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  1. I'd be interested in a GS300 Mk1 manual of sorts for my car. Can you confirm where you got yours as it seems the above is a confusion of both website address and email address Thanks. TL.
  2. I have one of the last Mk1 GS300s and it is 'Damask Red' which is a colour that really does not fit well with any nice alloys etc. I am going to keep the car for another couple of years, so I wondered if anyone knew approximately how much it would cost for me to get it resprayed with a decent colour so that I can start adding some alloys and other mods to the car. An associated question - has anyone modded their engine to increase power and what effect did that have on your insurance premiums? My last renewal (last month) was £450pa fully comp, but if a mod pushes to £800 etc then I may not
  3. Lo peeps! I'm new here, so cut me some slack please if I turn some established protocols into roadkill! I need to either get rid of my current GS300 and get another, or keep the one I have and makes some mods. My inclination at the moment is to keep the one I have - it has only done 63k and is in really nice condition, so why change? I have read about some of the mods discussed in these forums and I'm interested, but I am worried about the insurance implications. Does anyone have any practical experience of how insurers view suspension, induction system changes etc? I am currently with
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