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  1. I now have serious supercharger envy!! Lovely job Steve!
  2. Mk4. Not in PWR setting. Maybe I'l try that tomorrow! Like I said - childish - but that smooth as silk V8 revving to 5k + in each gear is addictive.
  3. My LS400 is 20 at the end of March. I wanted to see whether there was a reduction in performance over the years - so I downloaded a GPS based 0-60 timer to my phone....and did a couple of standing starts on the (nearly) flat where I join the A55 every morning. Result - 6.9 seconds. Which is (I think) what it did straight from the factory. So - no deterioration. Childish - yes. Impressive - very!! Next - 155mph test!!!
  4. Just my tuppenworth - my recent LS400 purchase was a gamble with a similar background - 4 years storage, low miles. It had clearly been looked after prior to going into storage - but that wasn't a reassurance against the risk of unforeseen issues - many mentioned on here. For me, the risk paid off. There was no issue with brakes, engine, electrics or any of the things you might expect to deteriorate. It was like the VW Beetle in Woody Allen's Sleeper - turn of the key, like new. Ok, it needed an alternator and tyres but I could see that and factor them into the price. I've just done 2500 miles in the past 2 months with no problems - potentially a small coolant leak but nothing to worry about. If there are ever cars to take a risk on with storage and lack of use, these are.
  5. Well done! We'll have to compare low mileage (well 78k in my case) notes. Enjoy...
  6. Well, the car is now MOT'd and running fine. It is so nice to be driving a LS400 again! Slight issue - the garage passed the car with the Airbag light still lit. I didn't ask them to do this - was quite surprised. They'd thought that changing the alternator might make the difference. Anyhow at least I can sort this out at my relative leisure now! Steve - thanks so much for the clear instructions on finding the Airbag ECU. I'm just going to have to be brave and start pulling stuff apart - I don't suppose if anyone knows if there is a photo or video explanation for changing the Airbag ECU on a Mk4? The car is otherwise a dream. Perfect colour, perfect interior, 78k and FLSH. Just needed 4 tyres and an alternator after 4 years off the road. What cars these are!
  7. For a number of paperwork related issues i wasn't able to complete the purchase yet, but hopefully will be picking the car up in early April. Will let you know how i get on. Thanks to everyone for your help.
  8. Has anyone done a DIY Airbag ECU change on a Mk4? Is it under the ashtray above the transmission? Is there a guide anywhere? The car looks absolutely lovely in photos but not been through an MOT since 2013!
  9. John - most helpful - will see if I can take an OBD reader tomorrow when I have a look T
  10. Massive senior moment (and I'm only 51!) - I meant Airbag not ABS! You are quite right re ABS of course! Edited to fix T
  11. Hi all - I'm in a conversation with a nice chap about the potential purchase of a '98 LS400 that's been off road for 3.5 years without an MOT as the Airbag light is on. Apparently he had it diagnosed as the Airbag ECU. I can see that this is available as a breakers part for reasonable cash on eBay but I gather it is a complete PITA of a job as the ECU is virtually inaccessible in the transmission tunnel. Has anyone done this job? Is it likely to be the ECU anyway? Or should I just take the dashboard light out and hope for the best (joke - I think!). Basically weighing up if it is worth the risk - it is a low mileage car and deserves to be saved but not at any cost! Most of the Airbag advise on the web is for earlier cars. Tom
  12. I had the same issue on my LS400. Would happen all the time in the winter, rarely in the summer. Garage reckoned it was a faulty speed sensor letting in damp. It works always reset after a short drive, and a switch off/on routine, so I never got it properly sorted,
  13. It was and I would have had it back if it was not such short notice. In retrospect, a big mistake selling, but hey...
  14. I wish I'd not sold mine.... nothing else compares. 430s are too worrisome. Will be back in the fold soon when the right one comes up.
  15. Hi all - it is really hard to value low mileage cars but what do we think of this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-LS-430-4-3-auto-6sp-JUST-30K-MILES-LEXUS-HISTORY-WATCH-VIDEO-/361715352755?hash=item5437ea44b3:g:b4wAAOSwdIFXzY2m A few months ago I sat in an equivalent mileage LS430 up in Birkenhead that was for sale for £12995! It was like new. It would almost be worth the up front pain for getting the feel of new, wouldn't it?