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  1. Hi Allister Winter tyres were a bit of a mystery to me prior to living in France, but really after the first time I used them in the winter, I've been a convert, as have been most of my family and friends. Once you have them in the cold and wet and snow, they are a huge benefit. To some extent give me a 2wd on winter tyres on a cold day over a 4wd on summer tyres. The main benefits are the compounds are designed for lower temperature ranges. They aren't like an "on/off" switch, but they will remain supple from -20 all the way up through to summer temps, where a summer tyre compound will start to stiffen as it cools. Meaning the winter tyre will give you more grip as it will key into the surface and give the macroscopic bonds the ability to form with the road surface. The tread patterns are also different to claw into snow and ice. Our tyres have compounds for a "european" winter (we sell others for a harsher "nordic/siberian" winter), meaning that the whole range of winter conditions will be covered. If you are keeping your RX for a while, you have a few options. go summer/winter with the same size, or what I would do is buy a second set of wheels in a smaller size (what's your options..) as the tyres will be cheaper, and this also keeps your summer wheels free from the salt and grit off the roads. Plus you save yourself £200 a year swapping tyres over. If you have the car over 2-3 years, you won't spend anymore money on tyres/wheels but running a second set (which is the common way of doing it on the continent) if you want anymore help with sizes or a specific recommendation let me know.. oh.. ps.. don't wait til it snows as the small supply of winter tyres will have disappeared by that point if you are going to do it , plan now.. Thanks Jamie much appreciated. I think I will start looking around for a second set of wheels as I'm planning to keep the RX for at least another couple of years :)
  2. Hi Jamie, I currently have a 2012 RX450h and I keep hearing everywhere that it's going to be a really bad winter this year. In your opinion, do you think that winter tyres are really worth the money, especially on a large 4wd SUV like the RX? Obviously on this car it's going to cost me quite a bit for winter tyres so I just want to be sure it will be money well spent before I take the plunge? Cheers
  3. Thanks for the offer Beejay and for Duncan's comments also.... It would seem that I am option 2 of the alternatives I listed which was: 'Am I being a complete idiot, and did I simply not notice this before?' Apparently, it's supposed to look like that and it's normal to see these shiny exposed clips around the front brakes, next to what I'm told is a wear indicator. Sorry for the false alarm and my stupidity! Allister
  4. Thanks for your reply Herkyboy.... I think you're right, I will call down to the dealers later this morning and post the outcome, just in case anyone else encounters the same problem. Allister
  5. Well not exactly the entire braking system, but certainly what looks like part of them! I have a 3 month old RX450h SE-L which has done only 1,300 miles. Today while washing it I noticed what looks like a brake pad and associated clips, and these seem to be exposed behind the alloy wheel at the front, drivers side (O/S) . All the other wheels seem to have some kind of silver plate or cover over this area. Is this normal? Am I being a complete idiot, and did I simply not notice this before? Or has something fallen off the car? Has anyone else encountered anything similar? Many thanks in advance for your comments. Allister
  6. Thanks for that Cliff.... As if I wasn't feeling bad enough! Pointing out that I'm lagging behind a gentleman who is only a stones throw away from a Century is one thing....... But you go even further by providing a full illustration of how I'm actually being completely out manoeuvred. You have now left me feeling truly ancient! :-) Will catch up with you soon on another post Best regards Allister
  7. Hi Cliff Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully my health will begin to improve soon, the doctors have put me on 40mg of Prednisilone for Crohn's disease which I seem to be suffering with.... I'm only 41 years old but beginning to feel about 90! Reassuring it's not just me on the same tyre pressure. You can get good MPG's on that stretch of the A3 near Haslemere, particularly the nice smooth bit up near the Hindhead Tunnel. Hope you got a good deal on your RX from the Lexus staff down on Slyfield, Guildford. I did try them on a pre-reg that they'd got in August when I bought, but they wanted £49K! In the end I got exactly the same car from Lexus Bradford, RX450 SE-L, Obsidian Black with Black Wood and Cream Leather (or Ivory as they call it). I beat them down to just £44.3K the car was registered in the previous month and straight off the transporter with only 4 miles showing on the clock! I think I did well..... However, If you paid less for a similar car then I don't want to know! Thanks once again for all your advice. Best regards Allister
  8. Hello again Cliff Just one more thing..... As I now live in (not so sunny) Sheffield(a City which holds the title of worst roads in the UK!)I decided to reduce the tyre pressure down to 35psi in order to survive the potholes. Do you think this was a bad idea? Allister
  9. Hi Cliff You had me in stitches with your comments about sunny and Yorkshire.... I've nowhere to go on that one. Thank you for all the info on maximising energy in order to improve fuel economy, I'll have a go with those tips. I was interested to read about your range of cars, a nice selection indeed. I'm not suprised that your family tend to leave the drive with the Lexus, which is exactly why we bought it... I think it's probably because it's effortless and relaxing to drive. My wife hated driving our old Range Rover mainly because of it's size, although I absolutely loved it, covering 110,000 miles in just 4 years. Thanks once again for all your info. Best regards Allister
  10. Hi Michael I have an 8 week old 2012 RX450 SE-L which I collected with only 4 miles on the clock. It now shows just over 1,000 miles but has had the same problem you describe since day one! I've just got out of hospital so can't explore too closely yet, but I intend to get into the boot as soon as I'm feeling better and get someone else to drive so I can locate this annoying noise. I'm not actually convinced that it is the seat, I'm wondering whether it may be the spare wheel and the sound of rubber causing a squeak / noise. I've also noticed that there are 4 plastic fixings in the rear passenger side corner under the boot floor panel. These don't seem particularly secure... Maybe the noise is coming from here? I don't know if you've noticed the same? My wife's not too concerned, being a typical woman, she says if she hears it she just turns the radio up! But I find it extremely irritating. Please let me know if you find out what it is, and likewise I will you too. Allister
  11. Hi Hasselblad, hope you're enjoying the new car..... Thank you so much for your very kind offer to meet and advice, until recently I was living in Haslemere, Surrey which would have probably worked well, but unfortunately due to work commitments in the North, I'm now living up in sunny Yorkshire. Your fuel consumption sounds fantastic, I'm not getting anywhere close to that but having read your e-mail I think I may be missing something. In reply to your questions: No I've never owned a hybrid before, and I don't know anything about how to pump back the kinetic and potential energy stored. I know the car has an ECO mode, but yes you're right, I've never used it and don't know when to either. Maybe I need to look at the manual.... It's difficult finding time, my wife and I work 6-7 days a week on our e-commerce businesses and the RX450h manual (as you yourself will know) seems to have more pages than the Old & New Testaments put together!! I feel I can't ask you to explain about the Kinetic energy pump back as it sounds quite complicated and I don't want to take up too much of your time, however if you can forward me any links explaining how this works I would be extremely grateful. Re: the Eco mode, I'll look in the manual for more info. Just one question though, as you sound like an experienced RX owner, have you had any RX experience in snow? If so, how does the car perform? And do you change over to snow tyres in the winter? Many thanks for your previous response / help. Kind regards Allister
  12. Hi Michael Finally...... It's not just me who considers this huge gap in MPG a bit annoying. Once again, it's not that the figures are slightly out or hard to achieve, it's that they're miles away! As previously mentioned, my Mercedes always gets close to what the manufacturer claim, hence my disappointment with Lexus...... In fact only this morning, I returned from London in my S Class, spending most of the 180 mile journey travelling at around 75-80 mph, yet still I achieved 37.5 MPG! Taking into account that Mercedes say I should get 43.5 MPG extra urban! (and this is probably based on travelling at a steady 56 mph) by comparison, I think Lexus should be embarrassed to be getting it so wrong, and to be using these hugely inaccurate figures as such a prominent marketing tool. Let's just hope that one day, Lexus can at least get to somewhere within 20% of what it claims...... Allister
  13. Thank you all very much for your comments and opinions...... I was particularly fascinated by the 'Pulse and Glide' info, although everyone's comments have been both informative and helpful. Firstly just to let you know, I carried out my own test today by driving the car to a town approximately 15 miles away thereby warming the engine. Upon my return, I refueled and drove back at a steady 50-55 miles per hour on a smooth dual carriageway. I did in fact see consumption while going down a slight hill touch 41.8mpg confirming that these figures probably are in fact achievable. I noticed someone commented on temperature also being a factor, so maybe at a pleasant 20 degrees as per manufacturer's tests the petrol may also burn leaner, again increasing this figure further. I take on board what many of you have said about the conditions in which these figures are obtained by the manufacturer and I suppose driving in this manor today and achieving the MPG's that I did, didn't exactly suprise me, and that's probably the whole point to my initial post....... It's not that I thought there was no way on god's green earth that these numbers could possibly be achieved, it's just that with Lexus, the gap seems so vast between maximum MPG and 'real world' MPG, and from my experience at least, the extent of this gap seems far greater than those quoted by other manufacturer's..... and that is my niggle! However, at the end of the day my wife likes the car and feels very comfortable with driving / parking it, size, comfort, etc.... So I guess that's all that matters. Although I personally still prefer driving my Mercedes S Class, I think as an SUV the RX450h was still the best choice for us. In Obsidian Black with Cream Leather, I think the car looks understated and elegant, it has the softest leather I've ever found in any car and a similar spec new Mercedes ML (which by the way felt quite cheap inside) would have cost £20K more! Thank you all once again for taking the time to share your thoughts and knowledge. Allister
  14. I think we'll just have to agree to disagree Duncan.... I'd say 85% of the miles to date have been covered by myself, so I know it's been driven very gently. The MPG wasn't the only factor to influence the purchase, the extremely high level of standard equipment on the SE-L was another, as was the quite petrol / hybrid engine. The Snow Mode and the RX450's AWD capability was also a key factor, (although examples of the cars performance in this area is something that's difficult to find either reviews or footage of). What I have read though seems extremely varied, ranging from excellent to hopeless! I can live with reduced fuel consumption, however it fails abysmally in this area, then I will be disappointed.