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  1. I used Thule roofbars on the IS too. I could also fit my racing bike (XL size) in behind the seats if I was transporting only one bike. I used a dog hammock to protect the seats I'd love to have folding seats on the RCF, but there is only a 'ski-hatch'. Instead I use a Seasucker minibomber: I don't have a sunroof, so both suckers go on the roof and I can open the boot
  2. I've just had the 2 for 1 offer for warranty renewal. Its still £995 for the RC / RC-F and a hardly believable £795 for the IS / ISF. But there is no 2-4-1 offer for the LC; it is £1495 for one year or £2395 for two years....that is now off my list for my next car. To me that says they have no confidence in the reliability of the LC. The most IS-Fs I can recall for sale was about 13 on the Lexus site, but that was way back in early 2010 when I started seriously looking. They even had 5 yummy red ones to choose from
  3. I use one of these if I have to park anywhere that looks dodgy. Mine looks slightly different as I bought it to protect an Impreza Turbo parked on the street in South Manchester in the late 90s. The fact that such a car could go unnicked a mile from Wythenshawe is testament to its deterrent effect.
  4. I had a front shock replaced under extended warranty last week, though I imagine its easier for the dealer to argue the case on a 4.5 year old car. The price they quoted on the health check sheet was £627, but it is not clear if that was for one or the front pair
  5. Watch out; there are a few MY2009 cars on 10 plates. Its not a problem if you know what to look for, but even some dealers get confused. My view is that you'd have to be seriously tuned into the car to notice the difference in LSDs
  6. I can't see that being as reliable as a Lexus engine. If they go that way; I'm out
  7. ISF for nearly 5 years, then RC-F for 4+ and still going strong. I'm looking forward to celebration 10 years of F next autumn
  8. My IS-F was a MY 2009, but on a 10 plate. When I traded it against the RC-F I suspect the (very young) Lexus dealer valued it as a MY 2010 car as he gave me far more than I expected. I didn't specifically bring up the subject for obvious reasons. You have to really know the cars, or put a bit of effort in.
  9. Me too; 4 years into ownership and its still growing
  10. Thanks; those look like a great price. I'll come back to you when I need them
  11. Whilst in he local Toyota garage to look at the new Supra, I asked the service guy if they would be able to source and fit OEM RC-F brakes. He said he would get back to me, but I heard nothing. I certainly do not fancy paying Lexus dealer rates when the time comes so am following this thread as it evolves. It will be a while, as I'm currently on 32000 miles and about 50% wear on discs and pads.
  12. Thanks for the reply... Sheffield is quite a way from me. I imagine you are in East Cheshire for that to be semi-local? At least you can have a blast over Snake Pass as you travel to and fro
  13. Can you name the dealer Silkman; it may be semi local to me too and I'd like to check them out. Thanks, M