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  1. To anybody out there thinking of buying a used Lexus is220d I would strongly advise against it. Lexus have admitted that there is a fault with the head gasket and have extended their warranty to 110000 miles. Full credit to Lexus for doing this and all well and good if you are within this mile range before your fault happens but if you are a little over the cut off, forget about having it covered under warranty. Despite it being a known fault, I approached Lexus of Newcastle with my car having done 113000 miles. Despite being a little over the mileage cut off I had no come back. I was given an estimate of £3,500 to have the issue repaired that I would have to pay. I thought that surely since it is a well known fault, it would have been covered. Moral of the story - don't buy a second hand Lexus is220d
  2. Welcome to the Lexus forums Gene d :)