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  1. They had a Structural Blue one in Lexus Chester recently. In photos, the interior looks gaudy, but in the flesh it was gorgeous. The main reason* I'm not buying one is the difficulty in repairing stone chips. * Other reasons include not having enough cash, as I only buys cars using cash up-front once I've saved the readies. Apparently that makes me 'an idiot'
  2. Mine is apparently not ML according to some database. But it has Mark Levinson written all over it....... I would be confused if I could give enough of a stuff about audio; whatever I have passes my 'good enough' test
  3. MNMJ

    Derestricted RCF

    The limiter was quite noticeable at 177 mph on the speedo. My guess is that 185 would be no problem. What that is in real mph is anyone's guess.
  4. Sadly no picture. I did see it on the hill, but was too overawed by the noise to use the camera. It was one of the best sounds of the day. The hospitality at the Lexus pavilion was excellent; if you are there; just show them your key to get into the upstairs lounge
  5. Stretching it a bit, but how about one from The Festival of Speed?
  6. MNMJ


    If you are carrying a maximum of 2 bikes and don't mind lifting them, have a look at this: I've had mine for nearly three years and have found it to be excellent
  7. Has anyone found Sonic Red touch up paint? I've got some big chips on the front; worse than any other car I've owned.
  8. Supragard is a massive con. My wife succumbed to the hard sell on her IS, with the dealer (Chester) taking 10 mins plus to say how poor quality Lexus paintwork was and why it was necessary. I found his manner on the verge of aggressive and once he realised I was not the decision maker, he shut me out of the conversation. I then observed carefully and noted all the tactics to be used as ammo when I bought my IS-F. I was planning to wait for him to rubbish the paint, dig himself a nice hole, then demand it for free on the grounds that the factory paint was not fit for purpose. I was also going to dib him in to the Dealership Owner for being so derogatory about Lexus to customers. In the end it was anything but Super and provided no Garding of any description (or spelling). I also bought my IS-F from Wolverhampton. The punter who bought my RC-F new from Chester also had it put on, presumably as a result of such sales tactics . I bought the car 3 months later and when I had a query about some hard to shift watermarks, was told in a very abrupt manner by Chester that it was nothing to do with them and I should speak to Supragard. Of course, there is some small print that says that the guarantee is not transferable between owners, and I was basically told to FRO by Supragard too. I notice you are in Cheshire Nean; would you be by any chance buying it from Chester? If so, the service guys there are great, so don't be put off by some dodgy sales people
  9. I can't help you there Tom; mine fits in the pocket of my shorts.
  10. Unless you prefer a Rally to an Endurance event The A4 Autobahn between Aachen and Duren is a good place for V-Max attempts if you are there early morning
  11. My brakes squealed a bit last year, but haven't done it for a while. Maybe its just a phase they go through?
  12. Can you do it all in British Racing Green, or Jaguar racing green please. I'd love to see what it looks like
  13. I always use and then look at the best few quotes in more detail. I was with More Than for a few years until they bumped the premium by 50%
  14. I've not had the recall done, so it might self-immolate. I expect the compensation payment to my next of kin would be huge
  15. After the RC-F.....a hearse to take me to the crematorium.