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  1. I had a toyota celsior, Ls400, It had similar noise, it would go away but then come back, battery light was on and power steering was heavy, turned out to be the alternator
  2. But the last mk2 was made in 2004 wasn't it. In late 2004 they came out with the mk3 gs300
  3. 283482981745 Check this car out, seller is saying it's a 2006 gs300, but it's a mk2, lexus didn't make a mk2 gs300 in 2006.
  4. On advice from Lexus Guildford if the transmission starts to misbehave I will immediately have the problem diagnosed by that time it may be too late to save the gearbox.
  5. That first radiator on eBay is the correct one for the ls430 and it's a good quality radiator. I remember someone on here buying one and some one on the lex nation forum also bought one without any issues. I think it's oe quality or maybe better
  6. Yep that's the same one as mine but I'm not sure which one it is on rockauto
  7. Mine is a UK model ls430 and mine doesn't have a radiator cap, it has that hexagon type of thing on it
  8. I'd go with what Simon has said. I buy parts from rockauto as even with delivery it's cheaper than main dealer parts, some parts can take from 3 days to a week to arrive, or I buy parts from lexus birmingham as Simon said, they do give a good discount. An example, I was looking at lower ball joints for an ls430 at Lexuspartsdirect, their price is over £80, lexus birmingham sell them for £52 All in and rockauto was around £30 for the same part, front pads and discs from Lexus birmingham cost me £142 all in. But Lexuspartsdirect do give discount on some parts.
  9. To be honest I still think it's those small o rings that need replacing , your air con has the same mine did.
  10. The air con condenser is around £60 from rockauto, and it's a denso condenser, why not just buy it from there and have it replaced?
  11. I have tow bar for an ls430, but the one bit is on the car and the other bit I've taken off and put in boot and it's got Lexus written on it. I'm never going to use it.
  12. That's was exactly where the seals on my ls400 perished, went to halfords, got a small box of air con seals for about a £1.50, did the work myself and it took my about 15-20 mins to sort out.
  13. It's a leak, one of the o rings must be leaking, it happened to mine, I replaced the o ring and it sorted it.
  14. Yep rockauto, I got a denso o2 sensor couple of years ago, cost about £40 with delivery. Delivery took about 3 to 4 days. I've just looked on their website, Denso o2 sensor cost £30ish and the other one is just over £40, much cheaper than main dealer parts unless lexus parts direct can beat rock auto price, I would get it from rockauto
  15. It's the o2 sensor that's faulty not the cat. Bank 2 is the drivers side sensor.
  16. You can get a continental or dayco belt from GSF for £15 And yes it's about a 10 mins job
  17. I got denso irridum sparkplugs from rock auto, took about 3 to 4days for delivery all for £37 odd pounds for all 8. But you can also use NGK irridum sparkplugs which may be a little cheaper. I even got some for a friend's Porsche cayenne
  18. I know someone who just sold one. He had it on his ls430 and it worked a treat
  19. It's from Lexus main dealer at trade price but if you look on rock auto you can pick up denso radiator for around £80 but there are 2 different types
  20. I just got quote from Lexus parts direct for a radiator, £400 odd quid. Birmingham lexus said they would sell me a radiator at trade price at just over £200
  21. I wouldn't get anything from strutmaster. For some reason they get alot of orders completely wrong and I have heard they having got the correct struts for ls430 even though their website says they do Why not just get get bc coilovers for £600 - £700?