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  1. Hi Tim, The best to get will be for you to decide to be honest as it depends on everyone needs . For example LS460 they are all RWD in UK while LS600 are all AWD . LS460 has a decent size boot while LS600 has a smaller size which for me is fine but for others it might not be . Fuel consumption i suspect on a long run to be the same but in town or short journeys the LS460 will have a worse fuel consumption compared with the 600h . If you want the rear relaxation pack that was available only on the 600h here in UK . The list can go on but if you have any particular questions feel free to ask .
  2. Hi all, I have started this topic trying to help anyone who has a problem with the hybrid battery on a lexus gs450h . About a month ago i was stuck in traffic and the check hybrid system came up on but the car was still drivable and only a bit more lazy on acceleration . After i arrived at home i plugged the scanner and it came with the error code P0A7F - Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration and check VSC message. I have cleared the code and looked at the battery modules voltage but they were all looking fine so i assumed it was just a one off. The car was fine but after one week same thing happened again and meanwhile the car was feeling a bit different anyway, the only difference this time it was the error code P0A80 - Replace Hybrid Battery Pack. Unfortunately my car has done 124k miles and also the last service was done with an independent specialist so i had no warranty. I kept researched on-line and i found someone in Northampton that recondition and repair hybrid batteries for Honda & Toyota. Meanwhile i have also discussed with someone from London and he said he will fix my car in 4 hours but he never done one before. I decided to use the guy in Northampton who's name is Richard, a very nice guy and helpful. He said he will need the car between 5 and 7 days and will give 10k miles warranty or one year , whatever comes first . Dropped the car on on Tuesday because it was still drivable just without abs, vsc and cruise control and picked it up this Wednesday . The car feels great now and also the fuels consumption is with a few mpg's better. The guy also has a website but i am not sure if i am allowed to post it here so i will leave his phone number is someone is interested. Richard Hybrid battery solutions - 01604404644 .
  3. In my opinion now after i have a car with so many toys but without the RSR , i would choose any of them , depending on the price , mileage , condition . My LWB still has heated and cooled seats with a bit of recline in them , rear dvd screen but that is played from the front DVD and all the climate and audio controls from the armrest in the back + blinds . It depends if you would really have someone to use them , for example kids , but other than that they will not be used much . Also in case someone use them you always need to remember and check that they have not left the heating or the cooling of the seat on , very different temperatures . You either check them every time , either disable them from the front console every time someone has been in . It will be nice to show it off to friends every time but depending on your personality you might also be annoyed as they might leave a bit of mess every time when they do it . Go , have a look at both , drive them if possible and chose after , don't set your mind on just one and miss the other .
  4. If you search good enough on the forum you will find that someone did some thorough investigation and found out that the shock absorbers from the IS250 would fit , if my memory serves me well .
  5. Usually there is a height sensor that corrodes and needs to be replaced , or the self levelling motor . I would suggest to check those first .
  6. Unfortunately the apple operating system IOS does not allow to do the transfer on that version of Bluetooth and satnav , it is the same in my LS. The best suggestion would be to see of you can transfer the numbers on an android phone . Either transfer, borrow an android phone or manual input in the phone and connect that to your Bluetooth as that will allow you yo transfer the agenda . I have attached the Satnav manual and you find information there about how to set it manually from page 139 pf the manual and 151 of the pdf. OM50715U.pdf
  7. Also as far as i am aware if you do your annual hybrid health check at Lexus you get an extra year warranty and it only costs £36 . I am doing mine on 25th this month for a peace of mind but to be honest even if i would actually have an issue and not be covered by the warranty i would use Richard from Hybrid battery solutions who is present on this forum and sorted out my previous GS450h .
  8. Ebay says 275 people bought them so they can't be that bad . I would say give it a try and it is not ok you can always return it . When mine went on the gs450 i have bought some osrams from for about £60-70 i don;t remember exactly .
  9. Maybe you are right , i have no idea . But even so that's why on the journey made yesterday by the OP at that speed i was expecting something closer to 30 if he reset the trip computer as soon as he hit the motorway . Maybe the car has the units set to US gallons :)
  10. It can't be normal as the guys in US are getting 18/19 mpg city driving and 30 mpg at 80mpg and 33 mpg at 70mph where fuel is worse and the gallon is smaller to. According to what i have seen on the US forum and also applicable to any car the factors that can impact the economy are : 1) Oil , better economy with 0W-30 vs 5W-30 2) Air filter 3) Tyre pressure 4) Fuel quality , try some Shell V Power on a longer run Also on Fuelly , your car seem to get better mileage : Pictures attached are from US forum .
  11. Take it for a longer run and see what you get then . Reset the trip computer , do a 50 mile journey on the motorway with the cruise at 70-80 and see what you get . At least like this you can compare both fuel consumption and see if you have any problem .
  12. I had my mirror smashed by another driver and the only sensible option was a used one from ebay . Lexus offered me the glass only for about £350 .
  13. For that code you could check the gaskets between the Y-pipe in the exhaust , from the engine just before the cats . I had the same error on mine as it was blowing air from there just before the cats and post 1 set of lambda so the 2nd set of lambda was seeing abnormal readings . Just put it on a ramp and if you see black soot around that area just change the gaskets .
  14. I know Vasilis, i was talking about both but on a closer look you are right and it seems that on the LS460 should have the 30gb HDD . I have attached here a few specs that i have found for the LS from 2008 - 2009 - 2010 so i don't know what to say :( 2008LS460_sf (1).pdf 2009LS460-LS460-L_sf.pdf 2010_LS_460.460_L_Product_Info.pdf
  15. Hi Vasilis, I don't think your system has a hdd . Only on the facelift version they have implemented that as far as i am aware and that will be from 2010.
  16. I had the same experience with the Cataclean on a Vauxhall Astra 1.6 and it passed me the MOT on emission after the first bottle .
  17. Hi , SGS engineering did one for me when i had the GS and it costed about £50 so give them a try .
  18. Hi Jack, I suggest you to go an do a valuation on the . Pay the £3.95 fee for a professional one where you can actually put your correct mileage and all the extras . This is what i did when i was in a very similar situation like you as i read somewhere that this is what the insurers use for their valuations. So i told them i did the valuation and i have a certificate from the website that says the real value of the car and that will be minimum accepted . They called me back in a few minutes and accepted my quote.
  19. Hi Eric, First i would like to say congrats for your new acquisition , it looks amazing . I always fancied the cl's . Even if you have changed the brand , when you have some time i would appreciate if you could write a few words about the running costs for it and how do you find it. Kind regards, Adrian
  20. Hi Extream , Sorry for the late reply but i just arrived back in the country a few hours ago . I am based in Billericay if you want to give it a try.
  21. Gs300 O2 Sensor Part Number.....

    I would suggest you to also check for an exhaust leak at the gaskets between the first cats and second cats. If you see any black are near the gaskets it means you have a leak and that will trigger a fault code.
  22. Hi Duncan, You can try Westfield Motors in Rayleigh.
  23. You're welcome Ryan. Glad that i could help and i hope everything will be sorted.
  24. Hi Ryan, Your car has VGRS ( Variable gear ratio steering) and by this means that your steering wheel is not actually connected to any steering box or shaft so it can be disconnected from the wheels for example with the toyota tech stream , the original toyota scanner and realign the steering wheel correctly by turn maximum left, maximum right , put it in the center and reconnect again to the wheels , all is done via the scanner . I suppose if you go to a lexus dealer they will be able to this for you . It is quite a simple procedure and it would not take more than 5 minutes. If you have any trip to Essex i can help you with it.
  25. Bluewater Meet

    Dylan you've left your window open at the Porsche .