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  1. Is 200 Clocks

    i didnt try piece them back together to be honest i just presumed it would be easier to get new clocks
  2. Is 200 Clocks

    i took mine out trying to bling them up lol was putting a chrome and black surround but ended up falling off the shelf i had it stored on in the kitchen and smashed off the tiles lol , i dont think it will adjust to my current mileage as said above so worst case scenario i buy a high mileage set and get it adjusted but would like to save that hassle if possible
  3. Is 200 Clocks

    anyone ?? having no luck here in ireland
  4. Is 200 Clocks

    i need new clocks for my 00 is200 my current mileage is quite low at 82xxx so would like to go as close as i can too that , would need to be posted to ireland if seller is from uk thanks
  5. Standard Wheel Offsett

    i know how far i canpush the offsetts to get a flush look i ran a 9j rear with et35 and 8j front with et32 on my altezza and that was pretty much max the rear needed a smal bit of arch rolling and camber but was perfect my proble is i dont know what i ave to begin with ha bolt on spacers start at 20mm so i dont want to get them and find out im too wide other option is extended studs and slip on spacers for below 20mm
  6. anyone know the offsett of the standard wheels the ones in pic below , had the rim off cant see any markings , im basically looking to see how much i can space them out i dont like them hiding in the arches . thanks , robbed the pic from here too
  7. Turbo Manifold Is200

    was on the look myself for awile and gave up ha , if you find anything for resonable money do tell us :)
  8. A 'beauty' Off A Is200

    id nearly buy it to burn it its just wrong on so many levels
  9. just fited my whole kit and tiger seal is the only job , double sided tape will eventually come off just be carefull with it as said above once it on its pretty much not coming off
  10. Meets In Ireland (Cork)

    im from cork myself :) ill sell you a welded diff to if ya like ha im taking mine out over weekend going back standard
  11. my harness was chopped by previous owner so i need the plugs that go into the standard bottom loading cd player and a small bit of the harness itself so i can join to my own any help appreciated
  12. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    ill stick too my lowering springs thanks ha ha , very cool ,but i could think of so much more to get for the car for 3000 pounds ,id have her turbo but thats just me
  13. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    how much did that set you back ?
  14. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    what bumper is that ?? where did you get the halo lights they look very well
  15. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    I've just brought one of Ebay, there a genuine Lexus Part too, from Japan by the looks of the instuctions. Can pull the item No or Ebay seller if you li ke. which one did you get ,and price ? thanks