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  1. What's annoying is when the car is stationary it begins to shake every so often. Potential throttle body problem? But would this lead to a misfire? 🤔
  2. Could it even be a plug problem? Although I was told they are fine it would be a lot easier to change...
  3. Tank you once again for your response. Wow, sounds easy enough, at least in the first instance. Yet after any diagnosis located at this point of the engine it sounds like the only remedy is the necessity to strip most of the engine to get to it? Running into the £100s, wouldn't you agree?
  4. Hi thanks again. What you have said makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately the cylinders were not tested. This sounds like a good option and it sounds like you know your way around the car engine. So, if you can tell me the easiest way to get them compression tested as it looks like my only option. I like easy. The spark plugs have been checked and are fine, apparently. Yours, Leon
  5. Oh, and the timing is spot on. No problem there.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond ColinBarber. The engine ceased when it broke down just over a year ago. As a result I had to have the following replaced: Cylinder Head complete with valves (fortunately I got a used one off ebay - and was informed that it ran 'just fine' when it was on the car it came from); Timing Belt and Tensioner (as it was suspected that it was the tensioner that caused the problem in the first place); Head bolts and gasket set; Timing Belt Idler. All of the above changes got the car running again but clearly it was misfiring, only on one cylinder it seems so it's not bad although bad enough to realise it's not running as it should and problematic enough to ignite the engine management light with the code p1346. I've had at least three different garages look at it, including the dealers, the latter charging 'silly money' and charged me for a new coil for one of the cylinders as they located a problem there. Well, still misfiring. So I replaced all the coils just in case, albeit not Delphi ones. The Camshaft position sensor has been replaced as has the vvt valve, former Delphi latter generic. I've rectified a few advisories on the last MOT and although it's an oldie it is a fine specimen, apart from a scratch or two I hope to get rid. Wheels refurbished and customed to suit the gunmetal grey... I'm gutted after all the time and energy spent it's still 'playing about'. I've been advised that one of the cylinders in the cylinder head could be screwed. I wish I had got it 'air tested' now before it went in. This has me wondering because the car running like a dream before it broke down. Anyway, I was told the ECU, or wires leading from the vvt valve to the ECU are possibly at fault and resetting the ECU could clear the misfiring. Is that even so? I'm not convinced, but I'm not a mechanic. This problem I see as having been brought on by myself. A careful driver with enough respect for the car to polish it every couple of days and driving very low mileage annually, between 3K - 4Konly. So when time came for the big service, the one which dictates to change the belts every 80K, or whatever it is or every 7 years, whatever come first. I ignored the every 7 years because I only did around 25K and the belt looked as good as new. Little did I know that the tensioner would 'mess up my programme'. Anyway, I'm where I am now for whatever reason... blah blah Thank you, Leon
  7. Hi Everyone, Hi mate, thanks for this. My IS200 (2002) has shown code P1346 for some time now. VVT valve changed, camshaft position sensor changed even the coil pack, all 6. But this code keeps showing up. The car actually broke down over a year ago because I neglected to get the tensioner changed. The camshaft was replaced as was belts etc. Since being put together again the idling is playing about. I'm pretty sure it wasn't doing this before it broke down. You could be sitting in the car at the lights say and the idle isn't consistent, much to the point of the speeding up the revs and causing the car to shake left to right. Timing has been checked and double checked and is spot on. It's also misfiring on just one cylinder apparently and popping at the exhaust. Thank you for reading.
  8. Hi Reservoir cap is pull off. Perhaps prize it with a screwdriver..
  9. I hear that, a wasted expense really. What about if the key opens the boot and get a child to climb through the armrest in the back seat?
  10. Dealers advised enlisting the services of a locksmith. Did you bypass the battery?
  11. Oh, sorry I miss read the original message. I'm going to the dealership in while to pick my vechs and will ask there and get back to you mate
  12. Hi Quick question. Is it possible to run a sub woofer with preamp off of the original stereo and amp? Thanks, Leon
  13. Hi John I recently picked up a pair of goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric 3 from kwik fit. It seems you can get for them for cheaper online at blackcircles.com but I don't know how much they charge for fitting etc. I paid £226.58, and got a 'discount' of £51.40. Respect, Leon
  14. A double din should fit. I place on in my IS200. Anyhow, if you remove the glove compartment you should be able to see if the amp is behind it and lower to the footwell of the passenger side. Should it be there you'll need to unplug the lead and attach it to an already purchased bypass lead in order to connect this to your shiny new set. I hope this helps.