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  1. hi, had the car back yesterday with the following work done all paid by lexus. 2 new front brake discs and pads new near side rear caliper. full tank of fuel. the clutch is fine no problems gears shift in and out and no slipping- i used to own a honda civic type r so i was comparing and made myself think that something was wrong when it wasnt. the sales guy at lexus said your more than welcome to drive another one of our is 220d se to check if thiers any difference in the clucth and gearbox as he said thats how they are. its only when your shifting from 1st to 2nd you can hear a spinning noise when you press the clutch apart from that its fine through the rest of the gears. total bill was for £655 excellent service also they gave me a ct 200h 12 plate for a few days no complaints
  2. when it comes back im going to go to my specialist and get him to do a report and if anything shows up i will slap it on thier faces.
  3. cheers mate, had lexus derby come pick the car up today advised was not happy at all and wanted all the break pads and discs changing otherwise they can have the car back... told him about the clutch noise and gearbox and he said thats normal on these cars and if i was to drive another it would be the same also told them to clean the egr as mpg is 23avg - lets see what happens they said i will get the car back today but i dont want it until all the work is done and the creaking from the breaks has gone.
  4. also its had a ecu calibration done on the 31/08/2011 and its got 71000 miles what do you think that could be for?
  5. the break peddle was pulsating but they cleaned the breaks and that went away. they did a mot and just checked the advisory notes and its says rear offside break disc worn, pitted and scored but not seriously weakend. the gears change fine but noticed when stationary when i fully press the clutch and then release it thiers a difference in noise it goes quiet when i press the clutch in and the sound comes back as the peddle is released. sounds like a rotating sound?? i am going to request them to change all the break pads and discs for peace of mind as i am not comfartable with the breaks at the moment and stopping distance is to long. also to check the clutch and dmf, i will also get an independat report done from another garage and if my request is not fulfiled i will tell them to take the car back.
  6. hi, just bought the car from derby lexus and noticed that as i break with a firm press as the car is just about to stop the breaks on the front make a crunchy / squeeky noise the breaks seem to be fine otherwise but really peeing me off as only had the car 4 days, is going back to derby lexus tomorrow. also the gears are not smooth and the clutch is very nosiy when changing gears - is this normal?? cheers pally
  7. hi, i have bought a 2008 is220d se-l with 71000 miles on it from lexus derby they told me that the cat was changed 12 months ago. just a quick one if they change the cat do they change the dpf aswell or is that separate to the cat? cheers
  8. hi, i have just bought a 2008 is 220d se-l with 70000 miles. lexus advised me that they changed the catalytic converter 12 months ago. all i want to know is if they change the CAT do they also change the DPF?? cheers
  9. Welcome to the Lexus forums pal1981 :)