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  1. 2018 RC F

    Ours will be worth LOADS more than in the future than these sluggards
  2. At £62 I would definitely buy one. Dealing with the after sales lady at Lexus Chester feels a bit like "Computer says No" Good luck in your new job at Stoke Charlie; I too am after a space save for an RC-F rather than full size alloy
  3. When I traded my ISF for the RCF in 2015, I got £2k more than the Parkers trade in price, which was pleasing, especially against what was the cheapest RCF in the country at the time. Manchester Lexus immediately added £5k to the price and it went within a few weeks. Maybe they do know what they are doing?
  4. BMW M8

    They are collaborating on the Z4 / Supra, so maybe when the BMW designers were over in Toyota City they sneaked into the Lexus studios for a peek?
  5. Mine too; the 60 PS Citigo is great fun, despite having 1/8 of the bhp of the RCF
  6. Thanks Graham, I shall follow your suggestion and make a noise to Lexus, and keep on making it. I also fancy a free block drive.
  7. And I thought with Jeremy Corbyn coming to power that red would be the new colour of choice. All you blue ones will be the first up against the wall.....
  8. But I've not got a TVD. I don't think I have the talent to benefit from it, but I agree that the perception of value would increase resale price or speed of sale
  9. Mine is red....and has been been for 2 1/2 years. My IS-F was too. Are we a discriminated against minority?
  10. I had a jumper with that pattern back in the 90's. Where does that put me on the cool --- tasteless scale?
  11. Its a tough crowd today. I hesitate to ask your opinion on the wrap I have planned for the RC-F. This is the look I'm going for:
  12. In 8 years of price tracking, I've noticed Chester habitually price very strongly to start
  13. Same with me; I can't see how it could be construed as dangerous
  14. I rather like this combination. Anyone know the car? It was spotted at a pub in Central Cheshire. the number plate is from Oakmere garage in Northwich
  15. So when all the IS-F owners migrate to the RC-F, then the early more powerful ones will be worth £££££££s more.That works well for me.