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  1. Yeah I tried pressing the button while pushing the glass, still no luck :-( I'll take the headliner off tomorrow, post some pics and take it from there if that's ok mate?
  2. That's great. Will be ordering that tomorrow. Thanks a lot for the link mate
  3. Thanks for the quick reply guys. @Dewfallsuk I have it downloaded so i'll be looking for them sections tonight. Do you know of any salvage/breaker yards in England? Cheers @CC I tried to push down a little and it won't budge. I've heard stories about glass smashing on people so I didn't press too hard lol. I don't think it's going to move though. When I press the tilt buttons nothing happens, it's just the slide back button that makes a `click`. No motor sound. I do know the motor works now (which was my initial problem). Will it be worth removing the headliner to get a good look at what's going?
  4. Hi guys, I really need help asap with my sunroof. I pressed the slide back button and it moved slightly then jammed! When I got out of the car, I noticed one corner of the glass has sunk below the roof level. Does the glass slide back under the roof or over it? It's never worked since I've had the car so I don't know how they open on the IS200. I've attached an image and I hope you guys can see it to advise me the best way to fix this. Cheers in advance
  5. Is200 Sunroof Problem

    @CHUNKY CHIP It worked very slightly when i test drove the car. I pressed one button, it wasn't fully closed, so it moved about 1/4 inch to closed position. I later checked the fuse and that had blown so i replaced it and thats basically where im at now lol. Where can i find the motor mounting bolts? Do you have to take the headliner off? Cheers
  6. Is200 Sunroof Problem

    @ CHUNKY CHIP Well ive only had the car for a few weeks and its been like this since i bought it. I get no clicking at all when pressing tilt up and down, also no click with slide forward just back. Am i right in thinking there is only one fuse for the sunroof or might i be missing something? Thanx for reply
  7. Hi guys, merry xmas! I have a 2000 is200 se and my sunroof doesn't seem to want to work. Fuse is fine and i hear a click when pressing the slide back button (not tilt but im not sure if this is normal, i doubt it) and nothing happens? Any ideas what this could be? Seals are fine. I suspect the motor has gone but i can't find anything on the net of how to replace it?! It would be great if someone could help me out. Thanks in advance
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums Gaz.88 :)