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  1. chumbawumba

    Where To Buy Supercharger Kits..?

    Did not know that they were worth that much! How rare are these? I have yet to see another one in Ireland in the past 2-3 years!
  2. As much as it will kill me to do it, I have to sell my baby as I am moving to the US shortly. It's a 2000 with 90k miles on the clock and running prefectly. It's in as good as condition as possible really. Few little extra bits and bobs on it (exhaust system etc.). I'm just wondering what would be the best avenue to sell it and roughly how much I should be looking for. I bought it from my boss in work at a great price. I don't have much experience in selling cars and would normally just put them into autotrader etc. Thanks in advance Chumba :zee:
  3. Well the clutch has finally given up on my is200 tte Can anyone tell me if this car has a dual mass flywheel. Thanks, CW
  4. Hi All, Pretty much ronseal - need a new clutch ASAP. Any recommendations on best replacement and on where to get one? Thanks, CW
  5. Hi All, Pretty much ronseal - need a new clutch ASAP. Any recommendations on where to get one? Thanks, CW
  6. chumbawumba

    Supercharger Belt

    just seeing this now lance.... gonna get me one of these bad boys will let you know how it goes. thanks, cw
  7. chumbawumba

    Tte Upgraded Pulley

    Ever get an answer on this? I'd love to do the same. CW
  8. chumbawumba

    New Radio

    It's this one -$file/2001.2.7N7KZ%20sou%20LexusIS200.jpg?OpenElement Was looking them up again last night. There are a few great bargains out there if you look hard enough. Will take pics when I finally get it fitted.
  9. chumbawumba

    New Radio

    Any thoughts on this one?
  10. chumbawumba

    New Radio

    Hi all, I have a 2000 is200 sport Has the old school 6 CD radio in it with tape player. It got fried when the car was getting jumped after 6 months off the road. I'm looking to get a new, up to date system (nothing too fancy) in it. I think I'll need a whole new lexus/toyota radio loom too etc. Any advise/sites worth while to check out? I have a pal who will fit it no prob ta cw
  11. My supercharger belt if fraying. Just wondering where would be the best place to get a replacement? thanks CW
  12. chumbawumba

    Is200 Supercharged Lagging

    Ye, it "stutters" in the higher end revs. Feels like it's dragging a bit. When I start it from cold and leave it idle for a short while it almost cuts. Leaving it with a decent mechanic for the weekend while i take in the Barcelona GP :D Just wanted to give him as many pointers as possible. Hopefully he can sort it. I LOVE THIS CAR :heart:
  13. chumbawumba

    Mileage Against Age?

    Bought my is200 tte from my boss. FSH and brought it in if it farted out of tune. 80k on it 2000. Until last week was running like a dream. Paid €1,400. Thought it was a bit risky at the time. Bargain in hindsight
  14. chumbawumba

    Saw This On Ebay - Why Would You?

    Rotten. Class is missed on this man