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  1. Congratulations Steve, and well done. Look forward to hearing all about it
  2. johnboy


    Welcome to LOC, :D
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY :D Have a great day mate, hope your keeping well.
  4. BUMP Gord, no support passes this year, jap cars only, due to someone abusing them, a Dodge Viper cant be a support vehicle. ;)
  5. Just got back , what a great day, great weather, great cars, and lovely girls to look at. Oh and the usual crowd were ok too Thanks to everyone who turned up, it was great to have a full stand of members cars. Dont forget japshow finale in October.
  6. That looks a great colour, and the finish is very good. Cant wait to see it in the flesh.
  7. I will have a go at photocopying one tomorrow
  8. Sorry rock on , i didnt have a spare ticket, hence the reason you havent recieved it yet, if anyone has a spare ?
  9. Yes he has 2 entry tickets and 2 stand passes(stickers) and yes you can give 1 of the stand passes to another member, and they pay on the gate.
  10. When you book the club stand you have to buy an entrance ticket for every club stand pass you require. So the stand passes come in with price of the booking fee. So those who bought 2 tickets got 2 stand passes. If you dont need the pass, you can give it to another member who wants to go, but they will have to pay full price at the gate. If jambo wants to give his stand pass to rockon, i thought i had a spare one for him, but i havent got any left. If anyone has a spare one for masterjokay, and wants to send it to him, thats fine. Materjokay, we have a 3 car convoy going from harlow, i see your near, if you want to join us, your more than welcome, just let me know. Hope this clears up any confusion John
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE :D Have a great day, and dont work too hard
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE :D Sorry mate, didnt realise when i spoke to you earlier. :shutit:
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