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  1. 100K ? Huh, a young timer. My '00 430 is about 150K and sweet as a nut :-)
  2. MB stoped making cars their core business, it's now money. I was an MB fan since I bought for first back in '93. A dozen cars later, some nice, I gave up on anything post 2000. Lexus are the new Mercedes. That said I do like my "91 G. Nobody believes me it's 27 years old.
  3. IanA2

    Egine Management Lght

    Thanks, that’s good to know, I had assumed that they would be in the cabin.
  4. IanA2

    Egine Management Lght

    Thanks. Gosh, the "apple core" don't like torque much!!! But I get the idea. The light comes on if the car is jump started, it runs perfectly fine.
  5. IanA2

    Egine Management Lght

    No probs on the emissions front, always sails through. Any idea where i could get gospel on advisory v. fail? Thanks.
  6. IanA2

    Egine Management Lght

    Had a quick look around the net. Lots of yes it is, and as many no it isn't. I think you may be right. I was certainly told in the past it was a fail. Great news if it isn't. Thanks.
  7. IanA2

    Egine Management Lght

    Thanks, that's a different resolution to the one I had which included shorting a couple of fuses. Two questions. Are the EFI & ETCS fuses marked on the fuse cover? And will disconnecting the power to the ECU cause any problems? (I'm assuming not). The battery option is not as simple as it sounds, I can't do anything any more so it"s MrsIA2 who'll be crawling around the footwell under direction. And how can I put this, spanner, battery? Well not her strong suit! There is no problem with the car at all. It's runs fine. Thanks again.
  8. A few years ago I had a problem with the EML staying on after jumpstarting. Someone on here gave me or pointed me to a simple reset. For the life of me I cannot find the details by searching. It's an automatic MoT fail which is looming. Help...... Thanks.