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  1. Thanks, I quess I was hoping someone might already have access, and more importantly the ability to understand the schematics. I bought the MB equivilent years ago and found it terribly difficult to use. It would probably cost me ££££ to find out what I want to know 🙂
  2. Surprising. MB book times are pretty easy to hold of, but maybe Lexus/Toyota keep their book time bible locked up in Fort Knox 🙂
  3. Does anyone have access to Lexus book times? Thanks
  4. After my eyewateringly expensive experience with the German purchase I'm only buying high cost items from the UK, or from people I know and trust. I get stuff from Poland and Italy, but that's from trusted suppliers. There's no way I'm buying a radiator from the States or the Far East. It's a time consuming and costly risk to save a couple of hundred squids.
  5. Rang them, they don't have any rad to fit a GS430. Lexus tax it is then. 😞
  6. Thanks, I'll give them a ring tomorrow as I'm not sure that the rad shown is for a 430. It states that it will fit a 300 or a 400. I was under the impression that the 300 and 430 rads were different. In any case, the Lexus rad has probably been ordered, but as I say. I'll check tomorrow with AdRad.
  7. To be honest, I can't really make sense of their prices/charges. In any case as I have already said, my last overseas radiator purchase was painful and will not be repeated.
  8. Rockauto are US based, and with shipping is works out at just under 250. However, I bought a radiator from Germany for my G-Wagen, it was damaged and caused to end of grief getting my money. I also had to pay MB twice for fitting & removing, so, no more overseas purchases of that ilk for me. If anyone could find a UK based seller that sells OEM, I would be delighted, I can't find any..
  9. I had a look at custom rad company, even if they were willing/able to make one I suspect given the posted prices for vehcles they do supply, that Lexus would be cheaper. I think the price quoted was around 350 plus vat, so about 420.
  10. I have no idea if they are interchangeable. but the chap who's doing it is a Lexus specialist and I think he would know. I got this from ClubLexus.com: "Well, those are LS430 radiators. Perhaps the LS430 has a different configuration. I'd recommend sticking to a radiator made for the GS430."
  11. Wee bit of a hic-up. A new rad is needed and it seems nobody manufactures OEM's. A large spoon of sugar is need to swallow the Lexus tax. You do not want to know what they charge for a rad 😞
  12. The first new Merc I bought was in '92. In those days you had to pay for everything, elec windows and seats, even a radio was extra. Mind you that was in the days when MB made cars, now they just make money 😞