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  1. looking at your problem have you checked the hybrid safety battery plug, apparently the Hybrid battery safety plug could be somehow loose and not connecting properly, check this video out. Please be careful though as the Hybrid battery system is very high voltage.
  2. Really sorry to hear your problem. A pal of mine with a GS300 took his car to Lexus with issues similar to yours, 12 weeks later and £2,500 lighter he got his car back. Lexus stripped it down and then could not get it to start, new Electronic key/security units etc etc had to come from Japan. if you can find a good Indy on Lexus in your area why not try there first.
  3. You can get online manuals here FOC 430 &year=2004&type=omms
  4. It looks like this is the SE version there are differences in the SE-L version drop down screen in the rear etc etc, it seems a lot of money for an SE version.
  5. I Hate to be a doom monger but whatever you do don't take it to Lexus. A pal of mine with a GS300 did take his car to Lexus with a remote issue like yours, 12 weeks later and £2,500 lighter he got his car back. Lexus stripped it down and then could not get it to start, new CPU's etc etc had to come from Japan. if you can put up with it then do so, otherwise it could cost a Bomb
  6. If you talk to Lexus they say they haven't changed Hybrid batteries. What they don't say though is that the components running the Hybrid systems are prone to failure, I had a GS 450H and the inverter DC/AC device failed. At first Lexus said they couldn't diagnose the fault because the Hybrid transmission ECU had failed and needed replacing; after this was done they said they were now able to tell the Inverter had failed. When asked to refit the old ECU they said this was not possible as it had now been coded to that car. The combination of the ECU and the Inverter was a very expensive learning curve BEWARE of Hybrids stick to the large normally aspirated LS's
  7. A 430 owner from Scotland who needed the AWD because his location.
  8. IMHO the 460 SE-L was and may still be one of the best large saloon cars ever made, add to this the AWD which completed the package. It just never seemed to be the right thing to do to tow a caravan with this magnificent car.
  9. Well after some 25 years of owning a Lexus which were a 400, 2 430's, a GS450H and my magnificent AWD 460 SE-L I am Now Lexus Less. Having bought a touring caravan I was never going to fit a towbar to the 460 so it's had to go. Good luck to you all out there enjoy your Lexus's or Lexi however you wish to describe them.
  10. What year is the 430? I have an old unit I took out of an 03 car, it has a couple of lines across the screen when switched on.
  11. You can get an online manual free from here
  12. I'm not sure if this link has been posted before but I came across it today on the Lexus Media Site: LS460UKlaunchpack2006.pdf
  13. That's an interesting site, for some time I have been trying to get definitive information as to if my car is the only LS460 AWD. Looking it up it seems to stack up, the last 460's came in in 09 and it is only showing 1 throughout the report.
  14. Yes Pete thanks for that your right, the topic I posted was some time ago and the links might not be relevant anymore, the system works great though.