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  1. Hi,

    Did you ever manage to resolve the IS220 central locking issue? I've an 08 model with the exact same issue, only driver's door opens and blinkers flash 5 times.




  2. First, nice profile icon. I really enjoyed the first season of SaC. The fuel saving aspect is important, because it makes a difference to the running cost of the car (in 24 months, the tyres recoup the cost of one tyre). And the goodyear efficient grip performance for both the front and rear, have excellent fuel efficiency (B for the rear and C for the front tyres) and wet braking (both A rated). In comparison the Eagle asymmetric 2 (rear size) has fuel efficiency of E and wet braking of A. The nokian WR A3 (rear size) has C ratings for both fuel and wet braking (and 72dB noise too!) The noise rating isnt particularly important here unless you have sensitive ears, as I could only find variances between the tyres ranging between 68dB to 72dB, (and the goodyears do well here at 69~70dB). Sitting in the cabin, I doubt a difference of 1 or 2dB will make much difference. I think the noise levels are tested externally in any case, for noise pollution, as there is a big push for quieter roads, hence manufacturers are making quieter tyres. And the wet braking distance on the tyres I posted are generally really good Mostly A or B rated, so I would expect them to perform really well in rain. This all fits in with my original question of good tyres at reasonable prices. The Eagle F1 asymmetric has really good reviews though and I will look into it, but from what I can see, it works out a little bit pricier than my current picks.
  3. I have now fit my replacement mirror :) For anyone interesting in how I did it, here is a mini guide. Hope it helps someone, as the lack of information was quite bewildering. So if you need to replace the mirror of an IS220, (mine is 57 plated), here is how: First some information: Car mirrors come in 3 different shapes Flat - 1:1 ratio (real vision) Spherical/Convex - wide angle view mirror - shows smaller objects than in reality Aspherical/Wide angle - this is a combination of a convex mirror and a second part to the mirror at a slight angle (divided by a vertical line) - to eliminate blind spot. Aspherical mirrors are standard in UK cars. The heating element, is just a sticker attached to the back, with a heat circuit printed on it (like the rear window on cars) (The original was a sort of sticky-back plastic as opposed to a papery sticker and the construction felt more premium than the ebay part I ended up with, in any case, it looks cheap to produce and I can only imagine that at most it costs less than £5 to make in a factory), this has two metal contacts, which need to be attached to the mirror housing. Its just a small metal contact on the sticker, and the housing has wires with a plastic plug on the end, that you push on to the contact, so not complicated at all. (no soldering or anything needed). Sourcing the parts: After scouring gumtree, and preloved, and google, I found several salvage wing mirrors - none were selling just the glass itself, they contained the housing too. And the cheapest I could get was £75 for a dark blue coloured one delivered from London, from a private seller (who was asking for money transfer to his account prior to delivery). Lexus Birmingham, quote me £150 just for the glass, due to some gel or some other nuance within the glass. Right, then I turned to Amazon and ebay. There are a few sellers that sell just the glass on its own, thankfully, and with the heated element on them too. The first one that I ordered was this mirror on ebay. It was delivered really quickly, but to my dismay, I found that the mirror was a little too small for my car, and the heating sticker was tiny, covering 25% of the mirror. To the sellers credit, he offered a full refund immediately and I lost £1.55 on postage. I then ordered a second mirror, this was the correct size and the heating element was much larger, though I had to adjust it (peel back sticker and reapply) so that the contacts were at the right place for my mirror clip. The seller was really quick with the dispatch, and was helpful in suggesting to use the hairdryer tip. Taking the broken mirror out: (Try and do all of this on a driveway or off the road to avoid traffic while you are working). This is really simple, you have to get into the car, and adjust the mirror, using the automatic controls. Get the mirror to point as far up was you can, towards the sky - this exposes the under side of the mirror slightly. Next you need a large flathead or scraper, or a spatula, and slide it under the glass. (Since the glass is broken, you can get messy and break it out). I felt for the plastic clip, rested my scredriver on there, and pushed out gently. (be careful, you might damage the paintwork on the mirror housing, or get broken glass everywhere (wear gloves and protective eyewear, if the glass is broken in tiny fragments. In my case, the cracks were few and the clip came out with the glass, easily enough. Next I had to remove the shattered glass from the black clip, again this was relatively easy as the glass was broken and I didnt really care how it came out. (again, be careful, broken glass is dangerous), and unplug the wires from the heat sticker, they are not soldered, just unplug the plastic clip off the metal contact. Putting the new mirror on: (picture above: Not mine. Taken from google images. It shows the plastic clip for the mirror, the parts circled are the bits that need to attach to the housing, and on the top right, you can see the wires connected to the heating elements) I used my wife's hairdryer to heat the plastic clip around the edges to give it some flexibility (you can use a heatgun or another heat source), just don't melt the plastic or burn it. Then ease the new glass in, this should take a little pressure, but do not break the glass. Once that is done, take the mirror and clip to the car and attach the wired to the heat sticker, then place the clip back in, carefully. Easier said than done. This was the most time consuming part, and required a few restarts and some hair pulling. It might help, asking a friend to help, and using small screwdrivers to guide the plastic clips attachment back into place. But it is now fixed and works like new. Result.
  4. Found a few others that I think might be interesting to look at: *XL means reinforced tyres Rear: Continental Sport contact 5 245/45 R17 95W (XL) ~£136 Fuel=C Wet=B 71dB Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 245/45 R17 99Y (XL) ~£126 Fuel=B Wet=A 70dB Nexen N'Fera SU1 245/45 R17 99Y (XL) ~£77 Fuel=B Wet=B 71dB Front: Continental Conti-SportContact 5 225/45 R17 91Y ~£90 Fuel=C Wet=B 71dB Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance "225/45 R17 91W" ~£89 Fuel=C Wet=A 69dB Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 K120 225/45 R17 94Y ~£75 Fuel=C Wet=A 71dB Overall then, for both the front and rear corners, the Goodyear look like the best premium brand to go for, in terms of fuel efficiency and wet braking, plus online reviews seem really positive. But going with the lesser known Nexen and Hankook combination leads to savings of over £100. Decisions, desicions... Any thoughts? anyone?
  5. Thanks iftikhar. I am aware that asda do tyres, and there are a few others like black-circles, tyre-shopper, tyre-leader, pneus-online, camskill (whom I've used in the past), I know a local garage who will do the fitting for about £10-15 for me. And lexus birmingham will do the geometry and tracking for £99. I car originally came with: Dunlop sportsmaxx at the rear 245/45 R17 Bridgestone potenzas 225/45 R17 (which were replaced with Toyo Proxes TR1 in 2012) However, the Dunlop sportsmaxx and the Bridgestone potenzas have really bad fuel efficiency (both have rating E). I have seen "245/45/R17 CONTINENTAL SPORT CONTACT 5 95W" for £136 each fitted "225/45/R17 Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 91W" for £89 each fitted I like both as they are pretty silent (71 and 69dB), good wet braking ratings (B and A) and also good fuel efficiency (both C's), and f1autocentres.co.uk Erdington branch will fit them for a total of £450 (plus geometry/tracking from lexus for another £99), so total expenditure will be £549. So its cheaper than the quote from Lexus Birmingham (by ~£250), better fuel efficiency than the dunlop/bridgstone/toyo combination I have had (which should save me about £60 in fuel per year according to an article I read online). I wanted to know other lexus owners views on these tyres and if they recommend anything different for better performance/value?
  6. Hi all, Developed a little split in the tyrewell of one of my rear tyres. Now looking to replace all my tyres (front ones are a little worn). At the moment I have: Bridgestone potenzas at the rear 245/45 R17 Toyo proxes TR1 225/45 R17 Can anyone suggest tyre makes/models suitable for my car. Would be nice if it would handle a bit better than the Toyo on snow (last time it snowed, I was doing donuts on my driveway). So, suggestions for good tyres, at reasonable prices, and where to get them from please. Thanks.
  7. Central locking issues

    Same issue here. No luck, tried holding both lock.unlock button together on the keyfob. Car shows all doors should be unlocking but have had no luck.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Watched a few videos on youtube. Ebay seems to have replacment aspheric mirrors (first one I ordered, the guy ended up delivering the wrong size), but I cannot find where to get the black plastic clip that fits into the mirror housing. Any ideas? I'm more than happy for a salvage part if anyone knows any in Birmingham, uk?
  9. Hi all, I have an IS220d, manual gearbox, 2007 model. Recently my door locks started to play up. Here is what happens: I walk up to my car, try to unlock doors by touching drivers handle, I can hear all 4 doors try to unlock, but only the drivers door unlocks. Same thing happens from the keyfob, press unlock and only the drivers door unlocks. To open the passenger door and rear doors, I have to get into the car and flip the relevant lock, which is a major pain when several people want to get in. Once inside, the drivers door has a switch to lock all doors and unlock them. This is playing up too. I press it, and only the drivers door locks/unlocks. Tried the keyfob inside the car, only the drivers door locks/unlocks. I have seen several threads with this issue: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/76283-unlock-all-doors-instead-of-just-drivers/ http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/77662-is220d-door-locking-problems http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/73417-2008-is220d-central-locking-problem/ And I had a good read through this: http://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om/OM53587U/pdf/sec_01-02.pdf I have tried pressing both lock/unlock button on the keyfob for 10 second, and the little LCD on the dash shows that all doors should unlock. But the issue still persists. Does anyone have a definitive answer or some insight on what I can do to fix this. I just want all the doors to open/lock simultaneously. Thanks.
  10. Is220D Door Locking Problems.

    Bump. Any solution to this issue?
  11. Hi all, I own a Lexus IS220d, 57 plate. Some boy racer (late 30s fat hairy bloke trying to be a boy racer) in a souped up mazda has decided to clip my drivers side wing mirror. In the aftermath it appears the the housing for the mirror is intact and still works (automatic open/close via the switch on the drivers door), the mirror can still be adjusted too. So all that is broken is the heated mirror glass (it is cracked and splintered but still attached to the housing and usable - but will fail my upcoming MOT). After some googling around it appears that I have several options. The first and simplest is to get another mirror (without the heating element) and use the foam adhesive to stick it on top of the broken glass or on the plastic clip. I can get this for about £6 and in either the plain or blue tint versions (which look quite nice). 1. Having a second mirror attached on top of the heated mirror, will this affect the heating of the mirror in any way? - logic dictates that it will still work, albeit slower due to heat transfer taking longer. Can anyone confirm (or is the heating element broken with the glass?)? The second option is to get a heated mirror like this. Its cheap (under £10), and from the description, looks like it will fit my car. However it does not come with the black plastic clip (see attached file). 2. How hard is to attach a new mirror to the old clip? Are there any other considerations I need to take into account before attempting to replace the mirror? Anyone here with some experience, care to give me some feedback? Thank you
  12. Welcome to the Lexus forums Bk201 :)