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  1. lexus707

    Refurb wheels

    These guys do exchange wheels
  2. Scythe It's ok you can get up now see my post
  3. It appears that I have got the only All Wheel Drive (AWD) Lexus 460 SE-L in the U.K. well according to Lexus Manchester that is. I am not asking what price it may fetch I'm just interested to know your views on: What would be the % uplift in price terms be against the standard Rear Wheel Drive Version? And what do you think the % uplift might be in terms of its uniqueness? looking forward to a lively debate.
  4. Malc, Nice car the Legend I looked at those, but went for an Audi A8 Quattro in the end, nice car but not an LS. Derek
  5. Jonathan, If your preference is to the normally aspirated 4.6 SE-L rather than the Hybrid 600 have you considered the 460 SE-L All Wheel Drive version (AWD) There very rare here in the U.K. I have one and the benefits are immense in winter conditions especially compared to the standard rear wheel drive when trying to put 380 odd BHP through the rear wheels in slippery conditions. The AWD also gives other benefits such as a heated steering wheel, updated battery and heater core. Derek
  6. lexus707

    Motor1 review of 2018 LS500H

    LS500 Nasty looking inside and out, not my idea of an LS. looks like something Gaudi dreamt up. I'll stick with my AWD LS460 for now.
  7. Maybe a bit late but here's my take on it
  8. I believe it hooks up to any Bluetooth phone see for more details
  9. Wow never thought of using the tape deck with Bluetooth, let us know if it works
  10. Just been out to the car and tried audio from YouTube and it works fine
  11. Not trying to teach a granny how to suck eggs, but are you driving it in sports mode?
  12. Nice colour, who did the wrap for you?