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  1. I'm not sure if this link has been posted before but I came across it today on the Lexus Media Site: LS460UKlaunchpack2006.pdf
  2. That's an interesting site, for some time I have been trying to get definitive information as to if my car is the only LS460 AWD. Looking it up it seems to stack up, the last 460's came in in 09 and it is only showing 1 throughout the report.
  3. Yes Pete thanks for that your right, the topic I posted was some time ago and the links might not be relevant anymore, the system works great though.
  4. Not going down that far but going to Beer in Devon next week for a rare outing in the 460. The Mem Sahib will probably sit in the back with the front seat passenger seat folded and pushed forward, the Sun shades up, and reclined in the seat. The good news is She won't ask "are we there yet" as I can lower the rear screen and have the satnav on for her. looking forward to another outing in this most sumptuous limousine.
  5. Yes sorry good spot ignore my ramblings probably had a senior moment
  6. Jonathan, you got me thinking about fuel consumption on the various models so I looked this up Lexus Fuel consumption V 400 Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 10.9 l/100 km. 430Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 11.4 l/100 km. 460 Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 11.1 l/100 km. 600Fuel consumption (economy) - combined 9.5 l/100 km. Derek
  7. Took the 460 AWD for one of its rare days out yesterday to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Great day weather fantastic and looked at some great cars. The only downside though was I went on the Lexus stand to look at the new LS. The promo guy was of course very enthusiastic about the car, and I listened intently to his speal, that was until he got to the door inserts, which have cut glass inlaid in them, which I personally found somewhat over bling and something the car did not need. I leave it to you guys on the verdict.
  8. Ha! Do believe you been there done that. You learn after a while they take you out to get you ****** so you can't work the next day, gives them an opportunity to catch up with there own work and away from pesky foreigners for the day. Lovely country though and they make great cars.
  9. lexus707

    Refurb wheels

    These guys do exchange wheels
  10. Scythe It's ok you can get up now see my post
  11. It appears that I have got the only All Wheel Drive (AWD) Lexus 460 SE-L in the U.K. well according to Lexus Manchester that is. I am not asking what price it may fetch I'm just interested to know your views on: What would be the % uplift in price terms be against the standard Rear Wheel Drive Version? And what do you think the % uplift might be in terms of its uniqueness? looking forward to a lively debate.
  12. Malc, Nice car the Legend I looked at those, but went for an Audi A8 Quattro in the end, nice car but not an LS. Derek
  13. Jonathan, If your preference is to the normally aspirated 4.6 SE-L rather than the Hybrid 600 have you considered the 460 SE-L All Wheel Drive version (AWD) There very rare here in the U.K. I have one and the benefits are immense in winter conditions especially compared to the standard rear wheel drive when trying to put 380 odd BHP through the rear wheels in slippery conditions. The AWD also gives other benefits such as a heated steering wheel, updated battery and heater core. Derek
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    Motor1 review of 2018 LS500H

    LS500 Nasty looking inside and out, not my idea of an LS. looks like something Gaudi dreamt up. I'll stick with my AWD LS460 for now.
  15. Maybe a bit late but here's my take on it
  16. I realise this topic has had a wide range of discussion for pre 2010 models, but I thought I would throw my penny worth in. Having reviewed many systems that involved taking apart the dash, which I was loath to do, I have just finished installing a BlackBerry Music Gateway Bluetooth Audio Adapter. Inside the arm rest is a 12v supply and a 3.5mm audio jack: You need to buy a 12v mini USB like this And most important a ground loop isolator like this Plug the USB adapter into the 12v socket Use the supplied blackberry USB to mini USB cable for power Plug the supplied blackberry 3.5 jack cable into the blackberry unit Plug the other end into the ground loop isolator And then plug the ground loop isolator 3.5mm jack into the aux port Turn on the ignition and pair your phone to the blackberry Select the Aux system from the disc/aux button Start music on your phone and hey presto it works like a charm, all your music through the wonderful Lexus speakers. The system stops when you turn the ignition off and auto starts when you put the ignition back on. Also if you have a virtual assistant like the iPhone Siri, by holding the home button down you can tell it to start whatever Album/artist/track you want and it will play that for you, and will shuffle, pause the music etc For a demo watch
  17. I believe it hooks up to any Bluetooth phone see for more details
  18. Wow never thought of using the tape deck with Bluetooth, let us know if it works
  19. Just been out to the car and tried audio from YouTube and it works fine
  20. Not trying to teach a granny how to suck eggs, but are you driving it in sports mode?