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  1. It's very much possible that the LED itself inside is dead. If only certain lights are doing this then it most likely is the LED. Changing LED involves taking it apart and de-soldering and soldering on a replacement.
  2. The jacking points on the IS seems to be the side areas where there is like a thin metal ridge with like U shape slots for place factory supplied lifting jack on. I want to use a trolley jack and my trolley jacks head looks something like the pic below: If I try and place this on the side ridge where the factory points for the standard jack is, it will just bend that entire metal on the car. Does anyone know a safe place to place this for lifting the car?
  3. Thanks. Roughly how many hours of driving with them on do you think you've done? after driving with them on for a while like lets say an hour or so have you tried touching them to see how warm they get? some aftermarket lights i've seen work well in the beginning but because of poor circuit design and poor heat dissipation the LED's start failing or flickering after a while. These do look really good quality though, but ultimately it's about the quality of the electronics inside i guess.
  4. Thanks for the photos. Looks great. @iSalajee are you still having the rubbing issue when opening and closing the boot? @Bongo what about your, are you experiencing any rubbing?
  5. You wouldnt mind showing us some photos of it on your car? The one thing i noticed when seaching google images for it is that in some photo angles the lights look ever so wide and in some angles they look perfect. I compared to the OEM outer lights from 2012 and the OEM one also flares out quite a bit
  6. Those who have had these installed for a while, how are they going? My one concern with aftermarket lights is a he electronics build quality. I see many cars on the road with nice looking aftermarket tail lights with faults like dead LEDs or flicking LEDs so it puts me off
  7. Sorry forgot to post an update. I got the Bosch S4 026 (068). It's a perfect fit and installation fairly straightforward. 10mins max. It's been a week and so far so good.
  8. There is a connector that connects to this. If i'm not mistaken it's a temperature sensor in the plastic housing.
  9. I'm assuming it does because if I jump start it and then drive for a while then battery has a little bit of power to start the car but after few hours it isn't enough. The battery is about 6 years old now. Once car is started, everything is running fine. How do I know if alternator is bad? Once the car starts, it can drive for hours no problem so I'm assuming alternator is fine because the battery hasn't got enough power to be providing all the power
  10. I'm assuming it's my battery that needs replacing because it just literally dies after a few hours and doesnt have enough power to start the engine. i've driven for hours and still same thing. So it seems like the battery doesnt charge.
  11. What exact problem do you have? Is everything working fine except just the touch responses? I had same issue about 6 years ago and this problem is related to the contacts within the ribbon cable of the digitizer which after many years of temperature variations end up cracking and hence the connection is broken. Lexus don't offer a repair but only want to replace things. I ended up getting a replacement digitizer from China or Hong Kong can't remember exactly where for $16 and replaced it and it is still working 6 years on
  12. My battery on my is250 needs replacing. There are quite a few options at ECP. Can anyone please tell me the correct orientation and layout one I need from ECP? Thanks
  13. Ive recently change my D4S bulb with new genuine Philips bulbs. All seems good but when I was installing it the projector itself ends up literally moving left and right as I was mounting the bulb. It still seems to have good resistance so feels like it's connected to something. but I did end up moving it a little left and right so I tried to recenter it as far as I can remember how much it moved. The question is, part of the auto self levelling does it realign horizontal position?
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the lower steering linkage ball joint dust covers on a 2012 RX450h? mine are worn. I'm assuming even if it's possible the linkage has to be disconnected in order to get the new covers inserted right? which will also mean wheel alignment needed too.