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  1. I've been using it since 2013, so as long as I've needed it I'm on PS4s now as well. I'm not a good enough driver to notice any difference.
  2. My rear tyres lasted 25,000 miles on the RC-F and only slightly less on the IS-F. The fronts are still original after 4 years and 29,000. And I don't hang around when out in the countryside
  3. A friend of my cousin's boss in Los Angeles swears by homeopathic screen wash. Apparently the more dilute it is, the better it works. And in 3 years of use, his jets have never once frozen up in winter. I'm not sure about homeopathic products, so I've ordered some dice, a couple of blindfolds and a carton of placebo off ebay so I can do a proper scientific trial.
  4. After buying my ISF, I saw many more IS models on the roads than before. Obviously as an 'influencer' people were following my lead, so it is clear my choices have an important impact on the market. It was why I got such a good deal on my RCF, as Lexus wanted to boost sales. It works, as since I bought mine, there are many more RCF owners on the forum.
  5. Forecourt lights at night at Shell stations bring out the best in Mesa red too
  6. It's the Bold Forester the landlord Mike is a bit of a petrolhead and a nice chap Thanks, I'll give it a go
  7. What is the name of the pub in Soberton Heath? I'll be down that way next week and I like to support people who welcome decent cars
  8. This reminds me of that classic thread where we discovered that the parts on an IS-F and an IS220d were about 98.17% interchangeable.
  9. Good question. I'll build a model of a stealth bomber, give it a coat of Klear and then see if it shows up on radar
  10. A tip from the plastic model world If you can take it off, dip it in this stuff: . There are plenty of online tutorials of how to get a good finish
  11. All this for the RCF too, but it was a 17% discount on a 3 month old car with 1500 miles on it (and a great trade in on the IS-F) Also £150 depreciation between May 31st and Dec 31st 2018
  12. White RCF Carbon at 1255 today. Heading north on A49 near Tarporley, Cheshire. Sounded lovely. Anyone on here? Is it a normal exhaust?
  13. Ant glitches with it Cezar? I've been tracking the LC forum and there seem to be many more small niggles with it than the RC or IS. I hope Lexus are not dropping the ball on reliability
  14. I'm looking for a better hiding place so can you tell me what your special secret place is so I can get some ideas ? And what was your Reg number again?