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  1. Loss Of Power In 2Nd

    I understand. Would this make the accelerator pedal feel as if it is pushed to the floor? and the engine rev almost to the max?
  2. Loss Of Power In 2Nd

    Thanks for the reply this something you have experienced before?
  3. Just to let you all know that it was a sticky rear brake caliper that was causing the problem.
  4. Loss Of Power In 2Nd

    Hi, I have a manual 1999 Is200 SE and have had a few incidents this week when climbing hills...............when i drop the car into 2nd it feels as if the pedal has been pushed to the floor, the engine revvs its nuts off but there is no power at all? I have to knock it out of gear pull over then everything seems to be ok after that and carry the journey on as normal. Has anyone else had a similar problem or can help?????? this has happened 3 times but is very intermittent would like to know source of the problem before i approach a mechanic or throw endless pots of money at it.
  5. Sat Nav Activation Module

    at nav is lexus sstandard one....the unit does not work after the amp is by-passed by new head unit so the module allows the unit to power up again without sound
  6. Hi...i have purchased a sat nav activation module from ebay to install new stereo in Is200 SE and was wondering if anyone had the instructions for the install to hand as i seem to have mislaid mine?
  7. Benefits To Fitting K&n Air Filter

    Thanks guys was hoping for slight improvemant in MPG but worth all the while i suppose
  8. Need Advice On Fitting New Head Unit

    Very grateful Pete
  9. Am thinking of purchasing the K&N air filter instead of the standard one and wondered if anyone would be able to outline the benefits they had noticed if any? Thanks Jonesy
  10. Need Advice On Fitting New Head Unit

    Thanks Ian....great help wasn't aware i needed the activation mod so very helpful and time saving.
  11. Can anyone be so kind as to give me advice on how to remove Lexus fitted stereo and on what i need to purchase in way of fascia plate and by-pass loop etc for new Pioneer unit? Model is Is200 2001 SE (sat-nav) Would appreciate any time saving tips etc from you wise old heads Thanks Jonesy
  12. That's great thanks for the advice.....will get it booked in asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. What would be the cost?
  14. Bit too far i'm afraid as i live in Brighton
  15. Thanks the car is 2001 and has done 108,000 miles and runs like new apart from this problem so would really like to get it sorted asap.