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  1. When i first start my car up in the morning i can hear a gurgling from behind the dashboard.Also when i i put my blower on its blowing cold air out of passenger side vents but hot air from drivers side.. Not using any water or overheating could it be my servo? because i notice when i change the vent setting i can hear a grumble from behind the dash..
  2. Sat Nav

    All done yes,I bought the stock nav from eBay and refitted a Samsung galaxy tab 7 inch. I configured the USB lead from the tablet which connects to my lighter port. I also wired the motorised housing to the permanent live on my radio. As soon as I get time I will take photos and put up a step by step guide on what I done.
  3. Navigation Gps System Update

    I ended up fitting a samsung galaxy tablet in mine and use google maps plus have the added option all the latest apps and mod cons,far better and cheaper.
  4. Recently after cleaning my throttle body I am getting a error code from my ECU saying powertrain p3501 code fault on my is200 auto. I can't seem to find this code anywere online and wonder if it's to do with the throttle body or a mere coincidence.? Car idling a little higher than it used to. Any help and advice here would be very much appreciated . Thanks baz
  5. A similar thing like his happened to me last week when I cleaned my throttle body out because of low idle. The idle went crazy and upto 3000rpm on cold start. After trying everything including resetting the ECU ..I tried one last thing which was adjusting bolts on the throttle cable to give a little more slack and BINGO idle now sits on 900rpm which for a auto I am told is acceptable.
  6. Gps Display Console - With A Portable Sat Nav?

    Just completed this. I installed a galaxy tab 3 into mine and cut out the original 7 inch housing using a dremel. Wired it upto my car stereo wiring.Works great
  7. Sat Nav (Again)

    Ive just purchased the 7 inch lexus motorised unit for my car and would appreciate any sort of advice and input on doing this.. Best sat nav tablet to go for ? wiring diagram ? come on lads spill the beans ready and waiting here
  8. Sat Nav Aftermarket Gps Build

    Brilliant work,i am getting round to doing mine next week,planning on just using the in car charger to power the tablet on an off though.Hope yours is still working well? Will keep you posted on how i get on
  9. Sat Nav

    I am going to attempt assembling one of these together,any further input to help me along the way would be very much appreciated
  10. Number Plate Bulbs

    Just replaced mine today,to say it was a pain in the bum would be an understatement.
  11. Mine was on both eml and trc car running fine though.. Diagnostics picked up 02 sensor section 1 just passed mot last month so can't be a lot wrong with emissions or lambda and car running great.
  12. Instrument Panel Bulbs

    Ok no worry a,Anyone know the part number for these dash bulbs ?
  13. Instrument Panel Bulbs

    Any bulbs left ?
  14. Sill Corrosion

    Mines got a few small bubbles only looked today after reading this thread,dark grey so hardly noticable.I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that best way of preventing this to drill a small drain hole underneath each sill.. Makes sense if it's a hazard for gathering water. Think I might try this and pp it with some waxoyl to slow the process.
  15. Full valet today makes me appreciate how much I love this car.
  16. Ok thanks i will bear all this in mind, how much is a 250 auto to tax compare to manual or diesel?
  17. I really hope you are all correct on this.Yesterday i put a £100 deposit down on a is220d and discovered to my horror all these comments.Today i have called off the deal(losing my deposit) and will pursue a is250 instead.The is220d was lovely to drive and had full lexus service history but had done 100k.Hope i have done the right thing in changing my mind.
  18. Sat Nav Aftermarket Gps Build

    i am going to have a go at doing this,keep up the good work matt
  19. Lexus Is200 Spares [Floor Mats]

    I am after a set of mats urgently if anyone could kindly help me out
  20. Keys

    Cheers mate
  21. Keys

    Did you try this ? Ive just bought the wrong key size (long) . Before i get it cut would like to know if its safe to use and will work ? Thanks
  22. I am desperate for a decent set of these if anyone has any to sell I would be much obliged . Thanks baz ;-)
  23. Lexus Is200 Original Interior Mats

    Yeah cheers mate. Do they deliver ?