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  1. Hi all. I dropped a £1 down by the seat belt buckle and can't get it back out. How do you remove the rear seat?
  2. Good morning everybody. Has anyone else found that the straps and holdings in the boot have broken? IS300h

  3. Wheel Spacers - IS300h

    I am considering this too, as the wheels, for me, are not close enough to look flush with the lines of the car. Yes. They are a SAXO owners wet dream and I completely agree with most of the comments that these cars should be left alone. I also wish to lower the car by 10mm , again, as I think the ride height is a touch too high. Get your car on a flat piece of ground, level too. Get a piece of string or a plumb bob and hold the string from the inner lip of the wheel arch (To ensure you don't risk rubbing the arch when you bring the wheel out) then measure the distance from the string to the wheel (maybe 10mm.) This is the size spacer you need to get. Check the different types, you may need a hubcentric spacer with it's own threads. Check the thread measurement, I believe they are M.12 x 1.5. Check the extending thread currently on the hub assembly doesn't foul the wheel and stop the spacers from connecting with the wheel correctly. All going well, fit the wheel and enjoy a slightly wider track that will have a minimal improvement on the handling as you will be 2cm wider now, watch out for curbs and contact your insurance provider. There will be a change. not much, but best to notify them encase something happens, related or unrelated, they will find a way to get out of paying if they can.
  4. How to remove the rear seats

    Only on the Drivers side, though?
  5. Good afternoon all. Is anyone attending JapFest at Donington in July? I'm going with another club and would like to meet some of you if you're going. Stuart
  6. How to remove the rear seats

    At least I know how easy it is to take out, I'll vacuum over the week. Off to Donington on Saturday, so that £1.10 will come in handy for extra petrol money. 😂
  7. How to remove the rear seats

    Completed and WOOHOO me. £1.10. That was much easier than I thought.
  8. How to remove the rear seats

    Lol. Just about to try it now.
  9. Good morning all. How easy (what do I need to do) is it to removed the boot liner to access the lights to replace a bulb? I have a reverse bulb out 🙁
  10. Replacing rear light bulbs

    Darn it! You're right. . . . Thank you for telling me. I'll now try and return these bulbs.
  11. Replacing rear light bulbs

    What!?! There's only 1 reversing light?
  12. Replacing rear light bulbs

    Cheers guys. A pair of bosch 955's are ready to go in. Will tackle this over the weekend.
  13. Hi all. I picked up my 13 plate IS300H Premium on Jan 5th and am finding that getting above 42 MPG seems difficult on my commute and work travels. How is everyone else getting on?
  14. I've had my IS300H Premium since January and have just come back from my 60,000 mile service. Anyone else finding that they are curbing their wheels more than their previous car? I had a first gen IS200 SportCross before this and I assume the track must be a bit wider than my old car. It hurts me everytime I've done it. Lol. Getting it booked in for a 4 wheel refurbished soon.
  15. IS300H Looking Good

    Yeah, the Welshouse roads aren't good. Lol. Im only 13 miles from my area of work and also do town driving for work, so I accept that my MPG is lower. I was quoted £408 to refurbishment 4 wheels, by Lexus Cardiff. To give you an idea
  16. IS300H Looking Good

    Totally. I need to remember and drive more cautiously.
  17. Real World MPG Figures

    Very well written @matt8 Time to stop worrying and start enjoying the car
  18. Real World MPG Figures

    Hi @paulrnx you're right. My concern was that my car was nearly 20mpg away from the official figures. I wanted to check if this was right. The 60,000 service has now been completed and I'm thinking that the extra weight and different tyre size on the Premium might be the issue in real world terms.
  19. Real World MPG Figures

    Checked the tyre pressures. They were 35 all round. I have just had a service, so Lexus probably put them back up. . I'm thinking the 225 fronts and 255 rears have an impact on reducing MPG. As does the extra weight of the premier. . . I will keep on looking at issues and hope that hotter weather helps the hybrid system. I will also revise driving habits
  20. Real World MPG Figures

    Thank you guys for all of your replies. Yes, as the weather is warming up, my display is showing an increasing average. I'm currently at 43.3 according to the car, but only 40.8 according to lol. I decreased my pressure to 30psi to provide a bit of comfort on my 225/35/18's, maybe i need to raise it back up to 34psi . . Yes, i try to drive smoothly and brake calmly and search for the EV where possible. The MPG is coming up, but I think the Premium is heavier than lower level cars due to the extra kit and features? So i am conscious of that too. I'm on Nexen tyres all round and they appear to have even wear at the moment. I'm gonna try Haida HD927's when it's time to change. I had these on my IS200 SportCross and would be looking forward to see how they compare on the IS300H. I have just passed my 60,000 mile service with flying colours, so i shall be picking up a bottle of Forte Advanced Gas Treatment for Petrol Engines to clean out any carbon deposits that may have built up. I am using Supermarket 95Octane. Is there any benefit from trying 97 or 99?
  21. Hi Colin. How did you get your fuelly hyperlink in your signature, I just deleted my old one and then realised I didn't know how to get the new one . . . 

  22. Real World MPG Figures

    My average since purchase is showing 42.2 MPG. But the 2 fuel ups are showing 38.6 and 42.1, so not sure what the car is thinking 😂
  23. Real World MPG Figures

    YAY! My post signature has returned . . . . . ^ 60,000 miles of driving the same route with my 2.0 litre Sportcross and I'm getting metter than the official figures. . . . was hoping for the same with the Hybrid, to be honest . . .
  24. Real World MPG Figures

    TwoZero3, I wonder whether the premium is heavier than others? or maybe there is an indication that, at 54000 miles, maybe there is a battery issue . . . . . I did a nonstop run to Swindon on Sunday, from South Wales. Best I could get was 42.6. this was with the cruise control on and trying to keep acceleration as smooth as possible. admittedly, the cruise control was at 71mph, It was wet and I did have the kids with me. But the kit and comfort is amazing. I'm just wondering whether there could be some gremlins in the works
  25. Real World MPG Figures

    Lol. Yeah, I came from the 2.0l is200, so no matter how soft a right foot I had, mpg didn't change. I need to find an inner calm and listen to the car.