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  1. garyfreefly

    Rx for towing

    where is the tank ? mine is in the spare wheel well and we can not get a bigger one ( that I know of ) in that space fitting a great big tank in the boot is a NO GO as we drop the rear seats very often to increase the boot space.... I take your point on the paper maps going out of date but it always works mobile network is Vodafone however and to get a signal that will even let you text or speak to someone is a minor miracle never mind a mobile internet signal.....
  2. garyfreefly

    Rx for towing

    ours has around 120,000 on the clock.....yes its had new discs and brake pads in its life when req as with any auto you do tend to use the brakes a bit more than a manual but in saying that when the other half is driving with the horse box she does tend to use the overdrive button to slow the vehicle down ( i tend not to ) this probably equates to men being lazy ! she also uses the gears a lot more again I must be just lazy We have 3 lpg garages local so its not too much of a issue but on a longer journey it can be so we have thought ahead and have a lpg garages map in the glove box its a bit of a pain having a range of only 170mls as well, but the saving makes it worthwhile for us
  3. garyfreefly

    Rx for towing

    Hi we have had a RX300 for around 5 years petrol/lpg it pulls our horse box around no problem * horses in the box * no issues whatsoever I think the horses appreciate the auto box gear shifting more than our old manual Landy gear changing so no complaints from them either ! ps we live in North Wales so we have also got lots of hills.... :-)
  4. Ive just got myself a 2002 RX300 fitted with LPG....seems to be a great car the only thing that I would want extra would be a reversing camera to stop me running over the dog ! who seems to like the rear wheels ! ! So my question is can I use the existing display in the dash and just connect a camera to it somehow it possible is / are there any existing connections that I can use or would it be best to just buy a complete new reversing camera system a fit it...because as it stands without one the dog is going to get it....... ! ! !
  5. Welcome to the Lexus forums garyfreefly :)