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  1. The 2 for 1 deal that I have does include the cost of the MoT
  2. I found the RC-F to be almost undriveable on one day last year on the M56. There had been a rapid dump of snow so it was compressed by morning traffic into ice. There was inevitable stop start traffic and I discovered that what has always seemed like a flat road actually has a slight crossfall, so every time I moved off I slid to the left. Snow mode just seems reduce throttle input. Every other car on the road was doing much better, though there were no M series or AMGs on that bit of road at the time. They are supposedly just as bad. But that is only one day in 4 years when I was thinking I'd rather be in something else
  3. Yes I was surprised too. They gave me a written quote for the lower grade tyres after a health check. I asked them to confirm in writing they were like for like replacements, which caused them to realise and admit their mistake. My invitation for them to honour their first price was not accepted. My takeaway is that one should not assume a dealer will know exactly what should go on the car.
  4. Lexus have twice quoted me new tyres at what seemed like reasonable rates. After a bit of digging I found that both times the tyres were a lower speed and weight rating than the originals. They were offering me W (up to 168mph) rather than Y (up to 186mph). I'm not sure if this invalidates the insurance, but I certainly wouldn't be happy on an autobahn on Ws. I wonder if the ditchfinders, or other tat, put on by some Lexus cars are also lower spec? It would be good bargaining power.
  5. I'm thinking about that too. Do let us know if you go down that route. My rear Michelin Pilot SuperSports lasted about 28,000, replaced with MP4s. Fronts are still going strong at 31000
  6. Mine squeaked a bit a couple of years ago. I would guess it was about 10k miles from new as well, but I'm not certain. The dealer took it out to try a set of hard stops, but that didn't really help. The noise went away a couple of months later and has not returned
  7. I've been using it since 2013, so as long as I've needed it I'm on PS4s now as well. I'm not a good enough driver to notice any difference.
  8. My rear tyres lasted 25,000 miles on the RC-F and only slightly less on the IS-F. The fronts are still original after 4 years and 29,000. And I don't hang around when out in the countryside
  9. A friend of my cousin's boss in Los Angeles swears by homeopathic screen wash. Apparently the more dilute it is, the better it works. And in 3 years of use, his jets have never once frozen up in winter. I'm not sure about homeopathic products, so I've ordered some dice, a couple of blindfolds and a carton of placebo off ebay so I can do a proper scientific trial.
  10. After buying my ISF, I saw many more IS models on the roads than before. Obviously as an 'influencer' people were following my lead, so it is clear my choices have an important impact on the market. It was why I got such a good deal on my RCF, as Lexus wanted to boost sales. It works, as since I bought mine, there are many more RCF owners on the forum.
  11. Forecourt lights at night at Shell stations bring out the best in Mesa red too
  12. It's the Bold Forester the landlord Mike is a bit of a petrolhead and a nice chap Thanks, I'll give it a go
  13. What is the name of the pub in Soberton Heath? I'll be down that way next week and I like to support people who welcome decent cars