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  1. My foot parking brake seems to need a further travel distance to properly engage. I see there is a way to adjust the brake from near the peddle itself using a socket. But there is also a way to adjust the brakes by removing the rear wheels and adjusting the parking brake cog. But my question is which adjustment actually effects the brake peddle travel distance?
  2. So it seems inevitable that at some point all headlight lenses seem to start turning yellow. I've seen some really nasty ones on some IS250's and 220's. mine are still in good shape but considering replacing them isn't cheap, is there not a preventative solution to prevent them from yellowing? Like a protection film or something that doesn't effect it's light output. Or perhaps some sealants like you get for bodywork?
  3. Is there anything you need to do to the new rubber on the blades?
  4. Perfect thanks. that looks clean and fits nicely like OEM. my current Michelin ones are ugly lol. Are these the Denso Hybrid Blades that are advertised on ECP?
  5. Any chance you can show me a close up pic of it where the arm connects to the blade? I think in the OEM ones the fitting is hidden
  6. Thanks. Which brand did you go with? Previously I put some Michelin ones on but I just don't like how from inside the car you can see the metal frame. It doesn't look as nice and hidden as the OEM ones do.
  7. Does anyone know the correct wiper blade sizes for a 2007 is250? I'm looking on eurocarparts and different brands have different size options which is confusing. But I'm looking at the denso ones and for the left it gives me 20" option only and for the right it gives me option of 22 or 24". Which is the correct one?
  8. A worn wheel bearing will it be the case that you cannot hear the noise from outside the car?
  9. That's such a lovely offer. I actually moved a while back and forgotten to update my profile. Need to do that now. Other than the wobble test, is there any other tests I can check to see if it's the bearings? My local dealership is quite far out. I have some good local garages but wondering is there anything special about hybrid system wheel bearings? Can a normal garage be able to check this?
  10. I was suspecting wheel bearing too, but I jacked up each side and tried to wobble the wheels and there was no movement that I can feel. What's involved in replacing wheel bearings and how can I check if it's wheel bearings for sure?
  11. I have a 2013 CT200h Advanced on Yokohama 17" tyres. I've had the car for about 18 months. Recently after a long trip I started noticing a rumbling sound couple of weeks ago. The noise is getting progressively louder as the weeks have gone. It's a noise impossible to record. If I open the windows I can't hear it but with windows closed I hear it. The best description I can give is it sounds almost like a train noise but a rubber version of it. It gets louder with speed and doesn't matter if im accelerating or not. Even just rolling at speeding I can hear it. I also tried having someone drive it past me at a speed that they can hear it from inside and I tried to listen from outside and couldn't hear it from outside. Any ideas what this can be? I'm thinking it really sounds like a flat tyre kind of noise but tyre pressures are all fine. I have Yokohama 17" and there is probably just under 4mm tread left on them. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. So the error after a while now is showing as pending. Two things I've noticed, firstly when starting the car the exhuast does have a ever so slight louder growling sound. It sounds as if it's coming from under the front seating area. So probably a hole in the exhaust somewhere there? Also after running the car when I stand near that area it smells like fuel, does an exhaust leak create petrol smells?
  13. I do not trust Kwik fit either to be honest but seeing as they offer free inspection, I was hoping if there is any holes they can identify it for me. Otherwise I guess I can go under the car and have a good loook. In terms of the rusty exhaust is there no way to clean it up and maybe paint it with high temperature black paint? The EML hasnt come back yet, I will keep an eye on it. One thing I've noticed recently is that when starting up in the cold after car has been sitting overnight. It starts at a certain rev and then the rev drops and then surges back up. So almost creating a slight shiver. This happens and then the rev becomes stable this all happens for the first under 1min and then it becomes normal. Will a leak in the exhaust cause this?
  14. So I just had the MOT and it passed. They didn't flag any issues. The light has been off since i first reset it in Saturday. I've been checking to see if it's pending but nothing is pending on the system still. I checked it just before giving car in for mot and there was nothing pending still. Will keep an eye on it and see if it comes back as pending. I'm thinking to get the entire exhaust checked at Kwik fit they seem to offer a free exhaust inspection and report. The exhaust just looks really rusty but other than that I don't see any spot or any marks. I don't know if it's just me but I felt like I needed to rev harder to get the rev up as apposed to a gentle tap on the throttle