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  1. Thanks for your reply Steve! I have ordered some conical lug nuts and also some spigot rings to fit the hub properly. Not sure if these wheels are going to work properly though without rubbing the arches but time will tell. Lol
  2. Hi there, I got a set of vossen wheels for my is220d and wanted to know what type of lug nuts will work with them. I was curious to know whether the normal flat seated lug nuts will work with them or not or will I have to buy some of the cone type lug nuts. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. As for the question regarding the smoked lights. I actually did them myself, just got some flyeyes film and had a go at it. The outer rear lamps are quite tricky as they have pointed edges so you do need patience for it. The rest of them are very easy to cover without creases.
  4. Unfortunately my headlights were standard halogen when i brought the car, so all ive done is upgraded the bulbs from halogens to hids and also put led side light bulbs in to match the lights. I was tempted to buy some headlights with the led strips in them they do look quite smart. But i think its a lot of money to invest for an led strip at the bottom of the headlight lol. The Rota alloys I had were brought second hand however the condition was next to new. Paid around £350 for the set and the great news is they came with pretty new michelin tyres too! The ones I've got on now were a bit more dear as nobody likes to sell them. Paid £200 for the wheels alone, still second hand, got them refurbed for £150 and then had new tyres wrapped around them. So really does depend if you mind having good condition used wheels or your more of a person where you want everything new.
  5. The wheels that were on my car at the time were Rota P1's. They were et45 and 8j all round, with the car lowered by 35mm all round, They would naturally sink into the arches and look horrible to make them look good with the car you would require hubcentric spacers. I had 15mm on the fronts and 20mm on the rears and they sat perfect in my eyes, also improved handling a little too. I am now running the Lexus IS Sport wheels on my car as they caught my fancy. This is what they look like running the same spacers as above. Also smoked my rear lights and reflectors as well as tinted my fog lights yellow. Quite happy with the results! Let me know what you think.
  6. Hi there, I recently noticed that my rear tweeter is blown in my rear deck of my IS220d, it is the mark levinson speaker pack and I know how much of a pain it can be to get the rear deck off and accessible. However is there an easy way to get access to it? Also the replacement speaker, any ideas where I could get it from? Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Ideally you need to get some hubcentric spacers, I also have 20mm rear and 15mm front on mine, standard lug nuts applied. Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  8. Thanks for your help, i thought the offset on the rear wheels was 45 so was bit concerned about that but im 90% sure it will fit fine with no rubbing, will trial within the next month or so, jus need to get them refurbed first
  9. Thanks for your response, I am currently lowered 35mm on h and r springs, so rear wheels will be et25 with the spacers. Where your arches rolled with the 20's on?
  10. Does anyone know if IS250 Sport wheels on the rear with a 20mm spacer will rub on the arch? Hoping someone has tried this before, lol, currently got stock 17's with 20mm spacer and runs fine no problem but sport wheels are slightly wider
  11. Where did you get these from and how much did they set you back mate? :shruriken:
  12. hi mate, are they staggered or 8.5 all round? may be interested
  13. SOLUTION! Finally got to the bottom if this. The squeaking was indeed my front brake pads which needed cleaning up. Also if any of you guys are experiencing a ticking noise from the rear as if you have a stone stuck in the tyre. Check the handbrake shoes, it solved my problem and im so glad lol
  14. Yup, they sure do look nice! I was concerned about rubbing issues with ET20, im currently running ET25 on 8J stocks and even that seems pretty close to the arches. Sit pretty flush. I think to get those XXR's you might need to get your arches rolled at the very least and maybe also run a slight stretch on your tires.
  15. Are you by any chance looking at the XXR 527 wheels? If anyone knows, i'd also be quite interested in the answer. :)