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  1. what everyone drinks

    Alcoholic: Stella Artois Non alcoholic: volvic water strawberry flavour
  2. Useless Information

    ADADAS was founded by Adi Dassler, but in 1948 (?) his brother and he had a huge fall out. His brother opend a rival company producing sports shoes. This company eventually became known as PUMA Coca cola was originally an American ailment cure in the 1800s. It contained large amounts of a substance taken from the columbian COCA plant, which contained cocaine. hence the name COCA COLA. The use of real cocaine in this drink did not stop until somewhere in the region of 1902.
  3. IS200 Rear tail lights For Sale

    no ita a fiesta with IS200 rears:lol: (only kiddin) she is in the doghouse @ the moment (well the garage) so i get to use her car until mine is roadworthy. :( its not nice to drive
  4. IS200 Rear tail lights For Sale

    I would like to find some ASAP, cos i cant drive me car til i get them....... ricky, il have em if u wanna sell my g/f was reversing into my drive and...erm..... missed :( smashing the best part of the boot and so on. My car is a silver (late)v plate, so the non smoked ones will fit perfectly. il send a u2u and we i can find out your details and where to send the ££ to, cos i am IN DESPERATE NEED!! im stuck driving a fiesta for the moment :(
  5. im not too clued up on this (its just brake lights to me) clear plastic covers, standard to fit a late v car (2000) erm.......as i say thats all i know. anyone got any ??
  6. thanx to richie_is200 helped me out no end. pair sourced, thanks for the help all :D
  7. IS200 Rear tail lights For Sale

    If u r still selling the pair, il take them. If u can e-mail me at dave@mcbride81080.fsnet.co.uk with the full price (ie post to scotland) and your details, il have a cheque sent ASAP