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  1. marsis

    New/old Lexus owner IS200

    yes,but maybe they d't mind about fueling
  2. marsis

    Is300 power steering

    hi,i used slick 50 from halford,2 bottles,and stopped my licking PS and improves a bit manoeuvrability
  3. marsis

    What Have You Done To Your Car Today ?

    I changed myself cooling fluid,PS.fluid,gear box and diff oil,air and pollen filters ...I try to figure how to bleed hydraulic{or replace fluid}clutch...maybe same one here did it
  4. hi,if they give to you 3 yr warranty should be fine...
  5. hi,you could try and this site-www.light in the you have to pay and custom fee,i have aCCTVsistem with 4 cameras,for house and work well,up to you,good luck
  6. hi all,I had replaced already the belt and d't get better the steering,with nothing ,so I believe like Steve ,replacing the PS liquid could be a cheap try,I will do with mine when I will figure how to do...on my previous car,a 323 mazda was pretty simple ,flush the liquid true a dawn positioned pipe and refill with new liquid and with engine on steering the wheel left and right few times,that was all
  7. welcome to lexus,to forum,and for all...a nice HAPPY CRISTMAS time
  8. marsis

    First Major Repair

    good to you...and I seen on my air con. system,after I went on 7000 km.trip,like with air con.on auto stiil was worm inside plus a bad burned smel idea what could be,possible room I will make her a full service on lexus....with air con. on ,manual,freeze my legs,whatever they would finded the problem....
  9. marsis

    Codes Scanner

    thanks I d't need to remove any panel ,that's great
  10. marsis

    Codes Scanner

    experimenting yes,nothing wrong with my car...previous car,a mazda 323 make my crazy with flashing passenger airbag light,that was the reason to sell it after,...and you never d't know when you or a friend needed...and is not that expensive...50 euros...I think,thanks for replay well I find on that site a chip tuning for who want more responsive engine power...might be interesting for same lads
  11. marsis

    Codes Scanner

    sorry,did will be compatible with my is 200,my English is not the best...I still work on it ,and were is located on car the plug for scanner...thanks
  12. hi,I found to buy a scanner OBD2/EOBD from a site,after some searching I think the protocol for is 200 is ISO9141...did it is correct this , and were is located the car connection[plug in] with it....
  13. marsis

    New Windscreen

    hi to all,i bought my is200 one year ago with Pilkington windscreen ,was fine until 2 months ago when appear tiny scratches on it maybe from dust...I don't have ideea,but make me nervous...
  14. bravo...that is perfect reprezentation...thanks