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  1. Emulator is fine, it was the egr valve, i took it apart completely this time by even removing the solenoid. .. valve was sticky even though i had cleaned it completely, as i could push the valve in i got to clean it 100%,. It worked, no warning lights
  2. Dpf was removed and an emulator fitted 7 months ago .... was time to clean the Egr ... only used liquid cleaner, no scrapping but when reassembled and driving after 15 mins the Vsc, engine light has come on ffs Checked Egr connector and cleaned it Any ideas guys :(
  3. regen failed with correct software and cable plus tank full of dpf cleaner, life span of a dpf is 50-100k apparently, this one was 95k ... guy who took the insides out said it was solid ... no regen would have worked... I get my car serviced at lexus .... thought they done a good job untill I decided to clean things trying to get fault lights out Serviced in March 2015 ... last week I cleaned the maf sensor and looked at the air filter .... dirty as hell so was the air box .... wtf did I pay £250 for .... ... oil change and thats it ffs ... so from now on I'll use the local garage and save myself £120 ..... not impressed .... takes 10 minutes to remove and clean the filter
  4. fb lexus group, guy has passed to MOTs since having it done ... last MOT was in March this year so thats twice since the law change
  5. well I tried a forced regen, didnt work, so paid £500 for removal of internals and emulator, WOW what a difference, better acceleration, pulls better and an increase of 8mpg round town ... over 10mpg on duel carriage a year for mot so will see how it goes, the guy assures me it will pass mot .... any problems contact him .... was a friend of friends so I actually trust him lol not easy for me to trust anyone tbh lol
  6. BB1000

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    same here tbh .... first diesel though .... and last... utter rubbish idea
  7. BB1000

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    yup well .... loans paid up in 14 months then the 220d heap of crap is gone lol ... part ex it for a 250 I think as I do love the IS shape
  8. BB1000

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    the guy told me they remove the insides and fit the rest back so it looks like the dpf is still there ..... thats the cheapest quote I got here in bedford tbh
  9. so do I get it cleaned, replaced or removed, heard horror stories about garages doing a regen ... high rpm for 40 mins... then it might come back after a few months removal .... great option but MOT ? garage says it will be unnoticeable whats the masses opinion
  10. BB1000

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    ok .. wynnes dpf cleaner ... I used to put it in every 6 weeks or so .... dont help imo as I know have check vsc on and p2002 dpf blocked code, ...starting to hate this diesel **** car, ... been offered a dpf removal for £600 but I'm sure it will fail the MOT as the law has now changed .... would get it cleaned but I need to remove it myself and I dont know how
  11. just got the same thing ... p2002, dpf fooked, been quoted 600 for deletion ... im in bedford and hardly anyone this way that does cleaning, one place but I have to take off the dpf myself, I know where it is but looks a big job to take it off
  12. BB1000

    White Smoke

    new engine 2 years ago but lately im getting lots of white smoke 10 mins after a journey starts ... any ideas just had it serviced and they mentioned nothing is it just coz the colder weather as it was fine in summer
  13. so my 220d seems to judder now and again when pulling away, I took out the extended warranty ..... I have been reading it could most likely be the DMF rather than the clutch .... my question is do you think the warranty will cover this? 91k miles on the car, new engine put in at 75k