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  1. Ls 430 Sunken Rear Suspension

    Hi all and thank you all for your advice and your kind offer IPWN. I have had a chance to spend the afternoon working on the car and have the following update. When the car is jacked up fully (each of 4 wheels) the front wheel hang down a long way from the car (as per normal) but the back wheels stay right up next to the wheel arches. The fuses and relays to the air suspension were tested and are definitely ok. I believe I found the air compressor for the suspension. If I am correct it is on front of the right front wheel just behind the bumper. It does not appear to be working at all. Why then are the front wheel not sunken as per the rear. If I remove the compressor could I test / verify that it is broken. What I do not want to do is to buy a new compressor and find that it is an ECU problem or similar.
  2. Ls 430 Sunken Rear Suspension

    Hi All, I have a 2001 LS 430 with air suspension. The suspension on the car never gave any problems whatsoever until I parked the car up for 12 months. When I restarted the car after this time the rear of the car was sunken to the ground and did not pump itself up as normal. I have been unsuccessful in trying to get anything to work. The fuses are fine, the relay is fine, the height sensors seem fine. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums Jackie Brambles :)