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  1. Blimey Rayaans; are you Hagrid?
  2. Yes; Richard Meaden has been raving about it during his eight months of ownership. EVO loved their long term IS-F too a few years back
  3. Welcome Tim. This is your car at Goodwood FoS in 2016. Driven by a guy who worked for Lexus
  4. I think a Lotus + IS-F combination is a neat update of that all time classic, the Lotus Carlton
  5. My pondering has been heavily influenced by finding out the cost online; £1400+ for detailing and then application of the decent stuff.
  6. My RC-F has picked up more chips than the ISF. It may be design, or just randomness. I'm pondering Gtechniq Chrystal Serum, which seems like great protection, but would it reduce stone chipping too?
  7. I shall give that a go; it should be going in soon for the fuel pump recall, so they might as well play with the indicator
  8. I tried the XE-S when it came out. I liked it a lot, but it was a definite step down from the IS-F. I still hoping that they will make a V8 XE-R, now they have shown it fits in the Project 8 - though I think the mods needed might make it commercially unrealistic
  9. Thanks Comedian, I'd never heard of Carista. It does seem to require a smartphone though, which I don't have. I'm keeping my old Nokia until it dies As you correctly pointed out; normal is not my thing. I'm fascinated by the noise comments; I just think it sounds great and am less concerned about how or why.
  10. Things I like: almost everything Things I don't: The indicator lights are hidden by my hands in normal (10 to 2) driving position. The noise is also inaudible, so too often I've left them on after turns shallow enough to not trigger the self-cancel. My contempt for people who leave their flashers on is high, so I feel like a right berk when it happens When I'm listening to the radio, the display space for the song and band is so short that often I can't see who or what is playing. For example;2112 by Rush is just about OK, but In a gadda da vida by Iron Butterfly is well out of spec When switching on, it takes several menu interactions before I get the map up. I just want the map dammit 2.5 years in and I'm still not loving the touchpad. Teenagers seem to get it quickly, but then I comfort myself by knowing they won't ever get to see all the great bands in their prime (see above) ....and that's all...I think On a related note; I'm very pleased to see the emerging passion for the RCF from the ISF gang. It felt like there was some neutrality, or even skepticism, back in 2015 which caused me to doubt my choice. Now I feel in good company and feel like a man of impeccable taste
  11. Nothing off the advertised price. It was the cheapest in the country at the time (3 months old, 1600 miles) so they didn't wan't to haggle on that number. But I did manage £2400 more than I was expecting for the trade-in value of the ISF. I would imagine a big part of the variation on the cost to change is what they reckon they can make on a trade in.
  12. I agree; I'm expecting one day to see my old ISF turn up in the ads for more than I sold it for 2.5 years ago. I hope they stop selling the RCF soon; it seems the ISF values strengthened a couple of years after new ones stopped arriving
  13. Out of curiosity, I've been checking the autotrader part-ex values at the end of each month since Dec 2016, and the private sale since Apr 2017. I was very happy in July, as it seemed to have dropped only 170 in 5 months; since then its a bit less pleasant reading. It is a June 2015 RCF in the best colour, with the only option a ML stereo Whilst these may bear little connection with actual transaction prices, at least any error should be systematic. Part Ex Miles Private 31-Dec 38140 12000 2017 31-Jan 37210 12400 27-Feb 35470 13300 31-Mar 35970 13600 30-Apr 36060 14600 37390 30-May 35640 16200 36830 29-Jun 36070 16700 37230 31-Jul 35300 16800 36440 30-Aug 34960 17000 36090 29-Sep 33890 17600 34990 30-Oct 33640 18200 34730 30-Nov 32320 19100 33370 31-Dec 31680 19600 32775 2018 29-Jan 31280 20000 32420 01-Mar 30990 20500 32220
  14. 2018 RC F

    Ours will be worth LOADS more than in the future than these sluggards
  15. At £62 I would definitely buy one. Dealing with the after sales lady at Lexus Chester feels a bit like "Computer says No" Good luck in your new job at Stoke Charlie; I too am after a space save for an RC-F rather than full size alloy