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  1. Original alternator didn't fail completely no. The pulley and freewheel clutch on it had failed and I had really strong plastic burning smell a few times which seem like a common symptom so I thought it's just safer to change it out.
  2. Just an update. Avoid these alternators from Schmitz Rotary Engineering Ltd, they sell them on ebay Before I purchased it, they said to me these are really good quality and apparently it's made in the same factory as Delco Remy and that they buy factory excess stock as unbranded to keep prices down. But this is absolute rubbish. Then they put a sticker on it that matches the model number of a Lucas alternator. These alternators are absolutely crap. I bought myself a Denso genuine one and all the problems are solved and it's perfect. I tested t
  3. OK so avoid these alternators at all cost. I just finished installing it. Did everything properly and disconnected negative before installation. After I re-installed it I connected the negative and went to start the car, it was extremely loud with a very loud whining sound which I never had with my previous alternator even though previous one isn't dead yet. Then immedidately the alternator started smoking and letting out a huge amount of smoke from it and gettting louder. So i turned it off and disconnected the battery again. Will have to dismantle it and order myself a Genuine Denso this tim
  4. Not sure what kind of Pulley it has but definately has the plastic cover just like the one in the picture of the OAP on the video you posted. So, is an OAP supposed to help with noise but when I do this manual spinning by hand back and forth very slowly that noise could be part of the OAP?
  5. It doesn't seem to be the sort of resistance that you will get from spring loading. It's very strange because i can only re-create it and the noise if i turn the pully ever so slowly with my hand and sometimes if i rotate it back and forth then it feels almost like something touch or the blade inside is catching something. When this happens I can hear a little noise of whatever it is touching.
  6. So I ended up buying this one as the seller seems to have sold quite a lot of units and I messaged and they said that apparently it's very good quality aftermarket alternator. I received it and looks like a quality build externally but I guess it's about the quality of the internals. One thing i noticed though I spun the pulley by hand and a few times it felt like some sort of resistance almost like something was stopping the pulley but it wasn't strong resistance and kept spinning but then eventually the resistance disappeared. It did that when I spun it in both directions so not sure if
  7. There are few other brands i've found CASCO, AS-PL, Ridex. These are quite reasonably priced. has anyone heard of these brands are they any good? here are a few links:
  8. I was really considering this one seeing as the ebay seller has 100% feedback but then I googled schmitz rotary engineering ltd and the google reviews are mixed with lots of people compaining about alternators failing after few months. The price is rather cheap but if it fails again so soon its not really worth it for me as the headache of replacing it everytime is too much. How long have you had yours and how was the fitment? Having my own one refurbished will that give it a good chance of lasting long though? Like my biggest concern is a repeat failure. Like will the cost savi
  9. So the other day after about a 30minute drive on motorway I got a strange rubber/plastic burning smell through the vents into the cabin. Turned off the car and from outside the smell was quite noticable near the passenger side wheel area. Popped the bonnet open but when trying to smell the engine bay area I couldnt really smell it in the engine bay (was just getting a slight whiff of the smell) but the smell was more noticable by the passenger front wheel area. So I left it overnight and for the next day and went for a drive the following night. It started up fine, no smell at first as everyth
  10. Thank you. So if I'm understanding correctly if the friction surface of the discs wear out will it not automatically cause a lip between the edge and the friction surface? Isn't that why we use a gauge to measure the thickness of the disc? Maybe I'm not understanding correctly 🥺 because a brand new disc for example will be flush on the edge with the friction surface right? And as the friction surface wears out the edge will remain the same thickness but the friction surface will get thinner over time and this is what we measure in terms of minimum thickness. But what I'm confused about is that
  11. Which Castrol 5w30 do you use? Magnatec or Edge? How many miles have you done with that oil? The Mobil ESP seems to be the most overpriced of them all but I can get 7L for about £60 which for mobil esp is actually a bargain. The car needs 6.3L
  12. But when I used to have car serviced at dealers I used to get through more pads than brake discs. Always seemed to be that the pads wear out more than the discs. A question about lip in disc. Can someone kindly explain what exactly a lip on the disc is and what it means? I hear this term a lot where people talk about lipped discs. Is it possible to have plenty of thickness left on disc but have lipped disc that needs changing?
  13. I've been using Mobil1 ESP 5W30 for my oil regular oil changes over the years. It is rather expensive but haven't had any issues with it. In order to do 6.3L change, I need to buy 7L as the previous leftovers from the previous 1L bottle have all been used. 7L of that oil comes to about £70. Question is, is there as good cheaper equivalents? I looked at the Castrol magnatec A5 and that's only like £10 cheaper or so. Also looking at the Mann oil filter the picture looks like it comes with some sort of extra smaller O ring and some sort of plug or something but our oil filter only have one b
  14. Anyone know what the official minimum thickness is for the rear discs vented Vs non vented before they need changing?
  15. Does anyone know how to remove the engine undertray cover on the is250?
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