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  1. There's group c cars at the classic this year and Jenson Button is driving one. I personally like the early seventies stuff like lolas and chevron. I've camped most recently with travel destinations at the Porsche curves.
  2. I'm going to the Le mans classic at the beginning of July. It's only on every two years. Bit more relaxed than full le mans event. Saw a blue rcf British reg in Arnage 2016.
  3. Rhys, glad you got fixed up.
  4. Charlie hope you enjoy your new car. I owned it for 5 and a bit years. Was my absolute pride and joy. Better than any car I owned before it.
  5. For a bloke that a lot of us have never met, you are immensely popular Paul. Happy birthday, keep posting and keep the F faith.
  6. EvoStevo

    Post your Pics

    Here's my GSF. You can add to your database Big Rat, ex Lexus GB car.
  7. Rich, can you sort Brexit for us?
  8. Has anyone had a service plan quote for a gs f yet?
  9. EvoStevo

    ISF on Ebay

    Not had much of a drive in it since bringing it home. Wifey won't let me go out in bad weather. Just wondering how to explain lack of Christmas presents to kids this year...
  10. EvoStevo

    ISF on Ebay

    Obviously I'm going to say it'I a good one, but it really is. Needed wheels tidying and getting ready for tyres. I know someone on here is already interested. All I'll say is they have plenty of room for manoeuvre with the price...
  11. Had mine for 5 years and 24thousand miles. Didn' have a warranty. Only expense was water pump replacement other than service,tyres,brakes.
  12. EvoStevo

    Airbag recall

    Dave, have you tried Lexus Bolton? They sorted mine, free fuel, courtesy car etc.
  13. Just a thought do you have a remote control garage door or conservatory fan or something similar. I found my key doesn't work if I keep the remote pressed for my garage door. My garage door doesn' work if the fan fob is continually pressed either.