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  1. Hi Quick question. Is it possible to run a sub woofer with preamp off of the original stereo and amp? Thanks, Leon
  2. Best Tyres?

    Hi John I recently picked up a pair of goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 from kwik fit. It seems you can get for them for cheaper online at blackcircles.com but I don't know how much they charge for fitting etc. I paid £226.58, and got a 'discount' of £51.40. Respect, Leon
  3. aftermarket radio

    A double din should fit. I place on in my IS200. Anyhow, if you remove the glove compartment you should be able to see if the amp is behind it and lower to the footwell of the passenger side. Should it be there you'll need to unplug the lead and attach it to an already purchased bypass lead in order to connect this to your shiny new set. I hope this helps.
  4. Boot lid lock

    Hello fellow Lex enthusiasts, The other day I left my car door slightly ajar and didn't realise. So, the locking system didn't kick in and I didn't check. Well, an opportunist thief saw and went through the vehicle stealing just a couple of pounds left in the ashtray. He pulled the boot lever and went through but took nothing. I have become concerned that my speaker/ amp box, which is in the boot, may be of some interest so I'm wondering if I can disable the hand lever by the driver's seat. I have been told that some models have a key lock near the lever but mine does not. Ideally, I'd like to set the car so that only a key, be it remotely or the key itself can open the boot. Does anyone know if this can be done? Many thanks, Leon
  5. Cloudy/discoloured headlamps

    Mmm, I've just ordered a headlight polishing kit from Amazon. Having read the above, I hope I haven't wasted my £.££
  6. Cold Start

    In any event, it was serviced by Lexus. I was assured the correct oil and filters were used, even though it was serviced 3,600 miles and over a year ago - I'm not a big miler.
  7. Hi Y'all I've noticed that during cold start days my engine turns over and ignites but instead of getting that lovely deep engine sound I get to hear something of a 'mess'. It only lasts for about one second. I liken the sound to when the engine has already been started and you try and turn the keys again to turn it over. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Leon
  8. Hi Does anyone have any pictures or links where I can get a hold of rear bumper clips? For some reason both sides of the rear bumper are slightly out. Many thanks, Leon
  9. The key casing tends to break easily. They can be cut at a locksmiths for around £25, they might even have a laser reader to identify the keys unique number. The stem to the key will probably be a little bit longer that the OEM cut key, but you'll save in the long run. For the short term you can carefully undo the case and superglue where needed. Good luck.
  10. Hi everyone, So I'm looking to replace my standard radio with an aftermarket, particularly one that has no removable faceplate. But something is holding me back. The security issue. Double dins without removable face parts are an invitation to thieves. I am wondering if the oem radio Lex IS200 ('03) can be removed from the facsia so that it can be placed over the aftermarket one as a dummy. Other than spending out more another stereo, updating security alarm system/s or buying the dummy fascia on ebay, which is obviously known to the car stereo thief what can I do to secure my stereo Thanks, Leon
  11. Centre Console?

    No idea what car that armrest came from, but it's not Lexus. Looks like it's bolted to the trans tunnel behind the standard centre console too, so if you take more than two rear passengers at any time, that could be an issue; there's not a lot of room for three in the back as it is! That's mine! :D Yes, it does ;eave the cubby hole "open", as the standard fitment replaces the existing cubby hole with lid; you remove that compartment, and the armrest fits inside the result hole, with a shroud to make a smaller cubby hole in the remaining space. Very little to see from outside the car, and I wouldn't leave any valuables in the car anyway (if I needed to, it'd be in the glove box, which can be locked, and is more than big enough to take anything you could possibly leave in the centre console cubby hole). Mine just has a lighter, my handsfree headphones, and my house keys live in there when I'm driving. Thanks. I hear that.
  12. Centre Console?

    Thanks everyone. Ian the standard rest leaves the compartment open for all to see. I like to keep everything out of sight. However, I will look into the Stilo modified suggestion and the Punto as suggested by petay.
  13. I would like to replace or attach an automatic centre console to a manual. The automatic ones are slightly higher - making it easier to get your lean on if you know what I mean - and they are cushioned. Pictures attached showing what appears to be an automatic console on a manual because there is a clip on it but nothing for it to clip into. I am thinking that I can just add to my current low-level centre console.