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  1. White RCF Carbon at 1255 today. Heading north on A49 near Tarporley, Cheshire. Sounded lovely. Anyone on here? Is it a normal exhaust?
  2. Ant glitches with it Cezar? I've been tracking the LC forum and there seem to be many more small niggles with it than the RC or IS. I hope Lexus are not dropping the ball on reliability
  3. MNMJ

    Theft prevention

    I'm looking for a better hiding place so can you tell me what your special secret place is so I can get some ideas ? And what was your Reg number again?
  4. This will be my 9th winter with an F. There has only been one 10 minute experience when I wish I had had them in all that time. Yes, I know I ma tempting fate for this coming winter.....
  5. After Brexit, I think getting any sort of Pole for the end of the drive will be tough; so a foldable one will be a real stretch
  6. I would say a healthy does of paranoia is sensible; I block out my number plates on pictures and do not geocode them. I also ensure there is nothing in the background that identifies my house. With the Faraday cage for the keys, movement sensor lights outside, a noisy gravel drive and an enthusiastic pair of dogs; I think I'm mostly covered.
  7. RCF 4 Not many people get it, but it is a bit of fun for me
  8. MNMJ

    Too Flawed to Live With

    And a much smaller boot. How did they get the packaging on the LC500 so wrong?
  9. I too would have gone for it, but it is white like my old Nissan Micra. Driving it, or even looking at it, would have brought back too many tragic memories.
  10. There appears to be some sort of self healing properties on the Sonic Red. In summer 2017 I had to drive a little to close to a bush to avoid a lorry, which left a very visible and nasty looking scrape along both wings and the door. I was fearing I would need a respray or professional help. 15 months on, it is invisible unless you look really closely. Anyone know if self-healing is designed in? I know Nissan had it over 5 years ago when I seriously considering a 370z convertible in a beautiful dark purple.
  11. I check the trade in value of mine on Autotrader at the end of every month. Since 30 May, I appear to have suffered only £ 220 depreciation, even though I have covered 3600 miles. I now expect a £ 1000+ drop in the next month......
  12. Take the plunge and get it. I'm 8 years into continuous F ownership and can't see me changing for many more I suggest you find a dealer to build a relationship with for servicing, though you may not be spoiled for choice in NI
  13. Maybe they mistook it for the new BMW?
  14. I stalked this forum and the Lexus used car site for the best part of a year before buying, and then coming out on these pages. Its great to see dealers asking £32k for a 5 year old car. In 2010, they were advertising an 8 month old one with 1800 miles for only £40k
  15. I've done 416 posts over 8 years; so exactly one a week. Where does that put me on the stalker----------.contributor axis? Or are we taking quality of post into account too? How would we rate that?