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  1. Hold on, if the AA man has caused this, why not get them to pay for the repairs
  2. Brentacre will insure it and they are very good on price
  3. I used to have a 2.2 4 wheel steer prelude. It was some thing called a motegi in black with a bodykit and leather interior. It was a nice car.
  4. It sold for 6k on eBay recently, the person who was selling it originally wanted 9k for around 2 years, but then put it up on eBay on a no reserve auction and now this dealer who bought thinks he will get 12k for it lol
  5. The ls430 does suffer from rust issues on the both front doors as in the photo, not sure why this happens though, but it does.
  6. Bank 1 is the passenger side o2 sensor
  7. Hi I'm selling my Lexus ls430. I haven't had it long but I miss the Ls400 hence why I'm selling it. It's a 2004 facelift model. Black in colour, 114000 miles, mot until June 2020, cambelt replaced at 87000 miles, it was last serviced just before I got it in has custom made orange leather mats, vip table in front and tv screens that I don't know how to work. The previous owner ordered gold lexus badges but instead Toyota Celsior badges arrived, I must say they do suit the car. The car drives very nice indeed, everything works apart from the front cigarette lighter, I don't smoke so I don't need it. It has bluetooth for phone and music. She cleans up very very nice. Bad points, couple of marks here and there, typical rust on the front doors but they not very noticble until you get very close. £5000 ono
  8. messi

    Mk4 ls400

    I might be selling my ls430
  9. Lexus dealers have a fixed price for a timing belt change which is Some thing like £295 and £100 extra with waterpump. I had my serpentine belt replaced in the past on an ls400, ls430, gs300 and gs430 and sc430 for £10 at my local garage. I bought a dayco belt myself from GSF for £15.
  10. Well if they take longer than 8 - 10 Mins to do a serpentine belt replacement on a lexus, it's best if you find yourself a proper mechanic. And the cam belt is about 4 half hour job. I remember someone replacing a cambelt, and pulleys and water pump on my sc430, took him 4 hrs to do it.
  11. I had a toyota celsior, Ls400, It had similar noise, it would go away but then come back, battery light was on and power steering was heavy, turned out to be the alternator
  12. But the last mk2 was made in 2004 wasn't it. In late 2004 they came out with the mk3 gs300
  13. 283482981745 Check this car out, seller is saying it's a 2006 gs300, but it's a mk2, lexus didn't make a mk2 gs300 in 2006.
  14. On advice from Lexus Guildford if the transmission starts to misbehave I will immediately have the problem diagnosed by that time it may be too late to save the gearbox.
  15. That first radiator on eBay is the correct one for the ls430 and it's a good quality radiator. I remember someone on here buying one and some one on the lex nation forum also bought one without any issues. I think it's oe quality or maybe better
  16. Yep that's the same one as mine but I'm not sure which one it is on rockauto
  17. Mine is a UK model ls430 and mine doesn't have a radiator cap, it has that hexagon type of thing on it
  18. I'd go with what Simon has said. I buy parts from rockauto as even with delivery it's cheaper than main dealer parts, some parts can take from 3 days to a week to arrive, or I buy parts from lexus birmingham as Simon said, they do give a good discount. An example, I was looking at lower ball joints for an ls430 at Lexuspartsdirect, their price is over £80, lexus birmingham sell them for £52 All in and rockauto was around £30 for the same part, front pads and discs from Lexus birmingham cost me £142 all in. But Lexuspartsdirect do give discount on some parts.
  19. To be honest I still think it's those small o rings that need replacing , your air con has the same mine did.