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  1. I'm sorry I can't answer your question but........an LS600HL in front of ALDI? Harrods.......maybe. 😀
  2. Yes, I think that's water from the airco system. I have mine selected permanently and that little puddle is a common sight. If in doubt, try a smell and/or lick test.
  3. That's a lot more info.......so you're having trouble at low RPM as well as on kickdown. It sounds to me as if it is time to take the car to a Lexus specialist, with all the right diagnostic kit. There are guys on here who can give you the names of the best people around in the UK. What sort of fuel are you using? Our cars (2006/2007 LS460) are on a list of Lexus models that need to use Super Unleaded (as was) or E5 (as is). I've always used the recommended fuel and had no problems. How many miles has your car done? The 430 and 460 suffer from a problem where, after time, engine coolant can get into the auto box via the oil cooler. Most of us have had a new radiator fitted - I had mine done last year at 12 years/100,000 miles. I hope you get this fixed. There is nothing worse than an intermittent problem.
  4. I reckon this is the best observation you've had. In 23 years of LS ownership (400 & 460) I've never needed to floor the pedal. Your car is 14 years old and, even though it's an LS, isn't quite as sprightly as it once was. I find, on the odd occasion, that I can still show a clean pair of wheels at the lights, to any Golf GTI owner who wants to show an old codger what power looks like. And I can do that by just flexing my right ankle a little bit - nowhere near 'kickdown'. But, hey, it's your car....... 🙂
  5. If it was me, I'd take the car back and ask them to complete the service.....i.e. reset the service info.
  6. This was discussed on the forum a few years ago. When I had my 400, the cambelt change schedule in my handbook was 62,000 miles.......100,000 kilometres. I've often thought that there was a miles/kilometre mix-up somewhere.
  7. I think it, also, shows up the 'Computer says NO' attitude. Blindly following the error codes, without using a bit of common sense, can be very expensive. You can't beat an experienced engineer, backed up by some modern diagnostic equipment. But to let the equipment make all the decisions is a slippery (and very expensive) slope.
  8. On the US forum there are many entries about steering rack problems. What happens is that the steering wheel, for no reason, takes up a 45 degrees left or right position with the front wheels straight ahead. Running diagnostic check gives an error code which requires a steering rack change. I had this happen to me and took it to my local Lexus dealer. I told him about the US forum and he just laughed. He was adamant that the problem was NOT the rack. They ran a full diagnostic and, sure enough, got a code which recommended a steering rack change. He still didn't believe it and told his guys to run a full program check on the various systems. They found a corrupt script in the Auto-Parking module. A quick re-boot and all was well. That was 5 years ago and I've had no problems since. Interestingly, he told me that, after a rack change, they would have to do the same re-boot as part of the schedule. Makes you wonder how many racks (at around $5000) have been changed for a computer glitch. The fix cost me about 130 euro.
  9. Stuart and George, as you say, E5 and E10 refer to the percentage of Ethanol present in the fuel (E5 being the most expensive). Ethanol can damage certain kinds of seals in the fuel system if it is in a high enough percentage. It can, even, rot the bottom of fuel tanks. I've attached a screen grab of a page from a Dutch document which shows the Lexus models for which E10 is NOT recommended. Note the 'built between' dates. If your model isn't on the list, you can use E10 with no problems. There is a proviso.......All European Lexus models built since January 1998 can use E10, except for those listed above. For cars built before Jan '98 and, I presume, imported models, you need to check with a dealer.
  10. My 460 is one of the models that needs to use the E5 grade of fuel. Yes, it is more expensive but my attitude is this........Lexus have gone to the trouble of making one of the best cars on the planet, why would I not take their advice?
  11. Been there, done that...........I used a piece of wood to prop up the bonnet on my 400. Everything worked well till I nudged the bit of wood with my elbow, while topping up the washer fluid!
  12. Since lockdown, my good lady has decided that there a lot of 'little jobs' around the house that need doing. I will get to the interior of the car when I get 'time off for good behaviour'. 😯
  13. For someone who is 'persona non grata', you're very persistent............
  14. How about your local shoe repair guy? He'll have the stitching machine.