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  1. How far does it need to go? I recently had a car lifted and delivered 10 miles away fo £60.00
  2. Take a trip to Leeds where https://www.tonybanks.co.uk/ will do you a whole new system for a lot less than that. I'm sure there are other places, but he's the only one I've used. He used to be a POWERFLOW franchisee I believe. There'll be a PF place in Hampshire somewhere which someone might be able to recommend. My understanding is that they are only as good as the franchise holder. HTH
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I thought some might be interested in that I recently bought a set of BBS wheels for my elderly GS4340 for roughly the same cost as a good refurb. I had to do something as three of four wheels were loosing pressure despite being cleaned periodically. Still they've lasted about nineteen years so can't complain....
  4. I don't suppose anyone knows an indie in or around Peterborough. I'm using the Toyota main dealer with all that entails.
  5. It's a brave man who will bandy words with Alan Partridge. His sharp, devastating and generally acerbic insights have reduced many to tears. Whether tears of joy or pain, I'm not sure....... :-)
  6. You either missed the smiley, or you have missed the fact that Alan Partridge is infallible. I know this because he told me so....
  7. Ahem, as any Tom ***** or Partridge will tell you, the plural is Lexi
  8. Yes, 129's, from the time MB made proper cars! Over my (many) MB years, I never had much difficulty finding indies. Lexus indies are (at least in my area) rarer than hen's teeth. Probably 'cause they don't need much fixing!
  9. It looks as though we have enough folks to start the "We used to be Merc Boys 'till we discovered Lexus". Club :-) Just a point about cam belt changes. Always best to do the water pump at the same time.
  10. Hello there. I too was an MB fan. First bought a new 190E 2.00 back in '93. Have had too many since to list (although I think the SL60 was my favourite). I don't know specifics regarding Lexus paint, but their general build quality is pretty spot on. Similar to that of MB before they decide to manufacture money instead of cars. I've got/had three Lexi (!) and have had no rust issues. Current is an eighteen year old 420 GS which is rust free and goes very well indeed. I'd love an LS but they're too big for MrsIA2 and she's the main driver these days.
  11. I had a full system SS replacement done a few years ago by Tony Banks: https://www.tonybanks.co.uk/ for a fair bit les than a grand. About 800.00 squidaroonies iirc. Life time transferable guarantee to boot. He has a very good rep. I found out about via the MB Club. hth.
  12. As a matter of interest, what sort of fault might there be if the light is on, but the car is running perfectly?
  13. Tried that in the past, didn't really identify a fault, but new petrol cap worked. I'm pretty sure Toyota (for it is their cap) know about this. Only reason I bother with it is for MoT. In fact like the OP, our car runs fine.