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  1. I had a full system SS replacement done a few years ago by Tony Banks: https://www.tonybanks.co.uk/ for a fair bit les than a grand. About 800.00 squidaroonies iirc. Life time transferable guarantee to boot. He has a very good rep. I found out about via the MB Club. hth.
  2. As a matter of interest, what sort of fault might there be if the light is on, but the car is running perfectly?
  3. Tried that in the past, didn't really identify a fault, but new petrol cap worked. I'm pretty sure Toyota (for it is their cap) know about this. Only reason I bother with it is for MoT. In fact like the OP, our car runs fine.
  4. Might sound odd, but try cleaning or replacing your petrol cap......
  5. I had a '98 a few years ago with a fair bit less mileage on it. Kept it long enough to know I'd prefer the V8 version so chopped it in. Lovely car. Enjoy.
  6. Looks nice to me, possibly a bit optimistic on price, but I guess there are fewer good examples around. Anyway, the V8 is better 🙂
  7. Thanks that's good to know. I agree with the build quality MB comparison.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post your experience. Since the decline of MB Lexus have been a revelation. On my third Lexus since my (partial) "divorce" from MB (still have a very elderly G), and I think you've pretty much covered my thoughts/feeling about the 400h, or indeed older L's in general. That said, I'm in the Peterborough area and there's seem to be no Indies around. I'm wondering if the local Toyota main dealer would give it the once over. It's not something I've ever asked a main dealer to do but I suppose there's no harm asking.
  9. 1. New to me. Never had any form of electric vehicle. So, yes, new fangled. 2. Diesel vehicles are imho, spawn of the devil. I have no interest in them and am only vaguely aware of what a DPF is, so not really a reference point for me. 3. I'm good on crystal sets.
  10. Ok, I've spotted a 57 plate that interests me. If it was petrol I'd 95% certain I'd buy it, but these new fangled battery things..... Realistically, if the battery is shot, what's level of pain likely to be. I know that's a sort of how long and string question, but a ball park idea might be comforting. It's done a bit over100,000 and (allegedly) has a full Lexus History. There isn't a Lexus dealer nearby, but there is a good Toyota, I was thinking of giving them a ring and asking if they'd check it over for me. Any thoughts folks?
  11. Regarding the tape player. I too have one and use a cassette adaptor & iPod. Works fine.
  12. I've had both Varta (fitted by MB iirc) and Yuasa over the years, both very good,
  13. I wonder if Optima do a small battery. I've looked at their Blue Tops but can't establish if they do a bike size. ETA: Looks like they don't. Have you looked at Varta? https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/experience/2013/10/does-optima-make-motorcycle-battery
  14. Interesting. When you describe the battery as "small", is that in physical or power terms?
  15. Fingers crossed: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/warranty/