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  1. I shal be.its rather simple.
  2. I baught a boot spoiler from an ebay seller cr2cuk7. it unpainted but is nice and sturdy, fits good, and comes with mounting bolts!
  3. JamieG4454

    Gsf discount.

    Haha. 60% off a gs-f would also be great!
  4. JamieG4454

    Help on Alloy fitment!

    These wheels are narrower than standard so could make an impact on the way the car drives. I would recomend staying above 8j wide to maintain stability
  5. Can we form a queue for Rebeccas IS-F then please?
  6. JamieG4454

    Gsf discount.

    Thought i'd let you all know. Gsf have a 60% off code GSF60 ends on the 30th Managed to pick up a pair of denso wiper blades for £18 Similarly eurocarparts have 50% off too.
  7. JamieG4454

    Aftermarket lights

    I wouldnt bother on the aftermarket headlamps. The projectors are poor and the leds produce a cheap blue light. Its a downgrade Cant comment on the rears.
  8. i baught a set of the fake sets on ebay. to me they are a waste of money, the drls are sidelights. and are a cheap blueish white led. the projectors are shocking and do not support xenon/HID's. I would save up and get genuines.
  9. As others have said its quite possibly a egr build up. I have found that these cars produce alot of soot. Also dpf problems would bring up the check engine lamp. A drive down the motorway at about 3k rpm for about 20-30 miles will force a dpf regen and may help slightly
  10. JamieG4454

    Fm antenna retrofit.

    Hey. Im getting annoyed now by the lack of fm signal my car gets now... especially now i have a dashcam installed. And was wondering if its possible to fit a boosted aerial into a boot or roof spoiler to replace the standard rear window nonsense. I dont want to fit a shark fin to my car either. Many thanks, jamie
  11. With that offset he will need to roll and might have to pull the arches. Relocate the fender tabs. Even might have to increase negative camber.
  12. JamieG4454

    Yorkies modified is220d

    Theres a company called climair that do them. Lexus is classed as american on their site
  13. I've had this problem from years, even worse now I have a dash cam wire going around my windscreen its like it has weakened the signal even with de-mister off.
  14. Great to see atleast sone of us enjoy and appreciate the car :) Mines on 138k and have put 40k on her myself. Shes had her probems but still runs great
  15. Please dis-regard everything I've said, I got them mixed up with the other style sold which make the 2is look like the newer 3is, those should be fine if they have a filament indicator, but the only thing wrong with them is they may be tinted too dark to pass the mot