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  1. Guys thanks for your input and Grey One that helps to put my mind at rest! Having done some further online research there is surprisingly little commentary on the differences between the two filters on any of the US forums. But perhaps more importantly nothing particularly derogatory about each either: Now I'm no techie but aside from the obvious difference of the dry being easier to clean than the oiled, the dry apparently offers fractionally better filtration but the oiled gives better airflow. Following a lengthy, but speedy, thread of e-mails with the seller yesterday evening transpires they had only just restocked this item (the factory inspection list in the box confirms this as it was only manufactured on 30 April 2015) but interestingly on them checking seems AFE now only do the Takeda for the ISF with the Pro 5R filter (AFE's own website now only shows it available like this too). Being an establish AFE dealer they do believe that the Pro 5R is better suited to high performance car use because of the better airflow. I'm going to keep what I've been sent. The seller, as an apology, is sending me a complimentary cleaning and restore kit for when that time comes. Although should be good for a few years before it is needed bearing in mind I live in the Isle of Man and so the air isn't exactly grotty, although with NO max speed limit on derestricted roads there is the opportunity for some serious air sucking pace.Stu being a biker you'll no doubt be aware the TT festival is on here at the moment (tons of ITV4 coverage). That means the entire mountain section of the road race course is made one way for traffic for 2 weeks (for safety reasons believe it or not) other words pretty much a closed road with no speed limit. Fantastic opportunity to REALLY stretch the F's legs.
  2. Hi, i have just received my Takeda intake for the F. Great news but I've been sent the Pro 5 R version (oiled filter) and not the Pro Dry S version ( dry filter)as advertised......yep bought of ebay but from a well established seller. Anyway taking into account the potential cost and hassle of sending this back to the US just thought i'd sound out you guys with Takedas fitted as to which version you are running and more particulary if any of you do have the Pro 5 R version have you had any issues with it aside from the prospect of having to reoil it a some point. Cheers
  3. Chipex kits are a good option? Bought a cardoxton slate coloured kit 2 years ago mainly to touch up the bonnet and front bumper.. Still going strong.
  4. The Evo used car guide on the F is actually already available to subscribers to the digital version of the mag. Ive cut and pasted it here. Enjoy! Rare creature, the IS F. Only around 230 have been sold in the UK since the model went on sale in early 2008, and now, with the arrival of the RC F coupe, production has ended. But it’s well worth seeking out, for here is a car that combines all the performance of a V8-engined M3 or RS4 with the build quality and engineering integrity that have become Lexus bywords. The £51,000 IS F was aimed squarely at the German duo (and the soon-to-arrive Merc C63 AMG) and was a radical departure from Lexus’s usual fare: the LFA supercar, developed by many of the same team, was still almost two years away. Under the widened arches and sharpened snout, it bore scant relation to the regular IS, with a bespoke, 417bhp, high-revving 5-litre V8, rear-wheel drive, an eight-speed auto with paddleshift, switchable stability control, a trick limited-slip diff that used electronics to brake the spinning wheel (torque vectoring, we’d call it today) and every electronic gadget imaginable as standard. Oh, and the lowered and stiffened suspension was tuned at Fuji Speedway – hence the ‘F’. It was quick all right: we recorded 0-60mph in 4.7sec and 0-100 in 10.9, while the claimed top speed was 173mph. And it handled, too, though it was even better after a Torsen limited-slip diff was introduced in March 2010. The other major changes came a few months later for the 2011 model year – notably new springs and dampers that took the edge off the rather stiff ride; other tweaks included a new multimedia system, a larger central rev-counter similar to the LFA’s, and daytime running lights. Though major faults are extremely rare, they can be expensive to rectify. For peace of mind, Lexus offers extended warranties, costing up to £700 a year for comprehensive cover. The UK annual sales target was only 150 cars, but the IS F never came close. The badge was probably too much of a handicap in a marketplace where brand is everything. If only the LFA had been able to work its halo effect earlier. But that rarity could yet enhance future values, making the F an even cannier buy. And the catch? There really isn’t one. Checkpoints Wheels and brakes are costly to replace Engine has a reputation for being bulletproof Ensure all the gadgets work inside Exhaust system from the cat back costs over a grand Engine and transmission The IS F’s all-aluminium quad-cam V8 was loosely based on the unit from the LS460 limo, but extensively modified: two-stage intake system, cast aluminium intake manifold, direct injection, unique heads with variable valve timing and titanium intake valves, and forged crankshaft, con rods and cam lobes. It’s very much the real deal, and the best news is that it’s so far proven to be exceptionally reliable and issue-free. Neil Vaux, of Lexus Woodford, says: ‘We just haven’t seen any problems with them. But do check that it’s been serviced on schedule and with the correct oil. Any skimping here could be expensive later.’ And no cam belts to worry about either, as all Lexuses use timing chains. Owners in the States have reported problems with leaking water pumps, but even that doesn’t seem to be a recurring issue with UK cars. The eight-speed auto ’box is similarly issue-free, but be sure to check it in both auto and manual modes on the test drive: shifts should be clean, quick and smooth, both up and down. On a general note, not all Lexus dealerships are experienced with the IS F, such is its rarity, so it’s worth checking how far you’d have to travel for servicing. Suspension, steering & brakes The IS F is a heavy car – 1714kg – which takes a toll on tyres and brakes. Reckon on 12,000-15,000 miles from the rear tyres, a lot less if you go on track. Check the tyres are matching and a good brand: if not, the previous owner may well have skimped on maintenance too. The IS F uses Brembo cross-drilled discs with six-piston front and two-piston rear aluminium calipers, and full replacement costs around two grand, so check their condition and budget accordingly. Again, check invoices to see if correct replacement parts have been used. It’s not uncommon for the 19in BBS forged aluminium wheels to exhibit bubbling, but check for anything other than cosmetic damage – new replacements are £1400 each. Body, interior & electrics Check the headlights for misting. Inside, test the driver’s seat for any rocking on its runners. The leather on the side bolster can wear too. Ensure all the electrical systems work, including the touchscreen, the satnav’s DVD drive and the excellent but occasionally glitch-prone Mark Levinson hi-fi. Potent V8 and well-balanced chassis mean sideways action is always an optionPotent V8 and well-balanced chassis mean sideways action is always an option IS F is a worthy M3 rival, so it’s a shame so few buyers chose the Japanese carIS F is a worthy M3 rival, so it’s a shame so few buyers chose the Japanese car What we said IS F v M3, May 2008 ‘After a few minutes of gentle pottering I’ve genuinely forgotten that this is meant to be something special. The eight cylinders are emitting little more than a hushed murmur, and apart from a ride that’s slightly firmer than you’d expect from a luxury saloon, there’s relative serenity… When I venture above 3700rpm for the first time it’s like passing some magical threshold. A fantastically loud WOOAAAAARR! erupts instantly as a second intake port opens and the IS F surges forward. ‘It will squash you deep into the seat, the torrent of power unrelenting as each shift bangs home seemingly without a break. On the downshifts you get proper blips, the flourish from third to second sounding particularly good… ‘It’s the way you can subtly adjust the Lexus’s attitude through a corner that’s the most enjoyable thing. It stays remarkably flat, and the outer limits of grip both at the front and rear have a wonderfully fluid quality, so you can play with the car’s cornering balance. The stability control is brilliantly judged, too, allowing perfect levels of drift and slip before getting protective’ – evo 117 ‘I bought one’ Stuart Stanhope ‘I bought my 2008 IS F about a year ago. It had 51,000 miles on the clock at the time and I’ve put on 5000 since then. It’s used mostly at weekends on a mixture of journeys, some locally, some around London, occasionally longer trips. ‘I’ve had a couple of things fixed under the manufacturer’s extended warranty: a transmission oil pipe leak, which I seem to have been the only person in the UK to have suffered, and I had the headlamps changed because they had a bit of mist in them. Otherwise it’s been faultless. ‘Running costs, considering the performance, have been very reasonable I think. The 50,000-mile service was £350 at my local Lexus dealer. I’ve got the big 60k service coming up. The initial quote was £900, but by getting a quote from a Toyota dealer I managed to get them down to around £600! ‘A set of front pads and discs fitted can cost around £1200 from a dealer, but if you buy the parts yourself you can save £300-400. Fuel consumption has averaged out at 22.5mpg. On a 70mph motorway run I once got 32.2. ‘Criticisms? The ride is firm in an early car like mine and the standard exhaust’s note isn’t great – I’ve had an aftermarket system supplied by Hayward & Scott for £850 and now it sounds fantastic. Really, though, it’s just a terrific car.’ Data Specification Lexus IS F Engine V8, 4969cc Max power 417bhp @ 6600rpm Max torque 372lb ft @ 5200rpm Transmission Eight-speed auto with paddleshift, rear-wheel drive Weight 1714kg Power-to-weight 247bhp/ton 0-60mph 4.7sec Top speed 173mph (claimed) Price new £51,000 (2008) Parts prices (Prices from Lexus Cambridge, Tyre price from All prices include VAT but exclude fitting charges) Tyres (each) £191.19 front, £188.69 rear (Michelin Pilot Super Sport) Front pads (axle set) £412 Front discs (pair) £594.48 Damper (single, front) £230.97 Front exhaust, including cat £1408.77 per bank Cat-back exhaust £1045.99 Spark plugs set £126.24 Servicing (Prices from Lexus Cambridge,, including VAT) Service every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever is sooner, alternating A and B: A service £295 B service £545 60,000-mile service £895 What to pay You might get very lucky and find a well-cared-for IS F for less than £20k, but the eternal rules of supply and demand mean that even early IS F values are holding pretty well. At the time of writing there were just six IS Fs for sale in the UK and the cheapest was the 58-plate example below at £21,975. Even high-mileage cars tend to be in the £21k-25k bracket. 2010 cars onwards with the Torsen diff are sought-after – low-milers are £30k-plus – and there’s another, similar jump in prices for 2011MY cars with the improved ride, DRLs, etc. Useful contacts (UK forums, advice, events) (US-based forums) (dealer network cars for sale) (cars for sale, forums) (cars for sale) (cars for sale) The rivals BMW M3 Available as coupe or saloon, the E90/E92 M3 (’07-’13) has a high-revving 414bhp V8 and a superb chassis. Prices from c£19k. Audi RS4 Another high-revving 400bhp+ V8, this time driving all four wheels, the B7-gen RS4 (’06-’08) starts at c£16k. Mitsubishi Evo X If it’s Japanese performance you’re after, an Evo X (’08 onwards) is worth a look. £20k gives you the pick of FQ-300s and the blisteringly quick FQ-360 derivative. In the classifieds 2008 (58) IS F £21,975 57,889 miles Palladio Silver with black leather Bluetooth, etc Dealer warranty available 2010 (59) IS F £23,995 64,000 miles Blue with ivory leather One owner FSH Facelift model HDD satnav Bluetooth 2012 (62) IS F £37,990 13,467 miles Silver with black leather One owner Full service history DVD satnav Bluetooth
  5. I live in the Isle of Man (almost the North West!) and at this point in time am destined never to see another on the far as I'm aware I own the only ISF on the island.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums Nidge :)