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  1. I Hate to be a doom monger but whatever you do don't take it to Lexus. A pal of mine with a GS300 did take his car to Lexus with a remote issue like yours, 12 weeks later and £2,500 lighter he got his car back. Lexus stripped it down and then could not get it to start, new CPU's etc etc had to come from Japan.

    if you can put up with it then do so, otherwise it could cost a Bomb

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  2. If you talk to Lexus they say they haven't changed Hybrid batteries. What they don't say though is that the components running the Hybrid systems are prone to failure, I had a GS 450H and the inverter DC/AC device failed. At first Lexus said they couldn't diagnose the fault because the Hybrid transmission ECU had failed and needed replacing; after this was done they said they were now able to tell the Inverter had failed. When asked to refit the old ECU they said this was not possible as it had now been coded to that car.

    The combination of the ECU and the Inverter was a very expensive learning curve BEWARE of Hybrids stick to the large normally aspirated LS's

  3. 6 hours ago, Farqui said:

    This shows counts of registered LS600's in the UK;✓&q=lexus+ls600&commit=Search

    That's an interesting site, for some time I have been trying to get definitive information as to if my car is the only LS460 AWD. Looking it up it seems to stack up, the last 460's came in in 09 and it is only showing 1 throughout the report.


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  4. Not going down that far but going to Beer in Devon next week for a rare outing in the 460.

    The Mem Sahib will probably sit in the back with the front seat passenger seat folded and pushed forward, the Sun shades up, and reclined in the seat. The good news is She won't ask "are we there yet" as I can lower the rear screen and have the satnav on for her.

    looking forward to another outing in this most sumptuous limousine.

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  5. On 7/29/2018 at 11:05 AM, jpjsavage said:

    I spoke to the guy this morning. He has had the car for two months and is downsizing to work on a new project Golf GTI. 

    The car has a good service history but it is mostly from Arnold Clark (the garage where the previous owner of 15 years took the car regularly). Service book is all stamped up but he said there was a lack of receipts (the previous owner didn't keep them). 

    He's sending me the reg so I can check the MOT history. 

    The cam belt change etc wasn't done at Lexus but by a reputable garage in Glasgow. Again, further details to follow. 

    He said that the car is in good shape, no bumps or creaks from the suspension etc. 

    He's also going to send me some more photos of the odd marks etc around the car. So, will have a look at those before making a decision re. a single or return ticket! Or no ticket at all!

    On a more personal note, that mica green is probably the one colour I wouldn't have chosen and I prefer the lighter interior. So, that's two negatives. Having said that, I don't think it would stop me buying it as finding one of these in good condition at a reasonable price is getting harder and harder. 

    In summary:

    LS600 - love the look and toys; boot is ridiculously small and would make life difficult for me carting music gear around;

    LS460 - given increased mileage I'm doing I'd worry about fuel costs;

    LS430 - never really fancied one, don't like the shape.

    LS400 - had two of these Mark iVs and really enjoyed them so I'm erring towards one of these. 

    All that said, I absolutely love my Honda Accord 3.0 V6 (picked up for £900 a couple of years ago) and, apart from servicing, tyres and nice new stainless steel exhaust, has cost me nothing. 

    As mentioned previously, I'm not the most decisive when it comes to cars but thanks for the advice anyway 🙂


    you got me thinking about fuel consumption on the various models so I looked this up

    Lexus Fuel consumption V

    400 Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 10.9 l/100 km.

    430Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 11.4 l/100 km.

    460 Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 11.1 l/100 km.

    600Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 9.5 l/100 km.




  6. 9 hours ago, Ben01 said:

    You probably don't believe me and I am not sure now, but I think I was once the passanger in Toyota Century, like on the picture. Once I worked in Japan, like a month, it was danish-japanese joint-venture, some factories, engineering, etc. It is long story, but its critical part was involving a few of people, a lot of sake and karaoke and strange food, and next day I got such hangover chief engineer sent me to the hotel. Point is, they did not call a cab, but simple put me in chairman's car, stand-by at the factory, available at the moment (hotel was close, other side of Tokorozawa). And I think it was this Century, interior looks strangely familiar. But I was too seek to remember exactly... 😁

    Ha! Do believe you been there done that.

    You learn after a while they take you out to get you ****** so you can't work the next day, gives them an opportunity to catch up with there own work and away from pesky foreigners for the day.

    Lovely country though and they make great cars.

  7. Took the 460 AWD for one of its rare days out yesterday to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Great day weather fantastic and looked at some great cars.

    The only downside though was I went on the Lexus stand to look at the new LS. The promo guy was of course very enthusiastic about the car, and I listened intently to his speal, that was until he got to the door inserts, which have cut glass inlaid in them, which I personally found somewhat over bling and something the car did not need.

    I leave it to you guys on the verdict.




  8. On 02/05/2018 at 7:49 AM, lexus707 said:

    Well I did say I wanted a lively debate. On the contrary Malc unlike the Honda that has individual clutched components the system on the 460 is a standard Torsen system as used by Audi in their Quattro. I understand that Toyota hold the license to the Torsen system. When the car went in for service at Lexus I asked the very question you posed and they said that although they hadn't seen it on a 460 the system was well known to them.


    47 minutes ago, Malc said:

    quite honestly, i think just about a zero uplift ............. for when it goes awry there's going to be a helluva issue getting someone, even at Lexus to fix the problems.

    I'm thinking that your AWD will be totally different to any other Toyota/Lexus AWD in the UK .  but if I'm wrong then I guess you mat see some slight uplift in value.

    BUT it's quite usual that add-ons with a secondhand limo really hardly add value to the price achievable.


    However, my AWD on the Honda Legend is a common feature and absolutely any Honda main dealer will be able to fix it :whistling1: 



  9. It appears that I have got the only All Wheel Drive (AWD) Lexus 460 SE-L in the U.K. well according to Lexus Manchester that is.

    I am not asking what price it may fetch I'm just interested to know your views on:

    What would be the % uplift in price terms be against the standard Rear Wheel Drive Version?

    And what do you think the % uplift might be in terms of its uniqueness?

    looking forward to a lively debate.




  10. 25 minutes ago, Malc said:

    very lucky indeed ...........  I used the AWD on my Honda Legend the other day ..........  unknowingly driving through slightly flooded roads, reaching the point of " no return " with a really deep water level across the whole road width and seeing another car coming towards me from a really deep muddy boggy area alongside I decided no option but to follow in his deep furrows in the mud :w00t:

    My Ls400 would just never have got through it all, any of it,  BUT the AWD on the Legend came into play and she performed like a country Landrover just whistling through the deep mud without a murmur ...........  the Lexus Ls AWD must surely be a great vehicle. :yes: 

    Wonder why they only sold the single beast in the UK :unsure: 


    Malc, Nice car the Legend I looked at those, but went for an Audi A8 Quattro in the end, nice car but not an LS.


  11. 37 minutes ago, scythe said:


    Hi Derek,

    "I have one" isn't quite accurate.  If you have one, then "I have the one" would be more accurate.  Only one AWD was ever sold by Lexus in the UK, and it seems that you're the lucky person!

    : o )


    38 minutes ago, scythe said:


    Your "I have the one" could be a more accurate statement. At first I just thought it was Lexus Manchester's sales talk trying to convince me to buy the car.

    Having had a 400, 2 430's and a 450H I moved to an Audi A8 Quattro for a winter High Alpine trip, it was a nice car but not an LS so I was a sucker when I saw the LS AWD for sale at Lexus Manchester. 

    You "say only one was ever sold by Lexus in the U.K." Do you have any more info on this?

    The problem I have now is that I'm not using it enough just under 3k last year.


    Hi Derek,

    "I have one" isn't quite accurate.  If you have one, then "I have the one" would be more accurate.  Only one AWD was ever sold by Lexus in the UK, and it seems that you're the lucky person!

    : o )


  12. On 30/03/2018 at 2:04 PM, jpjsavage said:


    Hi everyone, what with taking my daughter around her extensive swimming commitments, I'm wanting to find a nice LS460 or 600 to replace my ageing but trustworthy Honda. So, if anyone knows of a nice privately owned car that might come up or it up for sale I'm in the market again!


    I really enjoyed this forum when is was a member a few years ago with my two LS400s. If think about buying one of those again but at the moment I'm thinking that a newer car might be fun. I'm open to being persuaded though!


    Please keep me in mind if you see anything that might be suitable. Thanks all.


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    If your preference is to the normally aspirated 4.6 SE-L rather than the Hybrid 600 have you considered the 460 SE-L All Wheel Drive version (AWD) 

    There very rare here in the U.K. I have one and the benefits are immense in winter conditions especially compared to the standard rear wheel drive when trying to put 380 odd BHP through the rear wheels in slippery conditions. The AWD also gives other benefits such as a heated steering wheel, updated Battery and heater core.