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  1. I had the same problem on my 460. It turned out that the original owner had fitted a tracker which I didn't know about. You might like to get an electrician to test the system to see if there is a permanent drain on the battery.
  2. I have a couple of relatives who live on the NC500 route. They have a VERY different opinion on those of you who decide to disrupt their lives. Their livestock are suffering and the, already, poor roads are deteriorating fast. While you are spending a few days imagining you are rally champions, they have to put up with it every day. Imagine if somebody decided that the roads on your estate were perfect for rally practice......then put it all over the internet! Just saying...……..
  3. From past experience, you have 2 choices: 1. Get a complete antenna from a breaker. 2. Get just the insert. The Lexus one is expensive but, if you can get a Toyota Camry insert - which is compatible, it will be much cheaper. When I had my 400, I took it through a car wash with the antenna extended...…….TWICE!
  4. Do you need to replace the whole antenna or just the insert?
  5. Hate to spoil your day...….. https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2012/03/lexus.html
  6. Hi Phil, I need to put a sticker on my 460 when I come to the UK. I only need the round part of the sticker so I can buy them in Holland or in Halfords. I have a spare pair from Halfords in the car and I've just had a look at the instructions..... It shows how to fit stickers to Lexus models 400, 430, and 460 from 1999 to 2009, so it looks like you'll need to do that. Also, if you have AFS (Advanced Front Lighting System) - the kind that 'sees' round corners - you'll have to switch that off. It should tell you that in the User Manual. I hope you enjoy your trip...…..FYI, I have NEVER seen a 430 here. They are around, but very rare.
  7. Thanks for that Malc………..but, again, how were the cars serviced? I must admit, I'm tending towards getting it changed but, as I said, I'm trying to get some really accurate info.
  8. As some of you know, I live in Holland and since 2001 have had my Lexus cars - first a 400 and now a 460 - serviced by my local Lexus dealer. I trust them....they do not overcharge and have always given me good advice. My 460 is coming up to the 160,000km (100,000 miles) point and, having read about the possible radiator problems, I decided to have the rad changed at the next service in August. The first thing the garage asked was 'Why?'. I explained what I'd read and they told me they had never seen that problem here. However, they said they were more than happy to take my money if I insisted. A couple of weeks ago the Service Manager phoned and said that, because there are so few 430s and 460s in Holland, he had contacted Lexus in Germany and Belgium to see if they had encountered the problem. The consensus of opinion seems to be that, if the rad is drained flushed and re-filled with the correct fluid at the recommended intervals, there should be no problem. So.…….I have a few months to decide what to do. My Lexus has been serviced by the dealer since new. What I would like to know is if anyone on here has had the problem, having had their rad serviced as per the Lexus schedule. I know that, because of the ridiculous prices charged by Lexus UK, many of you use an indy or DIY. While not criticising your indy or your own skills, I'd really like to hear from anyone who has had their car serviced solely by Lexus. I'm sure there are lots of apocryphal tales and 'my mate said' but that doesn't really answer the question. For instance, the four cases in Guildford - were the cars serviced from new by Lexus, or were they brought in just to get fixed? Thanks, in advance. PS, a 460 owner on the USA forum said he'd encountered oil in the rad water at 120,000 miles. I PM'd him and he said that he had been doing his own servicing from the 50,000 mile point. He admitted to not carrying out the recommended procedures - although he had partly drained the rad and refilled it with an 'equivalent' fluid.
  9. There is no such thing as too many Black Sabbath and Status Quo concerts 🙂
  10. How many miles(km) has your LS done? Mine is 2007 with 93,000 miles (150,000) km and I have had no problems. I get mine serviced at a Lexus dealer and I'm sure that they would flag up any possible work for themselves. At the last annual check I asked them to pay particular attention to the steering and suspension; they gave it a clean bill of health. It is worth getting a dealer to do any software updates, especially those which cover the engine and gearbox. The wind noise problem isn't universal - mine doesn't suffer from it - but I do know of the 'Jim Craney' fix.
  11. Look after yourself, young man. I hope we'll see you back here when you get over your 'testosterone surfeit'. 🙂
  12. The 460 has an automatic parking brake selection which applies the parking brake every time 'Park' is selected on the gear shift. Totally agree about the soft close door function.