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  1. Im defo interested if you have a price in mind
  2. alanuk

    Tow bar

    Looking for a tow bar for an is220d pme if anyone has one for sale
  3. Looking for a tow bar for a 2007 is220d. Contacted all suppliers in UK they then. Contact the manufacturers and come back with theres non in stock and they have been told chances are they will be discontinued. So looling to see if anyone has one for sale
  4. Hi guys do you know where to get replacement shim kit and especially the clip that holds the pins in place. I was changing my pads and discs and it must have snapped of since my breaking was vibrating and pads where empty
  5. Hi guys im looking at buying the sat nav unit.and wondering what do I need apart from the unit itself. currentley have standard system billy basic model. ( didnt kbow upgrades when sorcing) no reverse sensors or cameras etc . Is it straight forward fit or do I need wires for sat nav gps etc
  6. Ye best car iv owned yet.comfort style pretige interior even wen its cream carpets and cloth audio system and iv spent thousands on custom builds in the past.yet I drive it like its about to break.
  7. Im thinking about it.ive a few car park dings plus rear of car was bumped by a van just scrapes and bit bumper melted with friction not bad but I can see it all front of car full of stone chips anyway. What you pay all in
  8. Only option is it chipped.i have mines done.had it about 8 months now mpg good response good lag really improved.
  9. Are you saying lexus did the job for free. Luckily iv had nay problems on my 2007 220d. Its chipped ( trust me theres a diffrence ). Used bk 244 aswell. Mpg on my 100 mile trip to work at 60mph in cruise control the odd 6th gear and I can get average 47mpg to 50 plus. Apart from the few car park dings which dent places wount touch because theres possibly slight cracking of paint. Im a happy wee lad with iy. ( mods planned once morgage sorted. I dont use the car when home due to short journeys I use the wife C4 leob.
  10. Did they respray the kit aswell.aldo did they debadge for you.and also how much was the conversion
  11. Veey interesting to know.importing isnt cheap
  12. Well I hope it wount take that long and at 35 quid an hour I dont think I can grumble.once springs are on twin exit inbound
  13. I think lexus are taking the ***** on labour costs lol.ill get my springs orderd and get my local garage to install
  14. You might need adjusted for mot.i had hid on my mazda failed mot coz of it pain in the *****.if it fails mot take them out for it then put back in after
  15. Hi guys what price did people pay to have the springs installed. A local garage is charging 35 quid an hour says 2 hours work but if less he will charge less. He just charged the missus 30 quid to install fron break discs and pads which we supplied. Would have done our selfs but the caliper bolt was rounded. Im not touching springs dont have the tools.