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  1. Maybe they mistook it for the new BMW?
  2. I stalked this forum and the Lexus used car site for the best part of a year before buying, and then coming out on these pages. Its great to see dealers asking £32k for a 5 year old car. In 2010, they were advertising an 8 month old one with 1800 miles for only £40k
  3. I've done 416 posts over 8 years; so exactly one a week. Where does that put me on the stalker----------.contributor axis? Or are we taking quality of post into account too? How would we rate that?
  4. I was given an extended (36hr) test drive in an ISF in 2010, but there was little follow up from the Sales Team. I bought one after 6 months of tracking the market...but from another Dealer. In 2015, it happened again; same dealer, overnight test in an RC-F, no follow up, purchase 4 months later from another dealer. Odd behaviour I think, though I have used the original dealer for servicing for 8 years; maybe that's where they see the value in me as a customer? On both purchases there has been "no discount". That wasn't a surprise as I was hunting for months for the best deal so I was broadly happy with their sticker price. However, after some good haggling, I did receive £2,000+ more for my trade ins than Autotrader's online valuation
  5. I might be up for a spare wheel, to carry on critical trips
  6. Plenty of long motorway runs in the last months, including a schlep over to Spa In more typical driving, I get 24ish During a 'day out' in North Wales, 17ish
  7. And I'd better check with the forum authority on mods: Linus; does a golf tee count as a modification? If so, I'll change my vote in the poll
  8. Mine neither; 3200 miles so far at 28.01 mpg. I also checked the readout vs actual mpg on the last tank. Readout = 30.8, actual = 29.19
  9. Very helpful summary; thanks Sean
  10. I like the way you are thinking Tom. Its Forza for me, with a little bit of 3D recreation of some of my favouites
  11. MNMJ

    BMW M850i vs LC500

    I agree completely Linas; and for me that makes the LC ten times more appealing
  12. I've never liked that orange; and it doesn't even look better in the flesh. There are some nice oranges out there with other manufacturers, but Lexus seemed to have missed the mark on this one
  13. I agree. I use eco for towns, motorways and for bimbling around, then use Sport and the paddles when I feel the need for speed, or noise, or fun