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  1. Is200 Ebel Watch

    Just coming back to this any one around these days that might know a bit more?
  2. Hello. It's sad to think about it but inevitably there will come a day when my IS200 will no longer be feasible to keep on the road. As I've enjoyed owning and modifying it so much I've decided to buy a few mementos that I can keep long after its gone. My most recent being a watch I bought from eBay supposedly made by Ebel. Can any one shed any more light on this particular watch? There is nothing on the watch as far as I can see that admits to it being made by Ebel whereas another watch I bought clearly says that it was made by House Of Watches. From my basic googling it would appear that there were 5 groups of 1000 of the Ebel type made: group A,B,C,D,E would this refer to each year the IS200 was sold? Is this also the case with the House of watches type? I understand what I'm asking may not be common knowledge especially for a very specific item that is now 10 years old, but any information any one has will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Front Strut Mount

    Hello, long story short, one of the bolts on my NSF strut mounts have snapped off. It's been mentioned that the remaining part of the bolt can be "punched out" and replaced with another M8 bolt. Is this done with some force or are the bolts loose within the mount when unfastened. I'm guessing that the whole strut would need to be removed and the spring compressed to be able to get at it.
  4. Hi just got my engine bay dressed up with an anodised cooling plate, battery bar an a shed load of dessing bolts.
  5. Water Leaking

    Cool thank you for putting my mind at rest. I guess it makes sense, that spout there was obviously by design. Just never saw it before lol
  6. Hi there just noticed a bit of a puddleof water just under the front passanger wheel. A bit strange as we've not had any rain for almost 2 weeks here. Jacked the car up a bit to have a look and seems to be coming out a lil spout. Whats going down there?
  7. Hello, Today I fitted a blue LED dash kit and it looks great. While doing so I thought it would be nice to also change a couple of the other bulbs like the SNOW mode light. From reading around I know I cant make it blue because it has an amber lens, but it's said that a red LED would shine through ok. I took out the SNOW mode light thinking it was the same fitting as the blue LED's that I'd just installed to the dash but no they are a bit different. The bulbs don't seem to come away from the twist fit housing so I'm assuming I need to find a complete led bulb and housing like the Neo wedges I've had a bit of time searching on Google and I cant say I'm 100% sure what the fitting for the SNOW light actually is. Could some one please let me know the fitment I'm looking for so I don't order the wrong one. I took a pic of it here:
  8. Yeah saw that one too, but he had already sold the spoiler from it. Though I have now managed to get hold of a boot lid with the same spoiler as that green one. It's a genuine spoiler and has a couiple of wires hanging off it for the break light. Hopefully it will connect somewhere on the loom, guess not hard to mod if not. Its silver colour and a bit tatty but the guy at the body shop said they can get it looking good as new. So I guess in a few days they'll have it painted and ready to fit. Ill upload some picutres once its done.
  9. South West Meet

    Did you guys have the meet already? From Weymouth here would be cool to hook up with other lexus people
  10. That guy is me. Had a bit of a hit and run issue, have sent you a PM
  11. yeah not a bad price that one but I would also need a boot handle as mines cracked plus the left number plate light is gone. Gonna hold out for a more complete lid and with spoiler if possible. Had a chance to call a few guys on ebay yesterday but most have gone already. I'll give it another week of being picky and if nothing turns up I'll settle for bog standard and just get it done. I'm still proper mad about it, just wish i knew who the bugger was who hit it.
  12. Today I parked my car outside a clients house in a quiet residential area. When I came back I found a nasty dent in the boot lid plus a scuff on the top of the rear bumper. No one left a contact number or insurance detail, literally nothing. I've taken it to a body shop and they said I'm going to need a replacement boot lid. The bumper they can sort out but will cost £150, it will also be another £150 to respray the replacement boot lid if its not the same colour. GRRRRRR I've had a look around eBay and they seem to vary in price a bit. My IS200 is a 2002 SE model will any boot lid fit or were there any variations over the time of production? I have always wanted a spoiler on the back so the only silver lining would be getting hold of a boot lid from one of the sport models, if of course that would be possible. Here's a picture of the dent, I've touched up the exposed metal since so does not look as bad as it did:
  13. Hks Oil Filter

    I'll stick with the oem filter then I think, thanks guys
  14. Hks Oil Filter

    Hi there, While looking for some service parts for my IS200 that's coming up to its 60k I noticed HKS produce an oil filter that claims a 30% improvement. Any one used one and noticed any improvement?
  15. Work Cr-Kai Is200

    Thanks :) yeah I'm really pleased with them, can't stop looking out of the window that faces our driveway.