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  1. Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    i,ve just fitted the mirror mod and it works a treat
  2. Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    just a few words to thank MATT C for his help just purchased exactly what i needed
  3. Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    where can i buy a lexus is200 PO-40 control unit from?
  4. Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    i,ve never logged onto FACEBOOK don,t like the site to many nosy people all i want is the correct name for the mod kit
  5. Auto Folding Wing Mirrors

    what do i look for on ebay to be able to complete this mod?
  6. i would like to add my thanks and appreciation to you and all the members of the armed forces who have served not only i afgan.. but every where there as been conflict THANK YOU
  7. 20" Wheels

    will my lexus is200 take 20"wheels with 255/35/20 tyres???
  8. Blower Hot One Side

    when i took my matrix to the rad specialist it took 2 hours of high pressure flushing with chemicals to clear it of all the crud
  9. Blower Hot One Side

    i agree with the previous posting only replacement is the answer
  10. Blower Hot One Side

    just remove the clutch pedal and you have all the room you need
  11. Blower Hot One Side

    yes i know that i tried everything over a 6 month period .eventually i replaced the matrix this solved the problem it really is quite easy to do, takes about 2 hours
  12. Blower Hot One Side

    do you mean regas the ac? if so how does that effect heat coming off the heater matrix?
  13. Blower Hot One Side

    its your heater matrix its blocked
  14. as for as the boot release you need to keep the button pressed for a few seconds for it to release
  15. Is200 Newbie

    these covers do appear on ebay from time to time i had to wait about 6 months but did eventuley get one