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  1. Cheers Reza, think I'm going to buy a booster pack and keep in the boot if the cars being left away from home.
  2. Eventually eith the aid if a booster and a bit of a reset with the key we were on our way 2 hours later. Mechanic said alarm had probably been going off. Lots of heavy machinery nearby could have vibrates the car. Car absolutely covered in muck and sand from nearby building work. On a separate note it's been a while since using Manchester airport. Be prepared for the most ridiculous automated passport control system on arrival in T2 this summer.
  3. Just got back to car park at Manchester airport. Car been sat for 1 week but not enough juice in battery to turn it over. Waiting for lexus assist. Interestingly car sits at home for up to 10 days without starting and not an issue. Any thoughts.
  4. If anyone has a gs f I know where there's an mot failure zafira with G5 FFO.
  5. I may be over cautious, but I'd be careful about disclosing your reg number to someone who appears to have only just joined the forum. Just saying.
  6. Bought from Lexus liverpool last November with 5k miles. Previous owner shows as Lexus GB so I thought it was a management car.when I bought it my phone wouldn't pair up with the car so they took it back and said a plug had come out of the media unit. There are some leads in the glove box but never tried to use them as I'm a bit of a technophobe and wasnt sure what they were for..
  7. Yip thatll be mine then. Doesnt squeak all the time. Cant work out the reason for it. Not really ruining the experience just a bit embarressing in pedestrian areas.
  8. Zingman as a matter of interest what was the reg no of your car? I have a squeaky blue 2016..
  9. There's group c cars at the classic this year and Jenson Button is driving one. I personally like the early seventies stuff like lolas and chevron. I've camped most recently with travel destinations at the Porsche curves.
  10. I'm going to the Le mans classic at the beginning of July. It's only on every two years. Bit more relaxed than full le mans event. Saw a blue rcf British reg in Arnage 2016.
  11. Charlie hope you enjoy your new car. I owned it for 5 and a bit years. Was my absolute pride and joy. Better than any car I owned before it.
  12. For a bloke that a lot of us have never met, you are immensely popular Paul. Happy birthday, keep posting and keep the F faith.