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  1. Is200 Key Fob

    Yup those above ..when I mentioned that I got their details off a forum they knew it was this one ....
  2. Is200 Key Fob

    £17.50 to cut a supplied flip key to my original that had fallen apart, considering timpsons wanted £140 to cut their own non flip key blank and refused to touch mine I'm chuffed with what I payed.
  3. Is200 Key Fob

    Had mine cut today, nice helpful guys working there, can recommend them for any key issues car or otherwise.
  4. Is200 Key Fob

    Thanks for the locksmiths in Birmingham details ....off there today.
  5. Is200 Key Fob

    Same reply I had when I asked Timpsons to cut a blank for me ...rip off
  6. Is200 Keys Grrrr

    Having issues finding a local key cutting place that's able to actually cut the Lexus key, seems that it needs a particularly :thin cutter and tracer (2mm) compared to the more normal 3mm that's used daily for seemingly every other key .....
  7. Is200 Keys Grrrr

    Mine went a couple of days back, ordered one of those flip type replacement ones from eBay, certainly looks stronger and shouldn't break this one.
  8. Brakes will work with the engine off, but there will be no servo assistance so they will be greatly reduced in their effectiveness. .... Carpet mats under the throttle cable has been an issue with Toyota /Lexus for many many years, only really suffered on start up when the engine has raced away upon turning the key, can only imagine the terror when it happens when traveling at speed.
  9. Lexus Is Dashboard In Fast & Furious 6

    Saw the film yesterday but missed the dash ..,think I was too busy looking at the tasty police woman By the way, I really want that modern interpretation of the Jenson interceptor .
  10. Dash Cams

    As I was informed I seem to live in the cash for crash capital when renewing my cars insurance today, it made me think about purchasing one of those dash or screen mounted cameras to record any incident that may or may not happen ...... anyone used one or can advise on whats what? Don't really want to spend a fortune though.
  11. Dash Cams

    Yes those are the type I was considering as it has front and rear camera views, which as I said would be useful when reversing.
  12. Dash Cams

    Yea seen that camera, it is nice and small but needs hard wiring in to the car and id prefer to run one off the cigar lighter socket, plus a screen would be preferable although I think its a bit of a no no to have it showing when driving from what I gather, been looking at ones with a add on rear camera which would he useful when reversing and using the screen.
  13. Dash Cams

    If I used a phone to do this then the chances are I would forget just when I needed it, so was looking for a dedicated camera that's permanently fixed on the screen behind the rear view mirror, so out of sight and hard to see unless really looked for. This is just for the Lexus as not needed for my other car so no need to be swapped over at times, so should record on a loop as soon as its powered up, and stops when the ignition is turned off, not sure if there is a discount available from the insurance company, but at this moment that's not an issue as the is200 has saved me some money compared to my scooby when it comes to premiums, it was just the conversation I had when I was searching for cover that made me think it might be worthwhile should some scrote decide to try and fleece me.
  14. Does the is200 have full climate control? The reason I'm asking is following on from my air Con not working thread, I've now regassed it with one of those refill cans from halfords, and its working nicely now and really cold air from the vents, but when its set to auto and the temp dial is on its coldest the a/c cuts in and out as if its reached its desired temp and then cuts back in again ..... is this what climate control does normally as I've not had a car that's had this feature before on a a/c system, just comes on and stays, on but those cars just had a hot to cold dial, not a temperature one.
  15. Climate Control

    Thanks for all the reply's, now I know it was just lack of gas that was stopping the system from working I can always get it vacuum and refilled correctly, £17 for the halfords can to confirm that was ok for me.
  16. As luck would have it, on the hottest couple of days so far this year, I jump into the car and realise the air out of the vents isn't as cold as it should be, AC light is on when the switch is pressed, but looking at the pump the clutch is not engaged as the pulley isn't turning, so where's to look first? Fuse? Relay? Or simply lost all its gas. ?..... what to do.
  17. Air Con Not Working

    Right clutch on compressor spins free so not seized, 10 amp fuse in drivers kick panel is ok, can't see any liquid in the sight glass by one of the pressure ports so looks like its low, although lightly pressing of one of the valves reveals there is some pressure inthe system ...... looks like a regass needed.
  18. Air Con Not Working

    Wheres the sight glass situated? I know that low gas will disable the system but unless there is a hole in a pipe somewhere id be pretty surprised if its leaked past the seals, my impreza was older and air con worked perfect and never had it gassed and only used it a couple of times a year, my car had for whatever reason a lot of down time in it's past checking miles at mot time, so that might explain it .....you used to be able to get get top up cans from halfords if I remember right.
  19. Do sport models have this option?
  20. Alarm Issues

    Several times recently when I've parked my car up and locked it, the alarm has started to sound when a car gone past it , pretty annoying not just for me, but for all those in bed who live by the paper shop on my way to work at 6.15 in the morning .....I always double lock the car and am wondering if there is any adjustment to the sensitivity I can do, or any pointers as to why it happens, its fine parked on the drive at home or in the car park at work, it just seems to be when there is passing traffic..... its a 2004 is200
  21. Alarm Issues

    Cheers, ill do some testing to confirm if indeed it is the sensors then decide what to do.
  22. Alarm Issues

    Any idea how to disconnect the interior sensors. ? Or is it a dealer job?
  23. Alarm Issues

    Thanks for the link, interesting as when i double press the fob, pretty sure I don't get the 5 flashes of the indicators,,I I might try just a single press and see if I get the same proble.but anyway pressing twice according to that means it can't be the ultrasonics?
  24. Alarm Issues

    Standard Lexus key so presume standard oe alarm system, ok so no ultrasonics, that dismisses my thought that maybe air was being pushed through the air vents as used to be an issue on older cars I've had ....as for the double locking I'm not too sure if the alarm works one way or another when its done, its just something I do out of habit, I might try just a single press to see if that does anything Posted just as I did....so ultrasonics might be the cause? Where are they fitted as I don't recall seeing any visible ones.
  25. New Wheels Fitted :d

    Tyres look too stretched on the rears, but nice looking alloys.