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  1. What exact problem do you have? Is everything working fine except just the touch responses? I had same issue about 6 years ago and this problem is related to the contacts within the ribbon cable of the digitizer which after many years of temperature variations end up cracking and hence the connection is broken. Lexus don't offer a repair but only want to replace things. I ended up getting a replacement digitizer from China or Hong Kong can't remember exactly where for $16 and replaced it and it is still working 6 years on
  2. My battery on my is250 needs replacing. There are quite a few options at ECP. Can anyone please tell me the correct orientation and layout one I need from ECP? Thanks
  3. Ive recently change my D4S bulb with new genuine Philips bulbs. All seems good but when I was installing it the projector itself ends up literally moving left and right as I was mounting the bulb. It still seems to have good resistance so feels like it's connected to something. but I did end up moving it a little left and right so I tried to recenter it as far as I can remember how much it moved. The question is, part of the auto self levelling does it realign horizontal position?
  4. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the lower steering linkage ball joint dust covers on a 2012 RX450h? mine are worn. I'm assuming even if it's possible the linkage has to be disconnected in order to get the new covers inserted right? which will also mean wheel alignment needed too.
  5. My headlights haven't yellowed yet but i do have some hazy patches here and there. I might give this a try. How often do you need to re-seal the headlights? I like the idea of the headlight clear coat by E-TECH seems like a more long term protection.
  6. ECP brake disc specs for front say new 28mm and minimum thickness is 26mm. But the Lexus tech doc says minimum is 25mm
  7. It seems the the thickness of brake discs from new to to minimum value has only a tollerance of 2mm. So whatever the thickness of the brake disc is brand new, the minimum thickness before it needs changing is 2mm minus that. So in case of the IS250 the front discs are 28mm new and minimum thickness is 26mm. Other cars also seem to have the same 2mm wear threshold. Is this correct? Is 2mm the maximum a brake disc can wear out? Also, how can you visually tell when brake pads are nearing the end? I've attached a photo below of a brand new brake pad and illustrated on one with a red mark, when that groove slot runs out is that the end of the brake pad life?
  8. My foot parking brake seems to need a further travel distance to properly engage. I see there is a way to adjust the brake from near the peddle itself using a socket. But there is also a way to adjust the brakes by removing the rear wheels and adjusting the parking brake cog. But my question is which adjustment actually effects the brake peddle travel distance?
  9. So it seems inevitable that at some point all headlight lenses seem to start turning yellow. I've seen some really nasty ones on some IS250's and 220's. mine are still in good shape but considering replacing them isn't cheap, is there not a preventative solution to prevent them from yellowing? Like a protection film or something that doesn't effect it's light output. Or perhaps some sealants like you get for bodywork?
  10. Is there anything you need to do to the new rubber on the blades?
  11. Perfect thanks. that looks clean and fits nicely like OEM. my current Michelin ones are ugly lol. Are these the Denso Hybrid Blades that are advertised on ECP?