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  1. The MAnager at my local dealership is certain its not coming. He also mentioned the 2007 GS 300 would include MM pack but no up grade to 350 engine. Odd move, but i'm not complaining as the rx 350 killed the 300 dead as far as residuals were concerned.
  2. Well to be fair, that's not quite the same thing anyway. Audi has a history all of its own, and as far as I know, Audi actually predates VW. All that's happened there is that two companies have merged together - we don't call Aston Martins Fords do we? With Lexus, it is a name that has been purely fabricated from thin air - its history is Toyota's history. In addition, I can't remember which, but it was either the new GS or the new IS that was the first actual Lexus - which means the company has only really been around for a year, so its gonna take time before Lexus gets the respect it deserv
  3. It seems at the moment that if anything new is coming out from Lexus, the autocar guys just make up the picture by grafting on the IS250 front! They did it on the possible BS series and now the IS nose is on the LFA. Seems a bit lazy to me! The mag constantly refers to the LFA as Toyota's supercar. Does the Audi R8 ever get described as VW's? I don't understand the apathy that surrounds Lexus in the press!
  4. according to the american sites, there will be 350 in autumn 06 and 460 in spring 07. both 300 and 430 will be discountinued. Obviously our timings will be different in the uk....
  5. I'd say you are dead right. The GS 350 is out in the states in a month or so, with demos doing the rounds already. A GS 460 will be available in the states by spring 07. The 350 has more horsepower than the 430! Would like to know release date over here, as residuals are going to take a beating (again)!
  6. there's something odd about the image - the GS doesn't have a fin aerial and it definitely looks like GS350 was photoshopped on as the angle doesn't seem quite right....
  7. 26k is still a bit cheeky. Lexus nottingham and guildford have to pay more than that for these demo ones from lexus GB that are going out at 30k. Plus yours is 6 months newer than the 30k ones (i think i read that earlier) BMW is taking the mickey as they know an M5 buyer is buying with they're heart and will therefore take a lower PX price. Have you tried other BMW dealers?
  8. I can't see a single valid reason why anyone would buy a GS430 in preference to the GS450h, apart from the boot space, a minor issue to most. Personally, I'd say the 430 is doomed and will shortly be deleted. bill Congratulations on your 450h - I'm glad you are pleased with your purchase. Why not let others enjoy theirs? The post was questions on the 430, not 'put down my car please'.
  9. The 430s for sale at 30k are a glut of pre registered ones that lexus had for various promotional reasons. There were about 20 - 30 of them - i saw the list as i bought one. It may just cause a brief upset in the market as not all dealers are allowed these models. This is the power of the internet - 10 years ago lexus could have sneaked these cars out at a few dealers and most poeple would be none the wiser.
  10. I have traded my gs300 sel for a 430 and am over the moon with my decision. The V8 engine is amazing and only 0.5 sec max different to the 450h. I needed the extra boot space as i have a lot of luggage. The hybrid is great for those who don't need to carry anything around - otherwise its got to be the 430. like for like spec the hybrid is the same price as the 430. handling is diminshed due to all the battery weight according to this months top gear. Unless the technology has moved on from the rx400h, real world mpg ain't gonna be that impressive. Don't get me wrong, i'm all for the 450h
  11. My Car goes in for it's 10000 mile service this week and is booked in for a few days for the rattle to be looked at. Thanks for the info Rillo - should be a big help!
  12. My Gs300 sel has the exact same rattle/creaking over the vents! I took it to the dealership a few months ago but the rattle soon came back and i am loathed to hand over the car again for non-specific rattles as it often causes as many problems as it solves! If the rattle is a specific problem though - that could be great! Look forward to hearing the results!
  13. Ha ha... false alarm - it is there - a little light on the right hand side - noticed it while i was cleaning the car. Got to say it's pretty low on my extras list, but for those concerned about night time boot fumbling, the panic is over!
  14. since i have one, i can tell you that - nope, no light! Bit of a pain in the dark! Not exactly an issue for me though - best car i've ever had!
  15. My model has just arrived. It cost soooo much to get it here this fast, but i wanted it as soon as poss! I've got several of these 1/18 models and this one is the best i've ever seen - fantastic detail!
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