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  1. fletch


    I have a new number plate for my GS, so no longer require this plate. L8XES the plate looks great on the car, I paid £1500 for it two years ago. So any offers over this will be accepted, if not sold to a club menber the plate will go on ebay
  2. Matt, my car was red, looks more like a light brown now, and I aint cleaning it for Friday. :D Maybe away now this weekend , unsure have to see what the Mrs has decided Zee road name for the sat nav, and pub with a car park would be good :) Are you coming loz ?? dont wana be the only GS there.. : Fletch
  3. Zee, I have never been to a lexus meet befor, however I am driving up from Uttoxeter to Rotherham on Friday so could stop of at Chesterfield for a quick pint... (And have a look at all the snazzy cars you guys have ) So what time and where, if you dont mind a meet virgin coming B) Fletch
  4. Please if any one knows how to stop the car from preventing the sat nav from working at speed tell me !!!!!!! find my shelf sat at traffic lights on green cos of the bloody thing !!! And complaining about roads and streets missing, try going through tyneside tunnel, loads of fun then, you find when you come out the other end your flying over the water... £140+vat who has a CD burner then???
  5. Yes the wheels from a IS200 will fit onto a Mk1 GS300, buy the auto trader, I have seen a number of adds it there for GS parts..
  6. L8XDS for sale , make the D look like a U I dare you...!!!! plate is on retention and will cost you £25 to put on your car, I am looking for offers over £350 for the number. L8XES has now gone on my car, so please stop sending me email for it...!! if you wont it I have turned down £1200 already..!
  7. I need more power from my GS 300 SE Sport, its a 2000 model, and i wont it to go faster !!! can anyone help, I dont want toys such as big bore exhusts, I am interested in serious power such as chips, or twin turbos, they would do the trick :D Who in the UK could do this for me...
  8. fletch


    Make me an offer boys I have L8XES and L8XDS one is for me the other is for sale, LOC members £500. FLETCH
  9. fletch


    Sorry mate I bought that plate last week !!!!! and L8XDS ones on my car the other is for sale.. FLETCH
  10. Contact Dearne Valley Motors at Wath Upon Dearne, they have a number of sat nav systems that pop up, three D image etc.
  11. I have a lexus plate for sale number L8XES i am looking for offers over £600 so if your interested email me.
  12. Can anyone help, i have a 2000 GS 300, and I am looking to improve the performance, are there any kits out there?? and what stages can I go ??? Is the Vertek Twin Turbo the only option, if so where can I get one from?? Thanks