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  1. Happy Birthday Lexus Jim!

  2. I have a set of front and rear lights free to whoever wants to pick them up from denton in manchester. The rear tail light are of the old silver variety and there is a crack in the passanger side unit along the bottom. The front lights have original toms eyebrows on them which are sprayed black (need respraying tho) and have also had the silver innerds taken out and sprayed black. The back of the unit are slightly damaged but is easily fixable and unnoticable when they are installed. Perfect if you want to practice modifying on either parts See attatchments for images Thanks Jim
  3. as mat said but get it filled up with ATF (red) instead of manual gearbox oil
  4. Hi Rob, try asking on here its were I spend me time now. I'm very pleased with my B6 2.5tdi quattro A4 avant. Much faster than the lex,will be a beast when remapped, more economical. main downside is that nearly everything is an optional extra but thankfully most things are retrofitable
  5. I had mine done recently, they stripped it right back, put 2pack primer and painted and laquered it. £80 it cost me. all I did was drop it off and collect it
  6. will do. been on tyresmoke forum for hours looking at all the mods and retrofits to be done. I'm gonna have some fun next week
  7. Just paid for my new car today. picking it up next week. Just saying thanks for all the help I've had off everyone during my time here and its been good to meet some of you. It's really depressing taking all the stuff of my car but never mind, I can put a lot of new stuff on my new car to make up for it. Cheers everybody Here's a quick picture of the new'un. A4 avant 2.5 TDi 180 Quattro.
  8. Lexus Jim

    Lexus Jim's Lexus

    Black Is200 Sport
  9. I will try and come down for this cos not been to a meet for ages, although it will have to be in my new car (not lexus I'm afraid)
  10. cheers but got the 20" toshiba for just over £400. its a bit excessive really for the bedroom but what the hell... you only live once
  11. I have one you can have for free, just pay postage, this is asuming my memory is correct and its the off side one thats slightly damaged and not the drivers one. this is off an early IS200 and is sliver chrome (not the later darker chrome) PM me if you want it
  12. had to extend the budget to just over £400 tho. just missed out at richer sounds. they had the 27" version, HD ready, freeview for £399. all gone last week tho although to be honest its a bit too big for the bedroom but we would have been fools to pay more for a smaller, lower spec tv I'll try that with curry's, thanks for the tip
  13. Have finally decided to get this one: has any one got one or a similar one?
  14. I went through that really long one in switzerland a few months ago... but in a hire car :( not my lex. I prefer multi story car parks better cos they echo more and you get the wheel screech going round the corners
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