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  1. I have now had my screen replaced 4 times due to cracking since buying the car new in 2013 I have a IS300h Premier. The first time it happened after I turned the volume up full on the ML audio system whilst listening to Abacab by Genesis and a 2 foot long crack appeared with a bang!. Just make sure you get an original OEM part as the third party replacement glass may not be suitable, for instance I have the auto high beam and Lane keep assist camera and the first glass which came did not have the gap for the camera. I think the glass is fragile as in the 30 years of driving before I had my IS300h I only had one screen replacement, I drive approx 25k per year. I used Autowindscreens (other glass replacement services are available!).
  2. I have a 2013 is300h Premier that I purchased from new, it really is the best car I have ever had, I regularly get around 30 to 35,000 miles from the tyres I had the front brake pads and discs changed for the first time since new at 140,000 miles and the current mileage is 154,000 miles still on the original brake pads and discs on the rear from new. Driving it normally I get between 48 and 54 miles per gallon. Also servicing costs are less than my old car which was a 4-wheel drive Nissan Qashqai. After six years of very pleasurable driving it looks like new, it drives like new. Never let me down, love the Lexus brand and will not change to another manufacturer. Many thanks to Lexus Birmingham who have been excellent and serviced the car every 10000 miles since I purchased it from them in August 2013.
  3. The UK spec IS was initially going to have the Auto Location TPMS, which would have displayed the screen showing all 4 tyre pressures, but they now only supply the car with a warning light if the pressure is too high or too low. The Lexus website information has now been modified to remove the Auto Location reference.
  4. My IS300h has not got run flats, I was unsure when i picked up my car yesterday so i asked, according to my dealer Lexus only fitted them to one car in the UK, i think that was the SC430 ?, and withdrew them soon afterwards offering existing SC430 owners an upgrade to standard wheels and tyres. I have a tyre repair kit in the boot, behind a panel on the left hand side.
  5. Hi David, David and Roger, thanks for your comments. The headlights in the UK are all HID, LED is NOT available on any option for headlights - this is what the UK product manager told me. Attached an image of the front as it was in the handover area of Lexus Birmingham yesterday, so hopefully you can see the headlights.
  6. A big thank you to all who complained via email or blog to Lexus, and thanks to Lexus UK for sorting it out and giving their customers what they want.
  7. I did a major complaint on the Lexus blog, and emailing Lexus UK about the lack of the safety pack, resulting in the UK product manager calling to inform me that it would be available. I had to reorder, but it is worth the wait.
  8. Hi all, I have picked up my new IS300h Premier this afternoon from Lexus Birmingham. I had the celestial black, ivory leather, sunroof and the PCS/ACC/LDA/AHB options. First impressions :- WOW incredible, exceeded my expectations. I have previously owned Mercedes, Volvos, including XC90, but my first Lexus ever today has just ****** on them all. It is so so quiet It is extremely comfortable - I can't stress enough how much I love the seats. The Mark Levinson audio is incredible, i listen a lot to Classic FM, i had the volume turned up to 36 (don't know the maximum, was to scared to go higher! ) this evening, it was very loud, and every note was so clear and crisp. The ACC works wonders, so does the LDA as i found out when I was looking too long at the Nav screen and drifted out of my lane on the M6. My mirrors auto close when you lock the car, and auto dip when you select reverse. Dont know if other models auto dip?, very useful feature that i did not know I had. Also I did not know that the Nav screen can read your text messages and emails to you as you receive them. The ventilated seats are better than I imagined, they do cool you if you have the cabin being cooled by the climate control. Have not even tried sport mode yet, had it in eco all day, it is swift enough in that mode for normal driving. Drove from birmingham to leicester home, did 57 mpg. This evening I drove from Leicester to Lutterworth on A and B roads, then drove back home up the M1, doing speed limits on all roads, recorded 59.6 mpg. For a car that is listed at 60.1 mpg, i was very impressed. If anyone has any questions about the Premier or its options, i would be more than happy to answer them if I can.
  9. david / Ian, thanks for you comments, as i intend to keep this car for 7 or 8 years, hence why I ordered a fully loaded one, it doesn't bother me about not waiting until 1st Sept, and i will be picking it up with my private plate on anyway. I drive about 28k per year, so the residuals in 8 years time for a car that will have done 224 miles (yikes) will be almost nothing anyway.
  10. Hi all, Just a quick introduction from me. I am Michael, age 45, from Leicestershire. I am awaiting delivery of my new IS any day now, it is currently at Portbury Docks Bristol and I should get it around the 19th August I have been told. I pre-ordered it in March, so it's been a long wait, and I only test drove the car on Saturday, my first ever drive in a Lexus, and was very impressed. On my test drive (IS 300h Premier model) I wanted to really test the MPG capabilities so I drove normally to the speed limits with my partner and daughter also in the car, with the climate control on, I managed 57.6 mpg over about an hour of mixed driving, mostly eco mode, some in sport mode to try out the impressive acceleration. The car is a private purchase and I have ordered the IS 300h Premier, Celestial Black, Ivory Leather, Sunroof, with the ACC/PCS/LDA/AHB option. In summary, looking forward to owning my first Lexus.
  11. for concept pics and spy pics look at all the above domains are the same site at present Vehicle is based around the new RAV4 Will update the websites when i have more info from my contact in Japan
  12. The new Lexus compact SUV / CUV is not going to be called the CX. The name for this new class of Lexus will be the NX Still under development / testing, they will release two models late 2013 as a 2014 MY. These two models are as follows:- NX200t 2.0L Turbo NX300h 2.5L Hybrid You heard it from me first. imgo