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  1. The photo's were ok, thanks. You're right, I was expecting a slightly calmer day. At least the wander along the riverbank was slightly more relaxing :D Pete
  2. I'm afraid it was just a case of pulling me out onto the road. There was a little bit of a scrape but nothing too aggressive. Pete
  3. Dead right Paul...maybe also add newbie Scorcher to the list of S/C possibles as well? ← Ooooo, with a superscharger I could reverse into ditches even quicker!! Pete
  4. Yeah you're right. I hadn't thought about that :P Pete
  5. Thankfully no damage. It was a hurried 3 point turn during a day out exploring with the camera. Just rolled the back wheels off into the ditch and beached it. I'd have cried if it wasn't so funny. Pete
  6. Let's see if an attachment is better ....
  7. Today's lesson was watch where you're reversing, and then take it easy. Many thanks for the RAC cover.
  8. Mine trickles too. Not certain if this is by design or a fault. Pete
  9. That's an excellent point. I checked on the VIN plate earlier and the code is 8N8. Have passed the info along so hopefully we can start to make some progress now. Looking forward to getting these new covers. People don't seem to be able to make out the indicators at night. Thanks for your help everyone. Pete
  10. Excellent! Thanks for letting me know Matt. I'll check it out when I get back from work tonight. Pete
  11. No, I'm not certain. It was advertised as Strathcaron Blue by my local Lexus dealer when I bought it but that doesn't necessarily mean much. Is there anywhere I can check on the car that would reveal the info I need? Pete
  12. Hi All, I'm after a pair of the wing mirror covers with the indicator built in for my 2003 IS300 SportX but we're having a bit of trouble with selecting the colour for painting them. The car is a dark blue metallic that I thought was called Strathcaron Blue (paint code 8N8) but the vendor of the covers isn't recognising that as an official Lexus colour. It sounds like I've got something wrong. Bearing that in mind, what colour is my car likely to be? Pete
  13. I have a dealer fitted Nokia CK-7W kit in my IS300 SportCross. All you see is the little silver button with the dial round it. Works a treat with my Orange SPV phone. Pete
  14. My dealer gave me one of those when I got my IS300. I don't use it though. I find it a bit bulky. Pete
  15. Exactly. There have been suggestions of ECU reprogramming and battery changes. With my luck, my first choice would be the wrong one so I was hoping the behaviour this morning might help to indicate that it was more likely linked to the battery. Don't want to put up with it much longer though. Kinda embarassing when you're struggling to start a nice car when the beaten-up jallopies disappear into the distance. Pete