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  1. Interested in buying the salvage off you . Paul Lexus spares direct 

  2. That's one of mine that I'm selling ......
  3. Thankyou so very much for your kind words Roger, it's a pleasure to deal with you here at lexussparesdirect. Thankyou again
  4. LS430 2002 miss fire under load , revs limit

    Old school mate, been at it 26 years all though I stopped being "on the spanners" many years back. I HATE not knowing why somethings not doing what it should, a simple "just put a new one on" won't suffice, I am a technician, not a fitter. like you say though rare these days
  5. LS430 2002 miss fire under load , revs limit

    Ok fixed, 7.5 amp fuse EFI2 under bonnet popped, replaced drove great, then popped, and so on and so forth..... checked wiring, heat shield just before cat bank2 no. 2 chaffed through the wiring causing earth....... Bent heat shield out of the way. Put silicone on the chaffed wire...... Happy days .....
  6. Hi team, figured out why my car wouldn't Rev past 3000 rpm. 7.5 amp fuse under bonnet on right EFI2 . Throws the car and stalls it sometimes. any ideas where I can start? What's this control? 7.5 is a small fuse so it can't have a big draw....... really need to know where to start looking as it's obviously shorting out!!!! svhematic or correct advice would be great, hate electrics on cars so a difinitivr source would be great thankyou
  7. LS430 2002 miss fire under load , revs limit

    Going to swap the throttle body and TPS and throttle control first . Knock sensors under manifold, not a nice job. Easier to swap the throttle body off my other one first ...... Process of illimination
  8. LS430 2002 miss fire under load , revs limit

    Nope, so it's mechanical, possible cause fuel rail pressure regs?? going to put my throttle body assembly in from my other ls430..... At least it eliminates that
  9. LS430 2002 miss fire under load , revs limit

    Like you say could be anything. She's done 342k but, can't help believing it's something that's failed, as it wasn't s build up to it ie. Getting gradually worse.
  10. Hi team, pretty clued up with cars being a technician but I need your help. serviced the car 3k ago genuine parts, car ran lovely and vastly increased fuel economy. One day joining the motorway uphill , the car acted like it had hit its rev limiter at around 3000 rpm, eased off and the car ran fine. Anytime you put it under load, rather than my usual tootling about it acts like its hit the rev limiter with a very very noticeable bang bang bang, not literally but the engines trying to rev but it won't like it hitting the Rev limiter but at lower revs. If you don't accelerate harshly it's fine , but under load not help would be appreciated cheers
  11. Hi guys I own two ls430 . my latest 2001, has an odd issue. Stereo works from rear perfectly, but from front can't control volume or anything or from steering controls. Checked all fuses all is well just to clarify,,rear controls audio unit perfectly, front "radio" does bugger all nor does bass treble mid on nav display along with steering controls ...... Checked fuses in front foot wells all fine
  12. Hi guys , still got the ls430 2002 342k miles ....... But bought another lol nsf electric window and nsf central locking Inoperative any thoughts ??? does the mpx unit control both these features or should I be looking elsewhere ? also it's slammed to the ground and I think the rod in the par actuator for suspension levelling is snapped, I suspect that this being inoperative has caused the system to not communicate correctly .... Again any thoughts , it's only done 73k and got it for a steal but ain't breaking it .....
  13. Can somebody bring some light to this challenge of mine. very simple question fitting a parrot mki9200 to my 2002 ls430. I have purchased the main mki9200. What else do I need to fit it to the car...... I am getting loads of differing answers . I know I need a installation kit to wire direct the parrot wiring to the Lexus wiring in the trunk right hand side , but now they are on about running cables from front to back, anyone fitted one or got an invoice with the extra cables I need on . This is the cable I have so far to connect Amps etc to parrot .......
  14. Lexus ls430 vsc light and others reset

    I have to be honest it drives perfect. Need to replace front bottom arm rear bushes this week, I will do it myself . As for faults, I can honestly say it doesn't burn oil, water, transmission is bang on and , EVERY toy works in it...... I am running it on LS460 19 inch and it makes it look newer than it is. It's so quiet I can't hear it ticking over at the lights , smooth transmission change, in fact you don't notice it when it changes gear Its a lovely lovely car ,
  15. Lexus ls430 vsc light and others reset

    Pretty sure two things, vsv valve got disconnected and also changed lambda sens bank 2