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  1. Well guy's. The time has come to let the car go. Any idea on how much I should let her go for, I'm truly stumped on how much it is worth. Any ideas?
  2. It is basically as far as I can tell and have found out from Lloyd Allard son of Alan Allard (retired) who was the director of the company that designed it. That there was 3 built, one unfortunately was written off in an accident. Here is as much of the story of it I can find online http://www.mulsannes...rdj2xstory.html It is a Lexus 400LS. As the V5 document states. I got the car from my father in law who I believe purchased it from the designer. It has done 132000 miles
  3. Here are some more pictures. Not the best as I was using a camera that I'm not used to.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I think the seats are different and I'll post some pics of them tomorrow. The rear and front are the only other parts of the car that I can see was restyled. I've seen the pictures of the green one online, but I have no idea which one was written off.
  5. Hi, Hope you people can help. Do any of you guys know about the Lexus/Allard concept? I know that only 3 were made, and that one of them was destroyed in a accident. I own one of them and was just wondering if anyone knows where her sister car is. Many thanks
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums Allard :)

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      Thanks. Just bought a lexus, and I'm loving it.