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  1. Motor1 review of 2018 LS500H

    LS500 Nasty looking inside and out, not my idea of an LS. looks like something Gaudi dreamt up. I'll stick with my AWD LS460 for now.
  2. Maybe a bit late but here's my take on it
  3. I realise this topic has had a wide range of discussion for pre 2010 models, but I thought I would throw my penny worth in. Having reviewed many systems that involved taking apart the dash, which I was loath to do, I have just finished installing a BlackBerry Music Gateway Bluetooth Audio Adapter. Inside the arm rest is a 12v supply and a 3.5mm audio jack: You need to buy a 12v mini USB like this And most important a ground loop isolator like this Plug the USB adapter into the 12v socket Use the supplied blackberry USB to mini USB cable for power Plug the supplied blackberry 3.5 jack cable into the blackberry unit Plug the other end into the ground loop isolator And then plug the ground loop isolator 3.5mm jack into the aux port Turn on the ignition and pair your phone to the blackberry Select the Aux system from the disc/aux button Start music on your phone and hey presto it works like a charm, all your music through the wonderful Lexus speakers. The system stops when you turn the ignition off and auto starts when you put the ignition back on. Also if you have a virtual assistant like the iPhone Siri, by holding the home button down you can tell it to start whatever Album/artist/track you want and it will play that for you, and will shuffle, pause the music etc For a demo watch
  4. I believe it hooks up to any Bluetooth phone see for more details
  5. Wow never thought of using the tape deck with Bluetooth, let us know if it works
  6. Just been out to the car and tried audio from YouTube and it works fine
  7. Not trying to teach a granny how to suck eggs, but are you driving it in sports mode?
  8. All Wheel Drive 460 SE-L: Couldn't think of any another car I wanted so to feel like a have a new car I had it wrapped from original silver to dark blue. its growing on me.
  9. Nice colour, who did the wrap for you?
  10. When I bought it from Lexus Manchester they said it maybe the only AWD 460 SE-L in the U.K. but that could have been a tempter to get me to buy it. Anyhow whatever it maybe, the car is amazing and now it's wrapped it should protect it for some years.
  11. As I said: from £1,300 that's for the outside of the car, each door shut etc costs an additional £100 Venom wraps are a small business and as yet do not charge VAT
  12. 3M state 7 years. But given the fact that the car is garaged and covered, it's probably as long as a piece of string
  13. The car is the same just a different number plate. Wrapping is applying a vinyl to the car instead of re painting. Go to: this will give you all the information you need.
  14. Venom Wraps did it cost from £1,300 although I had all the doors inside the bonnet, boot etc done.
  15. Sorry, photos deleted and re uploaded, try again
  16. A number of Lexus engine types are subject to engine noise at startup, below is the response from my local Lexus dealer. We suspect the noise was where the oil has drained out of the VVTi gears causing a slight chatter until the oil pressure increases. There is a specific fault code relating to the VVTi gear which is not present on your vehicle. However the noise we heard was due to lack of oil in the VVTi gear so we would recommend the replacement of these. The estimate for repair would be £2106.31inc which is broken down to £1086.75+vat in labour and £668.50+vat in parts. The case was logged by with Customer Relations at Lexus, ref xxxxxxxx but falls outside any goodwill. As a side note the 07 GS450 had to have a new hybrid drive gearbox that with the engine noise leads me to advise stay clear of 06 to 08 GS450's
  17. Engine Noise At Startup

    Hi, I currently have a LS430, having just got rid off a 07 GS450H that had the problem with the VVTI gears. The purpose of my blogging this issue is that I was about to buy a 07 LS460 when I found that owners were having the same problem. My car stands idle for long periods of a time and I don't want it to sound like a tractor when it starts. Here is a link to my video of the noise.