to purchase by the weekend both year 2000 everything working in both and both have had timing belt cam belts all changed Ones a silver sport with 105k miles on it with receipts but no history as he carrys out his own car work Others an silver se with part history but needs taxed has 140k on it and what you guys think I should go for an opinion would be much appreciated
  3. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    That's stunning splinter that's the look I want the one I'm gonna buy to have. What year miles etc on it
  4. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    Lets see who has what also need some ideas on what I wanna go for myself as I'm gonna buy one ASAP
  5. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Who has one for sale send me the link please
  6. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Cheers for the info def think il go for a sport in any colour if I can't get a white one I will prob have a full respray to have it white as they are gorgeous that colour.
  7. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Thanks for the info mate I like them in white but are hard to come by. Il more than likely go for a sport or se. How quick are we talking what car would you compare it too in terms of quickness. Basically I'm just bout to turn 26 want a nice car for cruising and the comfort but def don't want it to be sluggish
  8. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Hi after much consideration and gathering info on the is200 I've decided im gonna buy one within the next 2 weeks. What do you guys recommend I look out for when buying one , what is200 model should I go for, what colour you think is the nicest. I've around £1500 to spend and hope to be part of the Lexus owners club soon ;)
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums Wannabeownerofanis200 :)