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  1. Owned an IS200 for 2 years. The issue with worn tyres is super common. There is a garage capable of adjusting the camber, if anyone remembers their name please indicate it for any future owner. After I had that camber change (about £150) I never had a problem again with uneven tyre wear. other issues, well let me say. When the car worked well, it was a joy to drive. But when things went wrong, and in my case they did, the cost was through the roof. I've had broken wheel bearing, broken speed sensor, head gasket failure . All before 90,000 miles. Mpg is dreadful for a car like this. I also found that some mechanics completely refused to touch a lexus, telling me that the cars are well over engineered. I can vouch for this as I did my own stereo upgrade and although the electrics were easy to do, the amount of fastening and cable ties that I had to undo to get to the cables of interest was crazy. Fantastic in one way as it explains the lack of strange noises even when going over rough terrain. But you can see that if this is how the whole car is made, mechanics could be put off working on one.
  2. Hello all, I've been trying to spruce up the inside of my beloved 14 yr old is200 se. Installed a new stereo that allowed for parrot blue tooth to enable hands free calls. Then changed gear knob to chrome and leather. I've also bought a Brodit iPad holder that will allow the iPad to sit on the dashboard and play my music. Now Id like to replace the rings on the air con dials with chrome ones. I've heard that they are rare, but does anyone know of a manufacturer for these? Or do I have to monitor eBay for availability?
  3. My Lexus has a similar annoying noise that comes and goes. Installed new shocks but the mystery noise is still there. Lexus told me that if I had spent £380 on getting their shocks instead of the ones I got from kwik fit that the noise would not be there. However from being a member here I can see that this is quite common on our cars. Mine emanates from the rear . It doesn't happen all the time either but all has been checked and mechanically the car is perfect so it's got to be a pixie hiding in my suspension.
  4. Thanks for the diagram Colin. It just rained loads in my area and I went out to the car, turned on the electrics and immediately could hear the motor on the driver side retractor working. After a loud crack it began working again. However it is noticeably slower than the passenger side. I'm going to disconnect it as you suggested and give it a good clean. Hopefully that's all it needs. Thanks again!
  5. I would say that for any service this is a decent price. I had a service contract with Lexus themselves and that cost £400 per year. Now that was ridiculous.
  6. Thanks Colin, Yes. I'm able to close it manually but there appears to be nothing blocking it. I had a quick look on eBay and I can see that I could buy the whole mirror with motor for about £45. How easy is it to remove and replace the whole thing?
  7. Hello everyone, been a while since being on this forum. Don't know if this is a problem others have encountered. My drivers side electric mirror on my yr 2000 IS200 SE stopped retracting yesterday. But the passenger side one is working fine. I hear zero noise at all from the drivers side so it appears to have lost all power. Does anyone know if the passenger and the driver's side mirrors are on separate fuses? If not should I be changing the motor itself? Is this hard to do? I'd like to fix this issue myself as I'm on a tight budget so any pointers about what could be done to correct the issue are much appreaciated!
  8. In relation to this topic. I have a year 2000 lexus is200 SE . It does not have the central sat nav display on the dash. I upgraded the stereo to a two din one but did not buy one with a display so need a different solution. Has anyone attempted to install one of those digital rear view mirror (RVM) displays that click onto the RVM? If so can anyone suggest a model to buy just so I know what is compatible please?
  9. Hello everyone, Thanks for the replies. I initially thought Lance's reply seemed too simple to be true but to be fair when I moved the nozzle a bit I was able to push £50 of petrol into the tank without a single click. I'm not clear why though, over the last 2 years that I have owned the car I have not seen this happen. And what about the fuel gage taking a while to re adjust? And for the record, I also use Shell V power . However, can I add some kind of extra cleaner to the tank in case there may be gunk in that might be exacerbating the problem. I thought shell V power would have plenty of detergents in it?
  10. Hello everyone, Here is my latest problem with my is200. When I go to fuel up the hose keeps stopping as if the tank was full. It only allows me to fill the tank very very slowly. I have seen on you tube that some cars have an air valve near the wheels which for some reason is connected to the fuel tank. When this becomes blocked, it can lead to the exact same problem I am experiencing. Any idea where this is located in an is200? I'd like to have look to see if this simple fix will resolve the problem. Not sure if this is also related but after I have refuelled, the fuel level indicator seems to take a while to re adjust to the new level. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. And the WIM alteration made a detectable difference to the steering. However, the proof will be in seeing a difference in the amount of front rubber that the car uses!
  12. Thanks for the advice fellows! Valet key opened, boot lid button unshielded and guts transferred to new case. Key cut to match valet key and Bobs your uncle, all is fine again! Total cost ..£30 including paying for key to be cut.
  13. Thanks everyone. Once again the Lexus community comes to the rescue. Ian, you're a legend!
  14. Hello everyone, So it appears as though my main key for my is200 has been lost. I only have the spare left. Now my spare key cannot open the boot as it does not have the remote unlock button and for some reason the key does not rotate in the lock. Is the circuitry in the spare key completely different to the main? So therefore I cannot get the shell for the main key that has the extra button for the boot and replace the spare key shell? Just thought that Id seen or read that somewhere. Any advice Id be grateful. Also I'm going to get my front wheel geometry altered by WIM this w.e. took my car to lexus and was told my new tyres have already had the inner tread chewed within a few months. Hope you all agree that this will fix the problem! Cheers
  15. Ok great. I'll get one tomorrow. Cheers.